May 11, 2015

24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit.

For women in business at the start up level and those who wish to transition their existing business into profitable legacies with an easy to follow guaranteed to work step by step formula from leading experts. Join the Uncuffed Living Expert and transform your business instantly.


As your field trainer, I am personally responsible for helping you build and expand your business. Get to where you want to be in just 24 hour. Of course not a straight 24 hours, that would hurt. Relax,  no worries, you can access this training at your convenience. Training happens each business day at noon, weekdays in May. Mp3 Downloads are included. Take breaks as needed. Now, get ready!!! The experts on this UNCUFFED 24 HOUR TELESUMMIT span from across the country and they are in tactical mode. Learn More 

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The ACADEMY: Day 2

Caprice Smith

If you are not living uncuffed, you are not living at all...and your clients will know.

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