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STACS DNA delivers the only sample management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.
Why are we called STACS DNA? "Sample Tracking and Control Systems" for DNA - What we do is in our name!

April 2015

What's New?

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Members of Congress, in a new House resolution, are calling attention to the vast scope of sexual violence, and calling upon organizations and individuals to do something about it. 


Here are seven things you can do this April to make a difference. 


Did You Know?

DNA Day is April 25 in the USA and April 21 in Canada. Check out some of the resources from the National Human Genome Research Institute and Let's Talk DNA.


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Did you get your Lab Budget Impact Analysis yet? What are you waiting for? A simple-to-use online tool calculates the most budget-friendly way to grow your lab's capacity and improve turnaround time - based on your lab's own data.


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Reminder: DNA Lab Funding

The NIJ is seeking funding applications from DNA labs.Is STACS DNA's sample tracking and control software eligible for grant funding? Yes, it is! STACS can help you meet the upcoming deadlines:

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In the News: North America 

Virginia forensic scientists achieve 10,000th cold hit

Last month, scientists at the Virginia Department of Forensics Science achieved the state's 10,000th DNA database "cold hit."


Rapid processing of casework and reference DNA samples using standard protocols

Eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming DNA extraction procedures and reduced amplification times saves more than two hours per sample.

Rape kit legislation headed to Tennessee governor

The proposal is one of at least three rape kit-related proposals.


Expand DNA tests to enhance safety in Colorado

Proposed bill would add 13 serious misdemeanor charges, but would require convictions before DNA screening.


Ohio has tested 7,000 rape kits, found 2,500+ DNA matches

2011 program allowed untested kits to be tested for free.


Washington State Senate OKs post-conviction preservation of DNA

Bill would require DNA collected in any felony case charged as a violent or sex offense to be preserved through the length of the offender's sentence.


Rapid DNA saves time and investigation expenses at law enforcement agencies

Fewer samples and shorter lag times mean less resources wasted in the end.


In-house tests speed up crime, DNA investigations in Florida

The Orange County Sheriff's Office can now pre-screen DNA samples in-house with the opening of its new $135,000 DNA Labs.


Illinois speaker wants $6 million increase to speed up testing of rape kits

Increased funding is needed to help process evidence in sexual assault cases and other violent crimes.


District Attorney of New York State invites grant applications for $35M rape kit testing initiative

On the first day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Manhattan DA's Office releases RFP soliciting grant applications from jurisdictions around the country


Proposal to boost crime lab output with pay raises, less staff in Arizona

Big changes could be in store for state crime labs to help investigators solve more cases and improve safety.


Wisconsin implements expanded DNA testing

Wisconsin's expanded DNA collection regime, which includes a cheek swab of people arrested for certain crimes, goes into effect April 1, no fooling.


Bill to extend statute of limitations for rape cases clears Ohio Senate

Prosecutors have five years to file rape or sexual battery charges if DNA evidence is found to implicate someone in the case, regardless of when the crime took place.


In the News: International

Australia: Queensland authorities confirm 'miscode' affects DNA evidence in criminal cases

The "minor miscode" had affected DNA likelihood ratios in 60 cases, prompting defence lawyers to raise doubts about other results.


Ireland: Forensic science agency in crisis mode

The State's forensic science agency is in "crisis" in terms of its staffing and facilities, with no systematic planning.


South Africa: Police Service forensic backlog drastically reduced

SAPS had managed to reduce its forensic backlog by 92 percent.


A founding father of DNA forensics blasts the DNA evidence used in the Amanda Knox trial

This is highly significant because there is no other evidence that connects her to the murder except for the coerced non-confession that the Court of Cassation ruled inadmissible.


The Netherlands: Dutch security service kept illegal DNA database

The required safeguards were lacking.


Canada: A look inside the Ottawa police forensics lab

The Ottawa lab processes DNA and fingerprint samples from crime scenes.


Articles of Interest

DNA Evidence: Measuring up to the Frye Standard of Acceptance

Why are scientists being asked once again to debate the admissibility of DNA evidence, specifically high sensitivity DNA, in the courtroom?


The Detroit Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Action Research Project (ARP)

A detailed report on lessons learned from the Detroit experience dealing with untested sexual assault kits.


Houston Forensic Science Center: A lab apart - via Forensic Magazine

Dan Garner, CEO and President of the Houston Forensic Science Center, explains their transition from a police department run crime lab to an independent forensic science center.


Why backlogged kits are a public safety problem - via Forensic Magazine

We know that testing backlogged rape kits works, and that it's expensive, and that it's a difficult project.


Crime show to pay for sex crime kit testing

Deal will help Michigan get rid of massive 13-year backlog of unprocessed evidence.


DNA in the criminal justice system: The DNA success story in perspective

Current figures on the efficiency of DNA as an investigative tool in criminal investigations only tell part of the story, says a new book on Forensic Science.


Colorado distributes cold case playing cards

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation hopes people will help solve cold cases.


Life in the crime lab is not like it is on TV

The influence of TV crime shows has changed the expectations of juries.


Forensic evidence offers only probabilities, not guarantees that justice will be served

While we live in a scientific age of increasingly specialized expert knowledge, a growing reliance on forensic evidence is a double-edged sword.


How do you get away with murder?

It might not be as improbable as you think.