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May 2014
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Managing your busy life and aging parents

Geriatric Care Management

Wendy needed help.


At work, her boss was starting to notice the careless mistakes, she had used all of her sick time for the year, and her coworkers had just about given up trying to schedule a meeting with her.


At home, things weren't much better. The charges for being late to pick up from daycare were starting to add up and she hadn't been to her daughter's soccer games in weeks.


Clearly, the strain of taking care of two households - her own and that of her aging parents - was getting to her. And Wendy is not alone.


Nearly 10 million adult children are caring for aging parents, according to the MetLife Mature Market Institute. And the Pew Research Center reports that nearly half of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent age 65 or older and are either raising a young child or financially supporting grown children.  Read More

Click here for more information about services provided by WHV Geriatric Planning Solutions or contact Gayle Rosen directly at 614-559-0350shalomstaff or grosen@whv.org.
What's the Deal with QR Codes?

It seems like they are starting to show up just about everywhere: Those ubiquitous little black and white boxes that are popping up on supermarket shelves, product packaging and advertising; next to works by the great masters in art museums and on signs at zoos; at airports, train stations and on buses.


QR codes: What are they and what do they do?


You can think of QR (or Quick Response) codes as the next generation of the supermarket bar codes we are all familiar with. At checkout, those bar codes are read by a scanner linked to a computer data base. QR codes can be read using the camera on your cell phone to instantly link you directly to a website, video or coupon.

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Shalom House staff recognized by State of Ohio for advocacy
Long-time habilitation specialists Sheri Williams and Catherine Pearson had a sense that something wasn't quite right with one of the residents at Shalom House, WHV's home for adults with developmental disabilities.

Based on the staff's experience and relationship with the resident, their concerns grew. The decision to call 911 was made.


But when the ambulance arrived, the emergency medical services team was reluctant to transport him. The resident did not appear to be in distress, the ambulance crew said. He did not need the emergency room.


Williams and Pearson knew better and, along with WHV's Executive Director of Programs for Developmental Disabilities Ruth Dodge, continued to advocate for emergency care for the resident in their charge.  Read More  

Mark your calendar... don't miss these upcoming urbanzenevents
Urban Zen
Friday, May 9, 2014
2 to 3:30 pm
Wexner Heritage Village

Urban Zen is a pioneering new therapy that combines yoga, reiki massage, breathing techniques and aroma therapy to reduce stress and anxiety, increase restfulness and restore focus and calm.

A certified Urban Zen practitioner will lead a session focused on "care for the caregiver." No yoga experience is neccessary, but space is limited to 10 participants. All are welcome.

For more information or to register, please email zh@whv.org or call 614-559-0350.
COPEC University
Saturday, May 17, 2014
9 am to 3 pm
Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy
3455 Mill Run Dr. #200, Hilliard
Cost: $25
The Central Ohio Professional Education Council is providing the community a day of more than 30 personal development workshops on topics ranging from health and wellness to social media and personal finance.
Zusman Hospice Director of Social Work Dana Zager will be speaking on "Care for the Caregiver: Finding Balance and Refilling Your Cup."
For one fee, participants may choose up to five classes. Breakfast and lunch are included.
For more information or to register, go to copeceducation.org/university. 
Also this month...
  • Widow to Widow: Guilt and Other Emotions  |  May 2, 10 am to noon  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register
  • Medicare Counseling  |  May 7, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-795-0927 or akuntz@whv.org 
  • Coffee Talk: The Belief in Angels in the Jewish Tradition  |  May 8, 11 am to noon  |  614-559-0243 or dlefton@whv.org to register
  • Medicare Counseling  |  May 8, 2:30 to 4 pm  |  by appointment at 614-795-0927 or akuntz@whv.org 
  • In Christy's Shoes  |  May 8, 6 to 9 pm  |  inchristysshoes.org for information and tickets
  • Care for the Caregiver: How to Handle Bad Behavior  |  May 12, 6:30 to 8pm  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register
  • Medicare Counseling  |  May 19, 10 am to noon  |  by appointment at 614-795-0927 or akuntz@whv.org 
  • WHV Board of Directors Meeting  |  May 13, 5:30 to 7 pm  |  614-559-0331 or dmelser@whv.org for information
  • Art Therapy for Families: Memory Tags  |  May 29, 6:30 to 8 pm  |  614-559-0350 or zh@whv.org to register
Health & Wellness
Facts and recipes to support mothersdayyour healthy lifestyle
Surviving Mother's Day


Despite what the greeting card companies, florists and jewelers would like us to believe Mother's Day is not always the joyful, heartwarming family experience depicted in television commercials.


For many who are apart from their mothers because of death, the effects of Alzheimer's disease or other dementia-related conditions or estrangement, the holiday can stir painful emotions, bring on bouts of depression and increase a sense of loneliness and isolation.


"What you are really feeling in those situations is grief," said Dana Zager, Zusman Hospice Director of Social Work and Bereavement Services. "Basically, you are mourning the loss of that unique relationship."


And while there is no time limit on how long grief can last, Zager said there are things you can do to soothe yourself at particularly trying times, like Mother's Day. Read more 

Easy Brunch Ideas


What's a celebration without food? And what better time to slow down with a leisurely, casual meal that satisfies the stomach and the soul than Mother's Day?


Brunch fits the bill perfectly. It's the meal that most easily mingles family and friends: there's room at the table for all ages. It's also the easiest of all meals at which to entertain: neither too early, nor too late. If you're honoring Mom this Mother's Day, brunch is a great way to do it.


You'll want a menu that's flexible but covers the brunch basics: something savory, a bit of fruit, an egg dish. And don't forget a special drink. While the mimosa (champagne or sparkling wine mixed with orange juice) is most often associated with brunch, there are plenty of other options, including a raspberry-orange sunrise. Read more 

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