Welcome to the 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit
Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure.

What to expect?

1. For the next 24 business days, during your lunch break at 12 noon EST, you will receive a series of training sessions via email. Each email will contain a new segment of the 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit. Get excited!

2. Based on the featured experts's presentation, the email may contain documents, video or audio. It may not contain any of these things, just pure heartfelt secrets that have proven to be successful.

3. Some of the emails may contain special gifts. So pay attention to the clues, play detective.

4. All of the information will remain available until July 6, 2015 at 12 noon EST. It is a great idea to download templates as soon as possible for your referencing. After that date, there will a fee associated with any additional access.

5. Listen as much as possible, but please do not share the information. Sharing, forwarding or giving information would be in strict violation of federal copyright laws. Thank you for respecting the boundaries of the intellectual work showcased in this 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit.

6. As promised, here is a Pre-Academy session to prepare you for the 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit. Spend at least an hour following the instructions on the video.

***Kick off YOR shoes***
Your  Opportunities Released

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 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit.

24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit ~Introduction
24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit ~Introduction

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If you are not living uncuffed, you are just not living ...and your clients will know.