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Sept / Oct 2011 

Practical Tech Tip
Providing Level Measurement for Lighter and Fluidized Materials


The SiloPatrol® cabled and weight based "smart" level sensor can be equipped with an optional stainless steel inverted cone-style plumb bob in order to provide level measurement in lighter powder & bulk solid materials (bulk densities greater than 5lbs/ft3 [80kg/m3]).  The inverted cone style plumb bob will not penetrate lightweight or highly aerated powders as likely as a standard plumb bob may tend to do. A Teflon® coated version of this inverted cone is also available for corrosive or sticky materials.

For more details on the SiloPatrol® level sensor, please visit or e-mail:
SiloPatrol® SMU
SiloPatrol® SMU
Inverted Plumb Bob
Units - XX" [XXmm]

Inverted Cone Plumb Bob
News from Monitor's Engineering Department
3D Product Models


3D Model
3D product models are now available on our Web site for many of Monitor's level sensors including: Model KA / KAX rotary paddle switches, SafePoint® fail-safe level indicators, TrueCap® R.F. Capacitance level probes, SiloPatrol® plumb bob sensors and Flexar® guided wave radar sensors. Choose from STEP or SolidWorks 3D files (Registration is Required). 2D CAD drawings are also provided.
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Latest Level Measurement Blog
Vibratory Level Sensor and Heavier Bulk Solid Materials


Recently one of our Application Engineers was asked if a vibratory style level sensor could be used to detect heavier bulk solids such as metal shot blast media. To read the response from our Application Engineer please visit:    



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