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News on Level Measurement & Inventory Management
Practical Tech Tip -----------------------

Bin Level Sensors With Hazardous Location Approvals
For Dust 
SafePoint Haz Loc Version
SafePoint® Hazardous Location Version
Confined, dusty areas like storage hoppers, bins & silos for many powder / bulk solids materials have the potential to be combustible.

Monitor Technologies offers a variety of bin level sensors that have options for Hazardous Location Approvals for Dust. Some of these sensors include:
SiloPatrol® Plumb Bob
Model KAX rotary paddle
SafePoint® fail-safe rotary paddle

TrueCap® RF capacitance
VibraRod vibratory (ATEX)

Model GX diaphragm style switch

Please feel free to contact one of our application engineers at: to see if a Haz Loc sensor may be a fit for your situation.  
Product Spotlight -----------------------

Continuous Level Measurement & Inventory Management

A dependable level & inventory management system can:

> Provide more precise times for re-ordering raw materials to avoid downtimes waiting for more materials.

> Give an accurate indication of when the silos are getting full during refilling to prevent the downtime and clean-up costs of an over-filled silo.

> Allow personnel to make a lot fewer trips up the silos which reduces the risk of injury.

The SiloPatrol® "Smart" Plumb Bob is a rugged, reliable and accurate continuous level measuring system. SiloPatrol combines Hall Effect sensor technology, sealed bi-directional optical sensing, a split-compartment enclosure, isolated outputs and other features to produce a reliable measuring system designed for the harshest and most dynamic conditions. The sensor is low-maintenance and measurements are unaffected by material composition or dust. The sensor measures the inventory level automatically and on-demand without the need for an operator or plant personnel to climb silos. SiloPatrol automates inventory management by use of the HMI2 operator interface or PC-based software.

Additional Versatility Through Selection
of Plumb Bobs
Inverted Plumb Bob
Inverted Plumb Bob for lighter materials
A variety of optional plumb bobs are available to make the SiloPatrol® effective in more specialized applications. For instance, there is the inverted plumb bob for level indication of lighter bulk solids or fluidized powders and there is the solid / water interface-style plumb bob to provide level measurement for settled solids in a blanket of water. Please contact Monitor Technologies regarding specific applications.

To view plumb bob options, visit:  

For more information, please visit: 
Word of the Month ----------------------
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sounds like:
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1) seeming to be seen everywhere
2) constantly encountered; widespread 
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Upcoming Trade Shows --------------- 

GEAPS Exchange Expo 2014

February 22 - 25, 2014
CenturyLink Convention Center GEAPS Show Booth
Omaha, NE USA
Booth #: 1211


International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo 2014  

May 6 - 8, 2014  
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL  
Booth #: 2407


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