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January / February 2013
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Practical Tip...Using Vibratory Level Indicators for Lightweight Materials
Product Spotlight...RF Capacitance Level Sensor for Tighter Spaces
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Practical Tech Tip
 Using A Vibratory Level Indicator To Reliably Sense
Lightweight Material
PZP Level Sensor 
PZP Vibratory Bin Level Sensor  

Having issues trying to sense the levels of your lightweight materials in storage vessels?

Vibratory type bin level sensors, like Monitor Technologies' PZP, can be reliable options as point level indicators for a variety of applications with lighter powder and bulk solid materials. Monitor's PZP unit is ideal as a level indicator for materials as light as 1.25 lb/ft3 (20 kg/m3) such as expanded polystyrene beads and fumed silica.

The PZP also works well in situations where material properties or environmental conditions are variable.


Other practical features of the PZP include no calibration required, diamond shape single-probe design, universal power supply, fail-safe on power failure, variable time delay, optional probe extensions, and optional split architecture design for more extreme environments.


Click here for more details on Monitor's PZP level sensor or


Product Spotlight

TrueCap Stub Probe 
TrueCap® Stub Probe Version
TrueCap® RF Capacitance Stub Probe Level Sensor for Tight Spaces or to Limit Material Flow Force on Probe  

The wide product selection is a major reason why Monitor's TrueCap® RF capacitance probe is a popular and versatile point level sensor for a large range of powder and bulk solid, liquid and slurry applications. Optional versions include high temperature, hazardous location, stub probe, food grade probe, quick-connect process connection, high level sensing with pipe or cable extensions and more. 

For instance, the stub probe model (a shorter version of the standard probe) allows the TrueCap to be used in tighter spaces, used to limit mechanical forces placed on the probe from material flow or to keep the probe out of the main material stream. In addition, the TrueCap design provides automatic immunity to material build-up on the probe by its driven shield design. Options for the TrueCap® stub probe model include a 3/4 inch / 1-1/4 inch combination process connection for replacement or new installations and a probe with white nylon insulator for food grade applications. 

RF Capacitance
Outside View of Unloading Pit and TrueCap® Level Sensor
TrueCap Stub Probe Model
Inside View of Unloading Pit and TrueCap® Level Probe 

The photos above show a stub probe model of the TrueCap® installed in the unloading pit of a grain handling elevator set-up. The TrueCap sends a signal based on the system design requirements that involves the unloading pit connected to a drag conveyor that feeds the bucket elevator to move the grain to a silo. In this situation, the TrueCap stub probe version was chosen because the shorter probe will help to limit the amount of mechanical force on the probe from the material (grain) flowing into the pit.     


For more details on the selection of Monitor's TrueCap® RF Capacitance level sensors please visit or e-mail:


Word of the Month

Disport (dis·port)      [sounds like: dih-SPORT]  


verb -
To divert, entertain (oneself) in a light, relaxing or frolicsome manner.

Example: The couple went to a vacation resort to disport themselves from their everyday activities.

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