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    Hycar® Protective Cover Enhances Durability of Diaphragm Level Switch
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It is said that Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin's first meal on the moon consisted of roasted turkey and all of the trimmings in foil food packets.




The Hycar® (rubber nitrile) optional cover is designed to provide Monitor Technologies' Binatrol® Model G/GX diaphragm level switch with additional durability for use with more abrasive dry materials. The Binatrol diaphragm level switch is a reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective way to monitor high, low and intermediate levels of powder and bulk solids in storage bins, hoppers, silos, and vessels. The diaphragm level switch can also be used to detect plugged or backed-up conveyor chutes for some applications.

Hycar Cover Image
Figure 1

The Binatrol is a surface mounted, minimally intrusive switch that makes it ideal for vessels limited in size or internal clearance. The ability to maintain the unit from outside of the vessel can be a big asset. All parts are accessible from outside of the bin, without removing the mounting flange. The Binatrol is installed to allow its sensing diaphragm to be exposed to the material being detected. 

Binatrol level switch

Bulk material contacting the unit transfers force to an internal lever arm assembly, which than causes the dry contact SPDT 15 Amp switch to be activated. Common material applications for the Binatrol include grain, seed, wood chips, sawdust, cement, powders, resins, pellets and more. 

Monitor offers a variety of diaphragm bin level indicators that can be configured with various switch sensitivities, diaphragm materials and approval ratings. Also, Binatrol diaphragm switches require no input power.

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Tech Tip:

What maintenance should we perform on the Silo Patrol® cable based bin level sensors? How often?


The SiloPatrol® cable-based level sensors do not require a lot of "fussing" with. Therefore a regularly scheduled maintenance procedure for these units is not necessary. We do, however, recommend that the following things be checked and performed as needed before the cold season:

For the Wiper Seal & Brush
* Ensure cable freely travels through the entire wiper seal assembly.
* Clean wiper seal and brush as needed (compressed air or a toothbrush or similar works great) or replace if excessively worn.

For the Cable
* Ensure there are no kinks, bends, "fish hooks" and knots on the cable.
* Ensure the jacketing is not fraying or peeling off the cable. Replace as needed.

For the Rollers
* The white rollers on the cable side of the SiloPatrol unit should spin in both directions freely.
* The black wheel should spin freely. Ensure that it is tight on its 'Z' axis. (You can't push the black wheel in and out a significant distance)
Check the silicone tire in the measurement wheel for cracks or wear. Replace measurement wheel if worn.





For the Plumb Bob
* Ensure the plumb bob is clean and securely attached to the cable.
* Verify that plumb bob attachment hardware is in good condition.

For more information on the SiloPatrol® cable-based level sensor, please visit:

Please visit our blog at . . .

John Mish
Sales / Technical

John Mish

Featured Article:
"Not all fail-safe rotary paddle point level sensors are created equal"

SafePoint True Fail-Safe Level Switch
"Truly" Fail-Safe
Level Sensor

When looking for new or replacement point level bin indicators, you will likely be comparing sensor features from various equipment manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers have a model available with a feature that is referred to as “Fail-Safe”. Other manufacturers might offer a sensor model depicted to be “Truly Fail-Safe”, “Fail-Safe Plus”, “Self Validating”, “Genuine Fail-Safe Protection”, “Advanced Fail-Safe Protection”, etc. There are definite differences that should be considered during the sensor selection process...
For the complete article please visit Powder Bulk Solids web site at:

For more information on the SafePoint® "true" fail-safe rotary paddle level sensor please visit:


Employee Profile  
Name: Jeff Cole
DEPT: Engineering
TITLE: Engineering Mgr.
(& head cartoonist)
ANIV: Nov. 1989
Jeff C

Q: Where are you from originally?
Plano, Illinois.

Q: What is your favorite food?
What isn't?

Q: Favorite sports team?
Chicago Bears.

Hobbies outside work?
Fishing, writing, woodworking, reading.

Favorite vacation location (Have gone to or would like to go to)?
My favorite location that I’ve been to is Alaska.

What consumer item reminds you most of Monitor?
A Plano tackle box of course!

Q: Current & previous positions you have held at Monitor?
My current position is Engineering Manager. Before that my position was Mechanical Engineer.

Q: What is the best aspect of working at Monitor?
Lunch and recess! Just kidding. The diversity of the people that work here.

Q: Current Projects?
A: I have been working on the next cartoon for our upcoming magazine ads.


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