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Memory Care
The Geraldine Schottenstein Cottage Recognizes Donor's Gift
A recent gift by long-time Wexner Heritage Village benefactor and community philanthropist Geraldine Schottenstein will ensure more people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia have the opportunity to live as independently, and with as much dignity, as possible.
Mrs. Schottenstein's gift to Wexner Heritage Village will offset the lion's share of the cost of building the recently opened addition to WHV's memory care assisted living community. In recognition and appreciation of her contribution, the residence has been renamed The Geraldine Schottenstein Cottage.

"We are completely honored to make this name change in recognition of this most recent gift," WHV President and CEO David Rosen said. "The generosity of the Schottenstein family, particularly Geraldine, toward Wexner Heritage Village goes back a long time. Their consistent support shows how deeply they believe fulfilling the charge to honor our mothers and fathers has in maintaining the overall health of our entire community."
National Hospice Awareness Month
November Events Bring HospiceAttention to Value of Hospice Care

Girl Scouts, Heritage Tower Residents Create Stuffed Bears for Zusman Hospice
In recognition of National Hospice Awareness Month, Love & Hugs for Zusman Hospice brought Girl Scout troops based at JCC of Greater Columbus and other area youngsters together with residents from Wexner Heritage Village's Heritage Tower on Nov. 15 to create 100 stuffed bears.
Love & Hugs for Zusman Hospice raises money and coordinates events that ensure every Zusman Hospice patient and their families can receive a keepsake stuffed animal to comfort them as they cope with a life-limiting illness. The program was founded 4 years ago by Emily Cammeyer in memory of her great-grandmother, a long-time Heritage Tower resident and Zusman Hospice patient Joan Steinberg, z"l, and as part of her preparation for her bat mitzvah.
"My great-grandmother is still remembered by many people who live at Heritage Tower," Cammeyer said. "I was inspired by her spirit and love and I still feel those things when I am in the building and speak with people who knew her."
Zusman Hospice Renovation Includes Addition of New Child Friendly Space

Zusman House will have a new look and feel going into the New Year.
For the first time since it opened in 2005, the five-room in-patient unit located on the Wexner Heritage Village campus will have new carpet, wall coverings, signage and furniture.
But the most important element of the renovation, Wexner Home Care and Zusman Hospice Executive Director Pete Hutchins said, is the creation of a new space for children visiting the unit equipped with toys and games as well as art supplies and books.
"We want people visiting our patients to feel as comfortable as possible, and that includes our youngest visitors," Hutchins said. "By giving them a space that feels natural, they can occupy themselves and allow their adults the time they need with a patient or our staff."
The new design of the in-patient unit will feature more contemporary furnishings and colors. The work is expected to be complete by the end of November.
Creekside at the Village, Zusman HospicePerfectScore Earn Perfect Scores
Two Wexner Heritage Village affiliates, Creekside at the Village and Zusman Hospice, earned a perfect score on their most recent annual inspections by the Ohio Department of Health.
Each year, state surveyors evaluate assisted living facilities and hospice providers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Creekside at the Village is assessed because it is a combined assisted and independent living community. This year, state surveyors found both Creekside and Zusman to be 100 percent deficiency free.
"The result of this year's survey validates the hard work of our associates and the genuine passion, commitment and caring they bring to work with them every day," WHV's Senior Vice President of Clinical Services Erin Keller said. "We are always looking for ways to improve on the already high-quality services we offer residents. This just confirms we are on the right track."
The comprehensive range of support services available at Creekside at the Village, combined with expert medical care and an experienced and attentive staff, allows residents to live as independently and fully as possible while meeting their changing physical, emotional and social needs.
At Zusman Hospice, our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals and volunteers provide patients and their families the day-to-day support they need to achieve their goals and maintain their dignity.
For more information about assisted and independent living at Creekside at the Village call 614-384-2271. For information about Zusman Hospice call 614-559-0350. Visit us online at whv.org for information about all of Wexner Heritage Village's services, as well as additional tools and resources.
Community Partners
Relationships with Columbus Jewish PartnershipsDay School, Mount Carmel Take Hold and Grow This Autumn
WHV, Mount Carmel to Begin Sharing Bereavement Support Programs

Wexner Heritage Village's Zusman Hospice and Mount Carmel Hospice and Palliative Care have formed a unique partnership that will allow those coping with the loss of a loved one access to a wider variety of support programs.
Starting in January, the social work and bereavement support teams from both organizations will be able to refer clients to specific programs at the other's location.
"We both have particular strengths that the other would like to take advantage of," Zusman Hospice Director of Social Work and Bereavement Services Dana Zager said. "The relationship allows both hospices to fill in any gaps in their offerings without adding any more staff time or costs."
For example, Zager said the Mount Carmel staff would like to send clients to Wexner Heritage Village's well-developed Urban Zen Integrative Therapy and art therapy programs. At the same time, Zager said there are WHV clients who could benefit from Mount Carmel's support group especially designed for young adults in their 20's and therapeutic drum circle.
"It's a win-win-win," Zager said.
CJDS Students Bring Holiday Study, Fresh Organic Produce to WHV Campus

Now in its fifth consecutive year, Project LINK continues to bring students from the Columbus Jewish Day School and the older adults living on the campus of Wexner Heritage Village together for educational, social and spiritual programming. This autumn the participants in the program have:

Celebrated Veterans: On Veteran's Day, CJDS students interviewed Creekside at the Village veterans to learn about their military experiences. Members shared their memories of the Korean War and World War II, describing the difficult living conditions, "vile" food and how they wrote daily letters to loved ones back home.
Been "Yarok Together": Along with their peers at the Columbus Torah Academy, CJDS students exercised their green (yarok in Hebrew) thumbs and grew organic vegetables in their school gardens. This fall, they shared their bounty with the 110 residents of Heritage Tower, WHV's subsidized housing for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Celebrated Sukkot: CJDS students, Wexner Heritage House residents and Creekside at the Village members shook the lulav, sniffed the etrog and shared tasty snacks. 
Mark Your Calendar... Don't Miss These Upcoming Events
Bereavement Support: Help Through the Holidays
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
6:30 to 8 pm
Wexner Heritage Village
1151 College Avenue

The winter season can bring times of joy and times of sorrow as we are flooded with memories or face a first holiday without a loved one.

