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November 2013
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Dear St. Raymond Parents, Staff, Alumni and Friends:


We had a great day on Sunday, October 20 for the Parish-School Reunion VIP Reception! 


Thank you to our honorees, and to all who supported the event. For those of you who attended, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. For those of you who didn't attend, we hope you'll be able to join us next year.


And for our alumni, let us know what you're doing. We love hearing from you. And please visit when you're in the area.


See you at next year's VIP Reception!


Elaine Nole

Advancement Director


This year's Parish-School VIP Reception was an unparalleled success. The day started with a beautiful Mass in which our Boy and Girl Scouts, altar servers, junior and bell choirs , and other students  participated. In addition, thanks to Jack McArdle, Class of '62 and the District Deputy for the New York State Council of the Knights of Columbus, the Knights' Color Corps also participated. Our honorees, who sat in a special section reserved for them, also had a role in the Mass.  Following the Mass, there was a blessing of our new Rooftop Play Area and then the VIP Reception in the school's auditorium.


After Mass was over, our pastor, Monsignor John Graham, led guests to the Purdy Street lot, where he blessed the new Rooftop Play Area. The Play Area, which was created so that our students could get fresh air and have room to stretch and be active, was a focal point of the planning of the VIP Reception. 


One of our honorees, James Honohan, Class of '67, was instrumental in kicking off the Rooftop Play Area construction with a generous donation. (Opportunities to donate still exist, including naming playground equipment.) After the blessing, Monsignor, our principal, Sister Patricia Brito, our priests, honorees and guests made their way up the new staircase to see the finished Rooftop.

(Clockwise from top left): Monsignor Graham blesses our new Rooftop Play Area. Two of our honorees, James Honohan (in sunglasses) and his mother, Florence Honohan, look on. Our principal, Sister Patricia Brito , and others check out the new and newly blessed Rooftop. A mother photographs her son on one of the new Rooftop benches. The Rooftop ready to receive our students. Mrs. Florence Honohan, Monsignor Graham and James Honohan on the new Rooftop.



After the Rooftop blessing was concluded, the VIP Reception officially began. We honored five outstanding individuals whose service and friendship to St. Raymond Elementary School and to the community at large were recognized. Honorees were:

Lenny Caro, Bronx Chamber of Commerce President

Clockwise from left: Lenny Caro, holding his citation from the Bronx Borough President, with Monsignor Graham; Lenny with Alexandra Martin, Director of Marketing for the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, the New York Yankees mascot, and Alexandra's sister Gabrielle.  Sister Patricia Brito and Lenny Caro with his St. Raymond award.



Roseann Carotenuto, Northeast Bronx Regional Superintendent, Archdiocese of New York

Clockwise from top left: Monsignor Graham, Roseann Carotenuto, Sister Patricia Brito and Elaine Nole;

Roseann surrounded by her family and friends; 

Sister Patricia and Roseann with some of our students.





Florence M. Honohan, Longtime Parishioner 


James Honohan, Class of '67

For the first time, a mother and son were honored at the VIP Reception -- 
Florence M. Honohan and her son, James Honohan.  
Clockwise from top left: James (Jim) Honohan; Florence and Jim share a moment; Florence, Sister Patricia, Monsignor Graham and Jim; Florence at the podium with 
Jim behind her.


Ray Negron, New York Yankees Consultant and Author

Clockwise from top left: Ray Negron with Sister Patricia and Monsignor Graham; at the podium after receiving his award and citation; below with Sister  Patricia and some of the children. Lucky boy was being held by the New York Yankees mascot!

The VIP Reception was a wonderful mix of our parents and parishioners, teachers and other staff, students and priests, honorees and other guests.

Our families enjoying the festivities:


 Top: The Lopez family; 

Middle: The DeJesus, Cartagena and Alvarado-Davila families. 

Bottom: The Arce family.


Far right, Holly Carter and her mother Pansy surround the New York Yankees mascot with their arms and with their smiles.

Clockwise from top left: Our adult choir; parishioners Theresa and Emmius Bent; Theresa Bent, winner of the 50/50 raffle, generously giving Monsignor Graham a donation from her winnings; and (from left) parishioners Betty Rahilly and Marie Hoffman; Rectory staff Mary Ann McNally and Fran Maflin; and parishioner Margie Lorenzo.

Clockwise from top left:  Walter Henry, Class of '50, with his wife Maggie, and Patricia Pristavec; Parishioners Juliette Joseph and  Joanne Lewis; Jack McArdle (front right), Class of '62 and District Deputy of the New York State Council of the Knights of Columbus, with other Knights, Brendan Hughes, his daughter and their guests; and John and Geri Sciortino of The Bronx Design Group.


Parting Shot: Our Proud Honorees
Sister Patricia with our five VIP Reception honorees: Roseann Carotenuto, James Honohan, Florence M. Honohan, Ray Negron and Lenny Caro.