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STACS DNA delivers the only sample management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.
Why are we called STACS DNA? "Sample Tracking and Control Systems" for DNA - What we do is in our name!

February 2015

Make Grant Tracking Effortless


Does your grant manager spend hours preparing NIJ grant reports? Do lab staff still use a spreadsheet to track activities for grant reporting? Does it take hours or even days away from processing cases to fix occasional errors? Would it save you and your team time and exasperation if all of that was completely automated? 

STACS-CW Enterprise completely automates grant tracking as part of its regular, extensive audit trail.


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If your lab has plans to hire DNA analysts, you have to read this 


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The NIJ is seeking funding applications from DNA labs. STACS DNA can help you with those.

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In the News: North America 

New DNA tool OK in trial

A top New York state judge will allow the use of new computer-assisted DNA technology in the murder trial of a career criminal.


Proposal to restore criminal DNA testing in California

A bill has been introduced that will fix unintended consequences of Proposition 47, the measure passed by voters that reduces certain crimes from felonies to misdemeanors.


Backlog kills bill expanding Vermont state criminal DNA testing

A bill was tabled that would increase the scope of the state's criminal DNA collection because of a backlog in processing existing samples.


Proposed crime lab a 'luxury item' in Cincinnati

Funding for a new crime lab became a hot-button issue in Cincinnati, after the Democratic Party chairman called republican opposition "ridiculous".


Oklahoma House committee approves DNA sample bill

The number of DNA samples collected by Oklahoma for the state's database could increase by 10,000 per year under a bill approved by a state House committee.


A change in Texas's DNA testing law

An amendment to a bill allowing post-conviction DNA testing has proven to be flawed based on a ruling in the case of one convicted man seeking DNA testing.


Louisiana's backlog of rape kits includes dozens at Children's Hospital

The backlog of pediatric kits surprises state senator.


FBI updates DNA QA standards to now include Rapid DNA analysis

The FBI is advancing policies on RapidDNA which will ultimately makes communities safer.


Cleveland judge enforces state DNA collection law in felony arrests

People arrested for felony crimes in Cleveland will be swabbed for DNA - or sit in jail.


'Beatrice Six' defendant testifies in favor of bill broadening Nebraska's DNA-testing law

Wrongly convicted woman testified in favor of Legislative Bill 245, which would make it easier for convicted people to seek DNA testing of crime scene evidence.


$75,000 in private donations collected for Detroit rape kit testing in three weeks

A public-private partnership looks to raise $10 million over the next three years, with the goal of creating a rape-kit cold case team.


More than 800 untested rape kits in Amarillo, TX

In Amarillo, a small city compared to Dallas or Houston, there's a disproportionately high number of untested rape kits.


NIST recommends that all forensic science service providers become accredited

The National Academy of Sciences makes 13 recommendations to move towards best practices, standardization and improving the quality of forensic science services.


In the News: International

Forensic science cuts risk criminal case errors

Two MPs fear standards have slipped since the UK's Forensic Science Service shut in 2012. Much of the work is now done by in-house police laboratories, many of which have not been accredited to a recognized international standard.


Articles of Interest

Leveraging the Next Generation Identification System - via Evidence Technology Magazine

NGI was crafted to serve as a tool for identification and investigation throughout the "criminal life cycle"-from patrol officers' initial contact with an individual all the way through parole or probation. This article looks at six key features.


Maximizing crime lab results - via Evidence Technology Magazine

What happens when submitting agencies are the weak link in the forensic lab/criminal investigative process?


Real law and order

Access to DNA testing is not about making a prosecutor's job difficult; it's about justice


Lab Supervisor makes list of fastest-growing US jobs- via Lab Manager

Good news for laboratory supervisors-their position has made CNN Money's top 10 list of quickest-growing jobs in America.


Working together makes change work - via Lab Manager

Managers who try to lead transformational change on their own probably won't like the way their story ends.


Speaking of trust - via Lab Manager

A leader's personal courage and honest communication are essential