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STACS DNA delivers the only sample tracking and lab management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs dramatically increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff. The FBI, RCMP, U.S. Army and DNA labs of all sizes rely on STACS DNA. 
Why are we called STACS DNA?
"Sample Tracking and Control Software" for DNA Labs" ... 
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December 2015

Happy Holidays from STACS DNA

From all of us at STACS DNA,
we wish you, your colleagues and your families much joy this holiday season.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
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In the News: North America 
The funding is aimed at helping local law enforcement agencies test backlogged sexual assault evidence kits.

Hatch's bill, the Rapid DNA Act of 2015, updates current law.

Michigan legislature votes to end deadline to request DNA testing
The Michigan Legislature is eliminating a deadline for people convicted of felonies to petition a judge for new DNA testing and a new trial.

D.C. court considers how to screen out "bad science" in local trials
The District's highest court considered whether to change the rules for screening out "bad science" from trials and to adopt the standards used in most states and federal courts.

Proposed Indiana legislation could tighten DNA testing regulations
Proposed legislation calls for every person arrested on a felony to undergo DNA testing.

In North Carolina, the best crime lab may be the one that's closest
Triad law-enforcement agencies are still working to build their own lab to do DNA analysis.

Prosecutor Gahn named legal innovator for pioneering use of DNA
The State Bar of Wisconsin decided to give out a new award this year, Lifetime Legal Innovator. The first winner seemed an obvious choice.

Police are starting to use scraps of DNA in your chewed, discarded gum to figure out what you look like
Unbenownst to many, the science behind the idea of
using DNA to predict a face has existed for years.

In Canada, the potential use of rapid DNA at police stations will require fundamental changes in the law.
In the News - International

The Netherlands: Nearly 12,000 criminal suspects evade forced DNA testing
Almost 12 thousand criminal suspects managed to not give a DNA sample after being arrested.

UK should sign EU-wide agreements to share biometrics and vehicle information says Home Office
After years of debate, the UK government now says that there is a "clear and compelling case".

UK: Is it ethical to have a national DNA database?
The National DNA Database has proved to be a valuable tool in the fight against crime. However, many people are concerned about how it has evolved.

Scotland: Terrorism crackdown needs MPs to back more sharing of DNA profiles, says Theresa May
The Home Secretary said signing up to Prum is "in the national interest".

Ireland: National DNA database for criminals is launched
A national DNA database has been launched that will see genetic samples kept for all criminals who receive a sentence of five years or more.

Ireland: The mystery behind the unidentified remains in Ireland's morgues
Some of the remains found in Ireland may never be identified and families of the missing say something needs to be done.
Articles of Interest

Genomics: The Future of Forensic DNA Profiling
Crime labs need new tools to interpret DNA evidence. A team of BU forensic Scientists is on the case.

Crime lab scandals the focus of new DOJ plan
Right now, accreditation is voluntary for crime labs in most states, which means many lack any outside oversight.

DNA lab plays vital role for military families
Many Americans who died during wars have never been identified. The Department of Defense is working to change that.

Five quick facts about forensic DNA statistics
Part three of a five quick facts series on Forensic DNA.