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STACS DNA delivers the only sample tracking and lab management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs dramatically increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff. The FBI, RCMP, U.S. Army and DNA labs of all sizes rely on STACS DNA. 
Why are we called STACS DNA?
"Sample Tracking and Control Software" for DNA Labs" ... 
What we do is in our name!

October 2015

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January 23-27, 2016
San Diego, CA

February 22-27, 2016
Las Vegas, NV 
In the News: North America 

The defence lawyers for a man charged with two counts of homicide in the US are trying to gain access to the source code of the Cybergenetics software program that incriminated him.

Pilot project tests 2,000 rape kits, identifies 188 serial rapists, convicts 15.
Six months left for
department to submit kits.
A proposed bill would require the submission of DNA evidence in a sexual assault investigation to the FDLE within 21 days of collection.
The testing yielded more than a dozen suspect profiles which have been entered into CODIS.

At the Columbus Police Department's new $15 million state-of-the-art crime lab, results can come back in as little as 24 hours.

While it took nearly 19 years to achieve this milestone, the march to 10,000 matches will take less time.
The new third-party DNA database program will connect departments with evidence collected by officers throughout the county.
60 recipients who proposed work designed to strengthen forensic science and advance criminal justice policy and practice.
In the News - International

Police will carry out DNA tests on 372 men in an attempt to catch the perpetrator of a violent rape on a woman who was left paralyzed by her injuries.
Russia digs up Nicholas II in bid to identiry czar's missing children.
Articles of Interest

Well-publicized success stories obscure the fact that familial DNA searches can generate more noise than signal.

Now, for the first time, age is being determined from blood and tooth samples.
Uncovering the mystery of chimerism.

A new study shows that these TV programs could actually be changing our society's views of sex crimes.
Center is developing a way to infuse paintings, sculptures and other artworks with complex molecules of DNA created in the lab.