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About Us
STACS DNA delivers the only sample management software designed specifically for forensic DNA labs. Since 2000, we've helped DNA database and casework labs increase capacity, prevent errors, cut costs, improve data quality and meet accreditation standards, without hiring additional staff.
Why are we called STACS DNA? "Sample Tracking and Control Systems" for DNA - What we do is in our name!

November 2014

STACS DNA's ROI Calculator Helps Labs Decide Between Hiring and Automation

Reveals most cost-effective way to increase processing capacity based on actual lab data


STACS DNA's new ROI Calculator shows crime labs how to maximize return on investment. Based on the lab's own data, the ROI Calculator presents a cost-benefit comparison of implementing STACS DNA's sample tracking and control software versus hiring and training more criminalists to achieve equivalent volumes.


The analysis is based on the lab's actual data as well as productivity results reported from STACS DNA's customers currently using STACS-CW Enterprise in automated casework labs. All costs related to fees and personnel time invested are included: software license, support and maintenance, as well as implementation (training, installation, configuration, system validation and monthly overhead). 


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Did You Know?

STACS DNA software integrates with and tracks all instrumentation in your lab, regardless of vendor. 

You can access all data in one system. Record the instrument bar code, type, model, manufacturer and its current status for every process. This makes it easy to prepare sample sheets. You can also define maintenance plans and track maintenance activities for all equipment in your lab, even for devices you define.


STACS-CW Enterprise and STACS-DB Enterprise support punches, liquid handling robots, real-time PCR, thermal cyclers, and genetic analyzers from BSD Robotics, Beckman Coulter, Copan, Hamilton, Life Technologies/Applied Biosystems, Perkin Elmer/Wallac, Promega, Qiagen, Tecan, and Thermo Scientific. Build the lab you need without limitations.


Scientific instrument interfaces - STACS-CW Enterprise

Scientific instrument interfaces - STACS-DB Enterprise



Plan to see us at:

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS)

February 7-11, 2015

Washington, DC


American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

February 16-21, 2015

Orlando, FL


In the News: North America 

DNA tests will finally be performed in up to 70,000 rape cases

Tests have been neglected, in some cases for decades, because of the high cost.


NY prosecutor to fund $35M for rape kit testing nationally

Manhattan prosecutor pledges as much as $35 million to help eliminate a backlog that has long troubled authorities, victims and lawmakers.


Nearly 2,000 CODIS hits through sexual assault kit testing

Ohio Attorney General announced that DNA testing conducted as part of the Attorney General's Sexual Assault Kit Testing Initiative has now resulted in nearly 2,000 hits in the Combined DNA Index System.  


Should DNA testing be expanded to include misdemeanors?
There are renewed calls to expand Virginia's DNA data bank in light of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham's death.


Hearing set for DNA testing method used in sexual assault case

Second generation testing used to differentiate twins.


402 members named to forensic science standards organization OSAC  NIST named the initial members of 23 forensic science subcommittees on Oct. 29, 2014.

Next-gen sequencing for DNA forensics

Now seems like an excellent time to discuss the potential for NGS applications as well as some of the significant challenges.


Department of Justice and Defense grants to be used to improve forensic identification

Professor funded $2.5 million to more accurately analyze DNA evidence at a crime scene.


In the News: International

Bill to have all Russians fingerprinted and #DNA profiled submitted to parliament 

A motion has been prepared requiring universal fingerprinting and DNA profiling of all Russian citizens for reasons of security.


Australian and British police to share their DNA databases

Deal will bypass Interpol and might be extended to include US and Canadian forces.


Austrian forensic experts may shed light on Mexico massacre  The Austrian lab won international fame by reconstructing DNA profiles of victims of a 2004 tsunami in South Asia.


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