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May 21st - Minturn Shooting Range opens
Info: US Forest Service at (970) 827-5159
May 31st - Minturn Town Clean-Up - 7am-noon
The annual Clean-Up event provides the citizens of Minturn with a free and convenient receptacle to deposit their appliances, debris and undesired items from their property and home.  The Minturn Public Works Department staff will be at Little Beach Park parking lot to help unload vehicles. READ MORE

June 14th - Minturn Market starts - 9am - 2pm

The Market features an assortment of items from farm-fresh and organic produce to great breakfast and lunch items to gourmet foods, gifts, clothing, jewelry, handmade crafts, items for the home, fine art and more.

July 5th: Independence Day celebration and parade sign-up
Our Independence Day celebration will take place July 5th starting with a parade down Main St and then a celebration at Little Beach Park. 
SIGN UP: Please read the Rules and Regulations and complete the Entry Form
to be in the parade.

Coming Soon: Trail reclamation volunteers needed for Game Creek Trail
Thursday evenings during the Summer a volunteer group is going to start working on mountain biking trails in the area and they are looking for help. Contact Chris if you'd like to help. 
Coming Soon: Minturn Fitness Center
Opening around mid-July with full operations in swing by August 15th.
"We are very excited with the progress of the facility as of late. There have been many inquiries about membership rates for Minturn residents. You can rest assured that the cost to you will be very affordable and comparable or even slightly below normal recreation center pricing. You will not be paying a "high membership fee" whatsoever to have access to premium fitness amenities including group classes, personal training and a very knowledgable and friendly staff!" 
   - John (JC) Cole, Director of Human Performance, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail  


Italian olive oil, pasta, sauce, cheese, salame, balsamic vinegar and more imported directly from Italy. Mangiare's Italian Frequent Eater cards are available NOW! Pick up your card that qualifies you to all the Italian Frequent Eater discounts. Check out their latest newsletter: READ MORE 
We have a new webpage with mountain biking trails in the area. 

2014 Eagle County Economic Indicators
This report breaks down the most currently available data on the status of Eagle County's economy.  It includes demographic profile information and projections, as well as key economic indicators such as employment, market segmentation, enplanements, etc. READ MORE

Advertising Opportunity
The back cover of the Minturn Area Map is available for purchase. Cost is $750. These FREE maps will be handed out to our local businesses and guests throughout the summer. Contact


It is the beginning of the construction season.  Building Permits can be picked up at the Town Hall or online at: under planning department.  Building permits and design plans can be submitted online in PDF format.  Email PDF plans and permits to:  Minturn Town Planner J. Hawkinson,


The 2014 Community Master Plan's first Public Meeting is scheduled to begin in July. 


New public restrooms at Eagle Park are under design.  The funding for this project was through a grant.  Construction to be completed in the near future.



Code compliance form. CLICK HERE.
Note: each concern submitted will be addressed, but it may take some time for response as this is a new program. 


911 Reminder: All calls for police assistance should go to 911 for an emergency and (970) 479-2201 for a non-emergency. Any questions for a police records report may be addressed at (970) 827-5645, extension 105 or directly at the office with Lisa Osborne.


Parking Tickets: The Minturn Municipal Court still has unpaid parking tickets from the 2013-2014 Winter season.  Please stop by the office and remedy any unpaid tickets.  There are no late fees added to the parking ticket fees at this time.





An updated water line and two new fire hydrants have been installed at Little Beach Park. People interested in purchasing water will now use one of these hydrants.  The Main St hydrants will be used for firefighting purposes only. May 15th we will be installing a 12" isolation valve at Main St and Toledo. There will be single lane use on HWY 24 during this time.


Installation of a water loop system on Harrison Ave will take place later this month. This work is part of our DOLA grant from last year that will help in isolating the town for future leaks. Harrison Ave will be closed during the installation period of the project. Please be advised of alternate routes especially when visiting the post office, use Pine St rather than Boulder St.


Main St sweeping throughout our town streets has started in order to remove cinders and winter debris. This work is preferable to wet weather in order to keep the dust to a minimum.


Little Beach Park will open May 12th.  Please keep in mind that the restrooms remain outhouses. There is no sewer system to the park. This outhouse has only a tank underneath, which must be pumped two times a year or more if needed. With the new water line and yard hydrant, we no longer have to bucket our water to clean the restroom, we can now hook up a power washer to the a water hose and clean the inside of the bathroom more efficiently. 



Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Regular Election

-Unofficial Results



Director District 1

Kaye Ferry                                 807 votes     

Rick Sackbauer                       1556 votes      four-year term


Director District 2

Sounia Nejad Chaney                 480 votes     

Paul Anderson Testwuide       1760 votes      two-year term


Director District 5

Matthew D. Scherr                     835 votes     

Tom Allender                          1179 votes      four-year term


Director District 7

Ellen Smith Eaton                      754 votes     

Bill Simmons*                          799 votes      four-year term

Tommy King                              444 votes     

pending return of additional UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) ballots. There are 59 outstanding UOCAVA ballots; the deadline for return is 5 p.m. on May 14.


Ballot Issue A

Yes                                         1948 votes      69.5 percent

No                                            854 votes      30.5 percent


Ballot Issue B

Yes                                         1741 votes      63 percent

No                                           1019 votes      37 percent


Voter Turnout

2852 total votes cast - 19 percent voter turnout based on 15,094 ballots that were delivered to eligible electors. By law, the election was conducted as a mail ballot election. Ballots were received at the district polling place by US mail or hand delivery.


Board of Directors Election

Eagle River Water & Sanitation District is divided into seven Director Districts. Five Director Districts had open seats in this regular election, four of which had more than one candidate and one of which (Director District 3) had no candidates. Four-year terms were open in Director Districts 1, 5, and 7, while a two-year term was open in Director District 2 due to a vacancy on the board. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in each Director District - Sackbauer, Testwuide, Allender, and Simmons - has been elected to the respective two- or four-year term (see above).


The election fills the terms of four of the district's seven director positions. Those seats were held by incumbent candidate Rick Sackbauer, plus Ludwig Kurz, Darell Wegert, and Rick Pylman. Kurz, Wegert, and Pylman are term-limited and could not run again.


Terms of the remaining board members, Debbie Buckley and Stephen Friedman, run to May 2016. Swearing-in ceremonies for the newly elected directors will take place at 11 a.m. on May 22 during the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors. At that time, board members will elect a President/Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Ballot Issue A: General Obligation debt

Voters decided how to fund required improvements to district wastewater facilities in this question. A "yes" vote authorized an increase in district debt, allowing the district to issue up to $25 million in General Obligation bonds that will be paid back by property tax within the district boundaries. The new mill levy will be implemented in 2017.


A "no" vote would have not authorized general obligation debt. Because improved wastewater treatment is required by the state of Colorado, a "no" vote would have meant that the improvements would have been funded by higher wastewater service rates.


Ballot Issue B: Removal of the revenue limitations of TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) Voters exempted the district from certain parts of TABOR in this question, in part to allow the opportunity for the district to receive grant funds that would offset the cost of the required improvements. The district operates as a self-funded government - an "Enterprise" - under TABOR; passage of Issue B allows the district to retain and spend all revenues collected.



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