"Making All Things New"January 2014
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Nature's Corner


Those of us who live in the northeast are taught by nature to slow down. 


Winter creates all kinds of images for us to see and how nature speaks to us.


I hope you take time to allow nature to share its wisdom with you. 

- Br. Joe Kotula, ofm
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Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, has recorded several podcasts this past month, as he walks us through the final days of Advent and the celebration of the Epiphany.

In his latest reflection, recorded during his trip to New Mexico, Fr. Dan invites us to think about "The Blossoms in Our Hidden Lives" and the love of God that surrounds us.
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Sharing our Voices
Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, introduces the latest addition to our e-newsletter.


A sloping view of the Mountain's land and picturesque pond.

They echo, sometimes ringing like church bells. Calling me to prayer and remembering God's presence at particular times. Often enough these bell-like voices call me to deep gratitude. These voices of our friends alert me to how far our way of life here on the Mountain has spread around the world. 

These "Voices from the Valley," from towns, cities, homes and other settings might echo for you as well. In this month's e-newsletter, we're launching our latest feature under this title to give readers a glimpse into the impact the Mountain and its message has on friends across the globe.

Maybe you will find you have shared time on the Mountain or elsewhere with one or several of the individuals appearing here as "Voices from the Valley" to share their experience for us through this recurring piece.

Mt. Irenaeus comes into its 30th year of life wishing to listen to voices from over our years together. It seems especially "appropriate," as Fr. Dan Hurley would say, that they would ring out here ... Read more.
Voices from the Valley 
This new, recurring article will feature brief stories from friends of the Mountain who will lend their voices to share memories and describe the Mountain's impact on their lives.  
David Langie, Golden, Colo. 
David Langie and his family recently hosted Fr. Dan at their Golden, Colo. home. 


How I connected with the Mountain: 
I'm a '94 graduate of St. Bonaventure University and got involved with Mt.
Irenaeus in the fall of 1990, due primarily to the fact I had to do community service and doing two days of "Mountain work" seemed much easier than any other options. Over the course of the weekend, if I wasn't chopping and stacking wood, or raking leaves, or helping cook or attending the services at Holy Peace Chapel, I was busy "grilling" Fr. Dan Riley about God, faith, spirituality, Catholicism, and anything and everything that had to do with the Mountain as well as the Church.
Because of Fr. Dan and my experience that weekend, I became an active and engaged member of the Mountain community. It led me to become a "Student for the Mountain" (as it was called then) as well as a co-coordinator my junior and senior years. If I wasn't busy with something else at St. Bonaventure, the rest of my time was spent at the Mountain for an Evening Away, a Weekend Away, a Work Weekend, etc. 
Where I am now: 
Now, 23 years later, I am thrilled and honored to still be part of "The Mountain Family" despite the fact I reside in Golden, Colo. with my wife and four children.  
David and Meredith Langie's children spend time at the Mountain during the summer of 2012. Pictured from left (with ages from the time of this photo) are Holden, 6,  Bryce, 1, Olivia, 7, and Bennett, 4.

How the Mountain had an impact:
Thanks to Fr. Dan and Mt. Irenaeus, I was able to "find God" again and deepen my faith. The Mountain also allowed me to meet and develop long-lasting friendships I have maintained to this day. I've been fortunate enough since I left St. Bonaventure to have lived, worked and traveled around the world, but I can honestly say there is no place like Mt. Irenaeus and the hope, peace and love it provides to those who choose to be a part of it.

Favorite memory:
There are so many memories I have of the Mountain over the past 23 years, but the one that jumps out at me was the Celebration Mass the day after graduation in 1994. It was a great way to finish my four years at Bona's and the Mountain - sharing the time with my friends and most importantly with my family. All who were there that day realized it would be the last time we would see and be with each other in this capacity. Fr. Dan also made it even more memorable with his words of wisdom during Mass and afterward in separate conversations before departing for good. It was a great way to end one chapter of my life and begin a new one. 
If you are interested in being our next "Voice," please contact Shannon Specht at [email protected] 
Photos: A Mountain Christmas
The front of Holy Peace Chapel on Christmas morning.
Br. Kevin Kriso's "Christmas blankets" adorn the final resting places of Fr. Dan Hurley, ofm, Fr. Harry Monaco, ofm, and Fr. Bob Struzynski, ofm.
Br. Joe digging out the snow, and snow plow, after some heavy, pre-Christmas snowfall.

People gather in the chapel for Christmas Eve Mass.

Mt. Irenaeus Apparel Available

The Secular Franciscans from the St. Irenaeus Fraternity at Mt. Irenaeus offer Mountain apparel available for purchase. Visit the Mountain's website for more information on clothing options and how to order.
From left: Br. Joe Kotula, ofm, in a crew-neck sweatshirt; Fr. John Coughlin, ofm, in a T-shirt; Fr. Lou McCormick, ofm, in a 1/4 zip sweatshirt; and Br. Kevin Kriso, also wearing a T-shirt.
Pictures from our Past 
Building Holy Peace Chapel in October 1989.


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