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December 2014
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Zusman Hospice
Chinese Hospice and Social Work Professionals Welcomed

In November, Zusman Hospice had the unique experience of hosting a delegation of social workers and hospice founders from Shenzhen, China.


The group spent three weeks in Columbus as part of the Columbus International Program. Their mission was to get an understanding of how social workers and hospices function in the United States and bring some of the best practices back to their home, about 50 miles north of Hong Kong.


Zusman Hospice Director of Social Work and Bereavement Services Dana Zager met with the group and spoke with them at length about the role social work plays in the hospice experience.


"With the concepts of social work and hospice being relatively young in China, they had a lot of really good questions about how to apply their skills," Zager said. "They were particularly interested in how we provide customized programming for groups with unique needs, such as young children, teens, parents and widows experiencing grief and loss."


Zager also explained the role of two programs unique to Zusman Hospice: Urban Zen Integrative Therapy - which combines yoga, reiki, breathing techniques and aroma therapy to reduce pain and anxiety, ease nausea and improve restfulness - and Love & Hugs for Zusman Hospice - which provides keepsake stuffed bears to hospice patients and their families.


"I believe they left with a good general understanding of social work and hospice in the United States, but also an in-depth view of our work at Zusman Hospice," she said. "They seemed truly inspired and anxious to get home and put what they learned here to work in their own communities."

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Bringing Care Home
The People Behind the Services That Keep Seniors at Home
Meet the TeamHomeCare That Keeps Wexner Home Care Running

The lineup is complete and the team is on the field.


The Wexner Home Care team is ready to play ball.


Wexner Care combines WHV's in-home healthcare and geriatric care management services into a single, integrated product. This revolutionary approach to home care ensures clients get the most appropriate care, provided by the highest-quality professionals, at every stage of life.


"WHV's home care and geriatric care management teams have always worked together, but joining them under a single leader with a committed and experienced squad of professionals under her will create a seamless experience for our patients and their families," said Nisha Hammel, WHV's Senior Vice President of Operations.

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Introducing Clinic Coordinator Greg Breeze, RN, BSN

Finding ways to keep residents of Wexner Heritage Village's independent and assisted living centers in their homes and out of emergency rooms is a tall order.


But new wellness Clinic Coordinator Greg Breeze, RN, BSN, says he is up for the challenge.


Breeze will staff the recently opened wellness clinics at WHV's Creekside at the Village, Heritage Tower and Bexley Heritage Apartments where he will monitor residents' vital signs and blood sugar, help them with their medications and address any immediate health concerns as well as offer programs designed to educate residents on topics such as nutrition, fall prevention and smoking cessation. Breeze will work with a social worker who can connect residents to other community and medical resources. And both can act as a liaison between residents and their existing healthcare team.

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Mark Your Calendar... Don't EventsMiss These Upcoming Events
Medicare Counseling for 2015
Three Times a Month
by Appointment
Wexner Heritage Village

Medicare open enrollment for 2015 ends December 7. Understanding your eligibility, benefits and costs can be overwhelming. But help is available. You can meet privately, and at no cost, with a qualified Medicare counselor at Wexner Heritage Village. A counselor is available by appointment on the first Wednesday, second Thursday and third Monday of each month. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Monica at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org.
Coping Through the Holidays
Thursday, December 11
6:30 to 8 pm
Wexner Heritage Village

The winter holiday season can bring times of joy and times of sorrow as we are flooded with memories or face a first holiday after the passing of a loved one. Led by the grief and bereavement professionals of Zusman Hospice, this group session is designed to provide support and education about coping with your emotions during what can be a difficult time. For more information or to register for this event, call 614-559-0350 or email zh@whv.org.
Also this month...
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 3, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org.
  • Widow to Widow: A Time of Reflection - Ready For the Holidays  | December 5, 11 am to noon  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register.
  • Care for the Caregiver: Replenishing You With Urban Zen  |  December 8, 6:30 to 8 pm  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register.
  • Nadav Spiritual Volunteer Training  |  December 11, 12 to 1 pm  |  614-559-0243 or dlefton@whv.org for information or to register. 
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 11, 2:30 to 4 pm  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org.
  • Coping Through the Holidays  |  December 11, 6:30 to 8 pm  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register.
  • Medicare Counseling  |  December 15, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-559-5502 or mmayer@whv.org.
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2014 Wexner Heritage AnnualMeetingVillage Annual Meeting
Monday, January 26, 2015
noon to 1 pm
A light lunch will be served.
Health & Wellness
Facts and Recipes to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle
Red Flags to Look for During Holiday Visits

The winter holidays may be the first time in many months an adult child has been in their parent's home. And while a parent may report all is well during a daily telephone call, walking through the door for a holiday visit may present a radically different picture.

That's when you may find your parent has lost weight or their typically immaculate home is getting cluttered and falling into disrepair. For an adult child with a busy schedule or who lives in another city or state, it's enough to induce panic.


If this scenario sounds all too familiar, it may be time to speak with Wexner Home Care, which differs from other
service providers because its team includes professional geriatric care managers.


"We are experts at helping families sort through the challenges that can threaten an older adult's independence," said Erin Keller, LISW-S, CCM, Wexner Home Care Executive Director of Care Coordination. "We know from experience that clients who work with a care manager have more success staying independently in their homes and have fewer trips to the emergency room."

Holiday Stress HolidayStressBusters:Soothing Foods & Calming Scents


If you're feeling stressed this holiday season, take heart: what you eat and smell may help you de-stress. The part of the brain that processes odors is very close to the part that houses emotions and memories. So when you sniff something you like, you tend to breathe more deeply, your blood pressure lowers and your heart rate slows-all of which relax you.

Eating some foods may help relax you too. So arm yourself with these soothing scents and tasty foods to cope when you are stressed: 

Sniff an Apple

If you like the smell of green apples, embracing their aroma may help alleviate headaches, according to preliminary research. In one small study, people with chronic migraines reported some pain relief after inhaling green-apple fragrance at the start of a headache.


Sip on Tea

Drinking caffeinated black, green or oolong tea varieties may elicit a more alert state of mind, says a study in The Journal of Nutrition. Researchers think theanine - an amino acid present in these tea varieties - may work synergistically with caffeine to improve attention and focus. To reap the benefits, the study's results suggest drinking five to six (8-ounce) cups of tea daily.

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