July 2014

Delivering clean energy 

The Zephyr Power Transmission Project is a proposed transmission line to connect the  Pathfinder Renewable Wind Project in eastern Wyoming with communities in the southwestern U.S. that have a demand for clean, reliable and affordable energy. The Zephyr line will move enough clean energy to power 1.4 million homes and businesses and will contribute to the economies along the route through landowner payments, tax payments, and construction jobs. Zephyr and Pathfinder combine and abundant renewable resource with an emission-free transmission line

Responsible, abundant wind power

Wind Turbine

Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, LLC is Zephyr's primary wind developer and will provide energy from its planned 3,000-megawatt wind energy project to be transported on the Zephyr line. Pathfinder is a Wyoming wind energy developer focused on meeting America's needs for green energy while building Wyoming's economy and protecting natural resources. A leader in responsible wind energy development, Pathfinder's Sweetwater Conservancy includes 700,000 acres of ranch land and wildlife habitats that are protected from future development.


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Public outreach and project permitting

Duke-American Transmission Co. introduced the Zephyr Power Transmission Project in spring 2013 and hosted public open houses in 18 communities, attended by more than 800 people, to share information and get input on a preliminary proposed route in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Since introducing the project, DATC has received more than 500 comments and held more than 250 meetings with stakeholders and local and state officials to gather feedback on the project and proposed route. DATC continues to receive public feedback that is being used to further evaluate and refine the project.


DATC is working with Pathfinder to advance the project and secure agreements for the purchase of Pathfinder's wind power. When enough of those agreements have been signed, DATC will start the formal federal and state right-of-way permitting process. DATC will share final route plans with the public before initiating the permitting process.
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Stay involved

Public feedback helps guide us in our decisions as we evaluate areas that may reduce impacts on communities and the environment. Interested stakeholders and landowners are encouraged to access project information, videos, maps and other resources at www.ZephyrTransmissionProject.com.

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