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May / June 2012
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Practical Tip...Using Level Sensors in More Extreme Conditions
Product Spotlight...DustAlarm® Particle Emissions Detector
News from Customer Service Team...Best Ways to Contact Monitor
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Company News...ISO 9001 Certification
Practical Tech Tip

Using level sensors in areas with higher temperatures or heavy vibration.

Flexar Level Sensor
Flexar® Split Arch. Design
There are times when a standard version of a level sensor may not be the best choice for an application. Examples of these situations include bins & hoppers with vibratory feeders, areas that are hard to access the sensor and a convenient location for the local operator interface is needed, areas with higher temperatures that could affect the sensor's electronics, etc. Some level sensors are available with an optional split architecture design (also referred to as remote electronics design) where the electronics are separated from the actual processing area so that the sensor can be used in conditions where higher temperatures or excessive vibration might exist and could disrupt the operation of the level sensor. Monitor offers split architecture versions for the Flexar guided wave radar continuous level sensor, the MK-2 rf capacitance level indicator, and the PZP vibratory level sensor.
MK-2 Split Arch. Design
MK-2 Split Arch. Design

more technical / application details on the Monitor sensors with optional split architecture designs please feel free to
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Product Spotlight
DustAlarm® Protects Filter Media & Blowers In Dust Collection Systems     

Monitor Technologies' DustAlarm® particle emission monitor
or "broken bag" monitor is designed to detect filter failures and leaking filters in the exhaust ducts of bag houses, cartridge collectors, cyclones and other dust collection systems containing filters which may break or wear out with time. Detection of dust levels is critical to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency and definitely the environment.

The DustAlarm® broken bag detector uses time-proven triboelectric technology to continuously monitor the level of dust emission in dust collection system exhausts.  When an increase in emission level exceeds the user adjusted setting an alarm is triggered as indicated by the unit's output relay changing state. The DustAlarm has a unique extended insulator to guard against material build-up problems, as well as, a unique
quick-disconnect mounting coupling to provide quick and easy installation and maintenance when needed.

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News from Customer Service Team
Customer ServiceE-mail Addresses for Customer Support 


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    Word of the Month

Chortle (chor·tle)      [sounds like: chawr-tl]
noun -
a snorting, joyful laugh or chuckle;  a soft partly suppressed laugh.
(A chortle can be a snorting single laugh that you make when some one says something funny... but not that funny.) 

verb -
to chuckle gleefully;  to laugh with restraint.
Example: The audience chortled gently during an amusing scene in the movie.
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Company News

ISO 9001 CertificationISO Certification 
Monitor is proud to have recently passed the re-certification audit regarding its ISO 9001 registration. Monitor is dedicated to pursuing "best business practices."  Click here to view a pdf of our current certification


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