Texas Auctioneers Association - Block Talk - December 2015

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Scottish Rite Annual Donation & Holiday Event - Great Success!

Thank you to all who donated their time and support of this great charity. Every dollar and every minute helps!


Did You Know?

We just learned that the bedding laws in Texas as of 9/1/2015 are no longer in effect. Via an email with TDSHS this includes used bedding! The germicidal treatment requirements have been eliminated as well. Secondhand bedding can be sold without being germicidally treated.

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December TAA Board Meeting Recap

The TAA Board of Directors met Dec 6 in Dallas at Scottish Rite Meeting room 11:00am - 5:30pm.  Thank you for the time and dedication to all the Directors.
Minutes and financial reports are available to all members upon request. Highlights of the meeting include:
  • President Montie Davis thanked all Directors for a year of achieving over 20 goals including getting the Association out of the red, adding a monthly e-news, adding a Houston live CE course, coordinating a legislative liaison, improving the website, keeping FREE online CE and resolving a past IRS penalty issue.
  • Wes Pool reported for the Membership Committee that membership is at 465 total members. We will work with the Hall of Fame to contact non-members, as well as coordinate a mailer to the licensure list.
  • Jim Swigert, Treasurer, reviewed the 2016 budget and forecasted for a break even year . The Board approved the budget.
  • Angie Meier & Troy Robinett reviewed the 2016 Convention:

1) confirmed speakers

2) discussed new format to work around 1st Tuesday conflicts AND to TRY a ONE day format for contest.

3) The committee is developing an online contest scoring system (thank you to Lance Swigert and A&M Research Group).


NOTE: The Convention format of Sunday-Tuesday was tested in 2015 due to REQUESTS from members to move OFF of busy weekends and Saturdays so they would not have to miss auctions.  Saturday is a peak auction day for many areas and hotel rates are lower off weekend. The 2015 convention had great feedback so the 2016 was scheduled the same way.  However, in 2016, the dates fall over 1st Tuesday & members have requested to PLEASE work around for the contest.  THEREFORE the Board of Directors and Convention Committee has accommodated these requests and will TRY A ONE DAY FORMAT for contest on Monday, May 2, 2016.  SPREAD THE WORD!  

  • Great lectures and real estate courses offered Sunday- May 1 and  Tuesday-May 3. 
  • A LITE LUNCH will also be included this year. 

Watch the 4th quarter newsletter and emails for MORE INFO and PROMOTIONS!  

  • Lance Swigert reported that the new website with Auction Look and a new online CE program will be in place by mid-December. Great new features will be available.
  • The next TAA Board Of Directors Meeting will be Feb 21.  
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 New TAA Website!

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