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STACS DNA delivers the only sample management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.
Why are we called STACS DNA? "Sample Tracking and Control Systems" for DNA - What we do is in our name!

January 2015

Customized Analysis Helps Your Lab Reduce Turnaround Times

What is the most cost-effective way to reduce your lab's turnaround time? Try the Lab Budget Impact Analysis to find out. This online tool calculates your lab's potential capacity and, based on your lab's own data, gives you a customized report of the most budget-friendly way to grow capacity and improve turnaround time. 


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Did You Know?

Your forensic lab needs a documented policy for detecting and controlling DNA contamination? The Lab Troubleshooter in STACS-CW Enterprise can help you with that. It saves clients the hours or days they used to waste identifying processing problems. Using the Lab Troubleshooter, you can identify, fix and eliminate problems. You get full visibility into lab operations. You can search by date range, users, activities, lot numbers, consumables, plates or instruments. This allows you to:

  • spot trends in the processing success rate
  • search, identify and pinpoint the causes of contamination events and instrument trends
  • find common elements amongst processing steps, users, instruments and plates
  • list batches and display their content
  • list details of all batches in the system and export results

How much time and aggravation would that save your lab?



Plan to see us at:

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS)

February 7-11, 2015

Washington, DC


American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

February 16-21, 2015

Orlando, FL


In the News: North America 

Apply for funding from the Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Project by Feb 1, 2015

The New York County District Attorney's office (DANY) has pledged up to $35 million in funding to permanently eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits nationwide.


New Michigan laws require DNA sample upon felony arrest

The new laws require DNA samples to be taken at the time of arrest from any person accused of committing or attempting to commit a felony., and expands conviction expungment rules.


Seattle police to begin DNA testing on all stored rape kits

Seattle police will begin DNA testing on all sexual-assault evidence kits and dig into the backlog of 1,276 stored kits that were never tested, the department announced on January 22, 2015.


Rape kit testing leads to 52 indictments in Memphis

Officials say nearly 5,000 of 12,000 backlogged rape evidence kits have been tested in Memphis, leading to dozens of indictments.


Proposed Washington bill would require all rape kits be sent to crime lab within 30 days

Law enforcement agencies estimate there are more than five thousand kits containing DNA taken from rape victims sitting on the shelf, never making it to a lab for further analysis.


New hope for rape kit testing advocates

Cities across the US are working to eliminate their own huge backlogs of untested evidence. Thousands of sexual assault cases are beginning to be resolved.


Montana calls for revisions to the DNA testing law

After several exonerations, legislation has been sponsored to revise the law.


Vermont bill would require DNA sampling in misdemeanors

New legislation that would require the collection of DNA samples from people convicted of misdemeanor crimes that carry prison terms, after previous law deemed unconstitutional


Salary shortfalls lead to WV forensic backlog

The state's inability to pay experienced forensics analysts what they can make in other locales has left the West Virginia State Police crime lab short-staffed and with a 3,400-case backlog.


Forensic holodeck to transport jury to the crime scene

Could allowing people to watch the crime unfold from the comfort of the courtroom lead to more informed judgments?


In the News: International

Paris: DNA links one suspect in custody to market gunman

Investigators are looking for a man whose DNA was found on a gun magazine used to kill four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris.


Warning by spending watchdog over forensic science work in UK

Forensic science standards risk slipping since work was transferred to in-house police labs and private firms, the spending watchdog has warned.


DC Department of Forensic Sciences chosen to appear on South Korean television show

The Korean Broadcasting System chose the District's Department of Forensic Sciences - a science-based agency that operates independent of law enforcement - and its state-of-the-art Consolidated Forensic Laboratory to illustrate the forensic process in America and compare how it's done in South Korea.


Rape cases predicted to rise by 30 per cent in UK

The number of rape cases to be brought to court is expected to rise by 30 per cent this year, prompting new guidance being issued to police.


Articles of Interest

Looking toward 2015 DNA collection laws 

Forensic Magazine
2014 was a banner year for DNA cases. In the wake of Maryland v. King, the constitutionality of DNA collection in the criminal context has continued to present challenging issues for courts.


DNA and case preparation - Forensic Magazine

This article sets out changes and explores major changes in DNA technology and analysis and challenges for criminal cases.


The team myth - Lab Manager Magazine

The five steps of successful team building


Forensic DNA Analysis: Current Practices and Emerging Technologies

This new book explores the fundamental principles and the application of technologies for each aspect of forensic DNA analysis.


Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Interpretation

The gold standard reference book by John Butler has been updated with the past ten years developments in forensic DNA.