"Making All Things New"August 2014
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A night-blooming cereus is an awe-inspiring show that only blooms and lasts for the night.


- Br. Joe Kotula, ofm

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Our annual Mountain Auction will be held 
Nov. 1 at Premier Banquet Center in Olean. Mass will begin at 5 p.m., followed by the auction and social at 6 p.m. Tickets will be available Sept. 1. 

We'll also be featuring our online auction this fall. Look for more information on our Facebook page and in upcoming newsletters.

We're always grateful for any contributions to our auction. We collect new, unused gifts. Some examples include:
  • small appliances
  • china and crystal
  • home furnishings
  • handcrafts
  • tools
  • sports memorabilia
  • bottles of cheer
  • various gift baskets
  • gift cards
  • vacation packages
  • tickets to theater, concerts and sporting events
Mass Schedule

Mass at the Mountain is regularly celebrated Sundays at 11 a.m. with brunch to follow. 

Visit our website for directions to the Mountain. 

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New Life for Our Mission
Fr. Dan Riley reflects on new partners in Mountain life and ministry, and the development of the new executive director position. 

A late summer reflection: "spring is not ours only in springtime." Rather, for those opening to life as 
it presents itself, who playfully enter creative times, they visit an ongoing spring of life! 

Spring is also a wonderful word evocative of fresh, clean, running water emerging from a rock or rising in a wooded glade almost any time of year. 
This is how I see and now experience both the vulnerabilities and promises of Mountain life. 

Walk with me in this cool wooded glade; let us visit a new spring together. You and I can choose to be in that springtime - our ongoing "new life" for our Mountain's mission and ourselves ... Read more.
A Summer of Faith and Learning
One of the Mountain's summer companions, Gabriella Levine, reflects on her time living at Mt. Irenaeus. We'll feature our other summer companion, Mike Madonna, in next month's issue.

Gabi Levine and Br. Kevin 

My summer at Mt. Irenaeus has been life changing. During my time away from home, I heard constant questions from friends and family asking what I was actually doing while at the Mountain. I found this question nearly impossible to answer and usually just stated that Mike Madonna, a fellow companion, and I did everything and anything that was needed of us!

Living in a semi-self-sustained community has taught me the true meaning of hard work. Despite plenty of sweat and major learning curves, I learned about myself every step of the way because God's presence was so imminent ... Read more.
Celebrating the Mountain's Past
The friars host extended family of the land's former owners whose ancestor, a Civil War veteran, is buried at the Mountain.

On July 19, the Mountain friars climbed our property to the historic grave site of Civil War veteran John S. Peterson with 40 members of his family. 

The Peterson family once owned the land, dating back before the Civil War and up until about the 1950s. The family also owned the wells of the first African-American oil company and Civil War-era family members knew Frederick Douglass, who came through Western New York ... Read more

Descendants of John Peterson visit their ancestor's grave, attend a gathering at Holy Peace Chapel and share a meal in the Main House.
Mountain Circles
Fr. John shares a final reflection written before his departure from the Mountain. He began his new assignment at a campus ministry program in Georgia in late July.

There is something about the shape of a circle that naturally attracts people. This is, at least, my theory. 

Spheres are circular and we happen to live on one called Earth. When we look at the sun and moon, our eyes take in circular forms. We know the moon circles the earth and the earth circles the sun. 

When people stand or sit in a circle there is no one in a superior or inferior position. It all feels very equal, inclusive, and unified. If love had a visible shape I think it would be circular. It's no wonder rings are used as a symbol for marriage.

As I reflect on my three years of sharing in the life and ministry of Mt. Irenaeus, I find myself remembering the many circles that have had a formative impact on me ... Read more.

Fr. John celebrates Mass at Holy Peace Chapel.
Mountain Recipe
The cool and rainy summer at the Mountain, while not so good for tomatoes, is perfect for "greens." Here's Br. Kevin's recipe for a kale or collard side dish:

Wash a large bunch of greens of any grit. Remove the main stem of
each leaf. Put the stems in the compost heap. 

Roughly chop the greens and
place in a pot with just enough chicken broth to cover themCover the pot, bring to a boil on the stove and then lower the heat to a simmer. 

Cook for 40 minutes to one hour until the greens are tender. 

Serve greens and broth in a soup bowl with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese.
Pictures from Our Past 
As the Mountain celebrates 30 years, we look back on its rich history. If you have old photos from the Mountain or a Mountain event you would like to share, please e-mail them to [email protected]

Fr. Dan Hurley

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