Join members of the Zusman Hospice team and others in the same situation for support and education about coping during such an emotional time.

For more information or to register, call Zusman Hospice at 614-559-0350 or email zh@whv.org. Online registration is available at whv.org.

For a complete list of Zusman Hospice programs being offered through the end of the year, go to whv.org and select Zusman Hospice's Bereavement Services for a printable schedule of programs.
Nadav Spiritual Volunteer Lunch and Learn
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Wexner Heritage Village
1151 College Avenue

The Nadav Spiritual Volunteer Program is open to people of every faith who wish to become a spiritual confidant for long-term care, independent and assisted living residents on the WHV campus, as well as unaffiliated individuals in Central Ohio. Volunteers help these individuals explore issues such as faith, end of life rituals, the afterlife and religious values and beliefs.

No experience is necessary and volunteers receive training through a series of lunch and learn meetings, each with its own focus. The December 2 lunch and learn will center on "Spirituality During Last Days."

For more information about becoming a spiritual volunteer, contact Rabbi Debbie Lefton by email at dlefton@whv.org or by phone at 614-559-0243.
At WHV This Month...
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 2, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org. FREE.
  • Bagel Bunch: Expressing Emotions, Stages of Loss and Taking Care of Yourself  |  December 2, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Creekside at the Village  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register. FREE.
  • The Giving Tree  |  December 7, 12:30 am to 1:30 pm at Heritage Tower  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register. FREE.
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 10, 2:30 to 4 pm  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org. FREE.
  • Losing an Adult Child  |  December 15, 6:30 to 8:00 pm  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register. FREE.
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 21, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org. FREE.
Click here to view a detailed listing of all the programs offered at globetrottersWexner Heritage Village.
Health & Wellness
Some Festive Treats to Warm the Spirit During Winter Holidays
Hot Winter Cocktails Warm from the Inside Out

The creative folks at Liquor.com have compiled a collection of this year's trendiest and most traditional hot cocktails to combat cold weather.

And while these drinks can't ward off a cold or the flu, they can soothe sore throats and make you feel more comfortable, from the inside out.

From the traditional Hot Toddy and Irish Coffee to the more modern Heated Affair and Whiskey Skin (below), there is something sure to please.

Heated Affair
6 oz Hot Spiced Apple Cider*
Heavy cream
Nutmeg and cinnamon stick for garnish

  1. Add the tequila and cider to a pre-warmed Irish Coffee glass.
  2. Float a little heavy cream on top and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick.
*For the Hot Spiced Apple Cider: Heat organic apple juice in a small saucepan over low heat. Add winter spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks, allspice and orange peel as desired. Cook for about 15 minutes and strain before using.

Whiskey Skin
Boiling water
1 tsp Demerara sugar
Lemon peel
2 oz Scotch (Macallan or Ardbeg)
  1. Rinse a mug or heatproof cup with boiling water to warm it.
  2. Add the sugar and a swatch of thin-cut lemon peel.
  3. Add 1 oz boiling water and stir to dissolve the sugar.
  4. Add the Scotch (see Other information for recommended brands).
  5. Finish by adding 1 oz more of boiling water to bring the heat back up.
Dairy and Fried Foods Invoke
Hanukkah Story Details 

Holidays like Hanukkah are a time to splurge a little. That includes eating those rich and greasy foods you've deprived yourself of the other 357 days a year.
Food fried in oil - potato pancakes, sufganiyot (Israeli filled donuts) and apple fritters - are meant to remind us how one day's worth of oil to fuel the menorah and rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem after defeating the Greek army miraculously lasted eight days.
At the same time, dairy foods - including blintzes, cheese pastries and loads of sour cream - help us recall how a young Jewish woman fed a Greek general salty cheeses, followed by wine to quench his thirst. When the food and wine made the general sleepy, the young woman killed him, sending the Greek army into disarray and helping secure a victory for the Jews.

Whether you prefer cheese- or jelly-filled doughnuts, these treats are easy to make at home. For jelly filling, inject a teaspoon or so of your favorite jam or preserves into the finished donut. The recipe below, however, includes instructions for both a sweet and savory cheese filling.

Cheese-Filled Sufganiyot
1 kilo Sifted flour (2.2 lbs)
2 Eggs
1/2 tsp Salt
4 Tbsp Sugar
1/2 cup Oil
50 gm Fresh yeast (2 oz less 2 tsp)
1 pkt (10 gm) Vanilla sugar (approx 3 tsp)
2 cups Warm water
Jam or cheese filling
Icing sugar

  1. Place 2 cups flour in bowl with salt, sugar, yeast, vanilla sugar. Mix well.
  2. Add oil and water and mix till smooth.
  3. Add eggs and mix again.
  4. Add remaining flour until smooth, elastic texture is obtained. Leave to rise.
  5. Knead, then roll out dough with rolling pin and divide into 4 sections.
  6. Roll out each section, cut into rounds with a cup, leave to rise for 1 hour. Fry in deep oil until golden brown. Drain.
  7. Inject with jam or cheese* and roll in icing sugar.

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