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Practical Tech Tip

Mercury-Free tilt level switch solution   
TC-3 Tilt Switch 
TC-3 Tilt Switch

The model TC-3 tilt switch is a durable, easy-to-install and cost-effective way to provide high level detection of bulk solids.  Tilt switches are used to prevent overflow of solids from storage bins or to control material levels in open piles.  The tilt switch can also be used to prevent over loading or under loading of material on conveyor belts. One example would be when conveying grain to open piles a TC-3 tilt switch can signal when it is time to reposition the conveyor.

TC-3 Tilt Switch Diagram 
Illustration B

Typically, the unit is suspended above the material being detected.  Rising
material makes contact with the switch enclosure actuator, causing it to tilt.  When the enclosure body is tilted by more than 17 degrees, a steel ball rolls off center causing an internal output switch to close, providing indication of high material level (see illustration B). The change in the internal switch status is user accessible for signaling alarms, lights, or interfacing with a PLC.

Other practical features of the TC-3 include no calibration, only a few moving parts for minimal maintenance, and the unit is completely Mercury-Free.
Optional extension actuators are also available.

The model TC-3 tilt switch is constructed from cast aluminum and is suited for moderately sized materials having a density of 15-60 lb/ft3 (240-960 kg/m3) or particle sizes less than 2 inches (50 mm).  Common application materials include, but not limited to grain, feed, pet food, sand and plastic pellets.

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