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I am so sure you are bombarded with 'resolution this', and 'new year, new you that'... I'd rather relieve any holiday, ice storm, ate - everything - and - loved it (good for you - you deserve it!) stress and tell you to forget the starving diet! I'd rather get you excited about feeling amazing and looking even better! All you have to do is either drag yourself or sprint (everyone has a different approach to the new year!) to SkinnyLegs and let us work our magic.
If you need MOTIVATION, see if any of these work for you:
. BREATHE - 4 counts in,deep, 4 out - you just fired up your prefrontal cortex, the brain's center for higher thought, meaning, you just got smarter re: exercise, see you next week!
. TELL SOMEONE - that two nights a week are booked for your exercise time  (now you're accountable!)
. BRING SOMEONE - you will come if you know you have to meet or pick your friend up. 
. BUY a swanky new fashion-inspired performance apparel outfit and/or sneakers etc
. LOOK yourself in the eye in the mirror and proclaim "I am amazing" or "I kick butt" - any positive awesome-ness
. CONFIDENCE - FIND IT! OPTIMISM IS SKINNY! - walk super upright, shoulders up, back and down - "LET'S DO THIS !!"
. HIDE THE SCALE - if you want to lose weight, put it away for now, stress less, hug your smaller self later
. NIX FAT CHAT - self deprecation makes it worse, replace with praise and intent
. EXCUSES? STILL? - flap, flap, flap, you're not ready yet, we'll be here when you are...with hugs (and a swift kick in your soon to be more awesome butt!!)
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Last night's class was awesome. The backs of my legs are killing me today - in a good way! Since I started doing your classes for the first time in my life I do not have a flat butt!

I'm constantly amazed at the little muscles you focus on and then actually seeing results. Just wanted to send a little shout out to tell you how brilliant you are!! (P.M.)


"I used to ride (horseback) and was an Irish dancer so always had big legs. I never thought I'd have girly legs!" (t.r)


I had to pull myself out of my car using my arms because my legs were so sore.  Felt stronger than ever doing them (curtsy's) Tuesday night but am hobbling around today.  My intern (a professional cheerleader) laughed at me until I made her do 10.  She's not laughing now.  (s.e)


I was thinking back to this time last year and how upset I was about having to buy a new (bigger) size of clothes for myself, and now here I am a year later so incredibly happy with the tiny new me that you created!! Honestly would not have believed it if someone told me last year what Skinny Legs could do for me but now I'm sold and looking forward to starting 2014 feeling great :) (


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cheese-wine-basket.jpg DETOX JAN JUICE!
What body part needs a sweep? Liver? Belly?
Whole digestive system? Energy boost? Metabolism smack?
Uh, all of it?
You got it, the beets are for your liver, the celery hydration,
the ginger digestive, the fact that you're drinking this juice giving your metabolism a break, all of the live enzymes blast into your bloodstream,
you'll end up having more energy and get rid of sluggishness since you
don't have to work overtime to digest all of that amazing-ness.

2 celery stalks
inch of ginger root
1 bunch parsley
1 apple                                                                                                                                                                   



Drink a glass of the below every day for a week and make it a habit - skip the coconut water if the water is hydrating enough 


Lemon, filtered water, cayenne pepper, coconut water (if desired hydration)







Too slow for you? Too hokey? Those of you that have been in our yoga discussions after class (yoga class) concur that regardless of what anyone says, we agree that we just feel really good.  I found this study recently in Women's Health that takes it up a notch further, no wonder we feel good!
. BRAIN - SMART AND FUNNY - from above, the breathing not only calms you down, but makes you smarter. huh!
. the breath focus also quiets your emotional network - more control over anger and fear, GABA brain chemicals may rise = happy
.NERVOUS SYSTEM - breath, focus and movement spark your parasympathetic system, settling your fight or flight stress response, the 'chill out message heads to all of your internal organs
.LUNGS & HEART - big breathing expands your lungs = more oxygen, and yoga can lower your resting heart rate, in and after class
.HORMONES - your adrenal glands produce less of the stress hormone cortisol (maybe linked to craving fatty foods - so you can resist bad snacking)
.IMMUNE SYSTEM - the vagus nerve may alert your immune system to release big time immunity enhancing cells.  You can be better protected to fight off infections.
.BALANCE & STRENGTH - even if you are tippy at first, balance improves (free from injuries), the stretching to the max strengthens your core and limbs, giving you flexibility, range of motion and protecting your joints and muscles from damage, aka age gracefully and full of life! 
fancy-chocolates.jpg Sugar vs sugar substitutes 
One of our SkinnyGals was kind enough to send this to us, it's an ongoing topic of interest at class and since we need to always work together to be the most informed with respect to how to be our best, I wanted to share this from a Naturopath in the area to see what you think and what your experience has been. Live long and healthy!

Sugar vs Substitutes: What Makes the Grade?


Cane sugar, cane sugar juice, dehydrated cane syrup etc. - D - often found in "natural", "healthy" treats

Pros: Derivatives of the above retain a few trace minerals that may help the body metabolize the sugar better

Cons: Still very high Glycemic index, causes excessive insulin release, promotes insulin resistance and diabetes


High Fructose Corn Syrup - F - often found in pop, processed foods

Pros: None

Cons: Promotes obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease and diabetes


Agave Nectar - F - often found in "natural", "healthy" treats

Pros: Good marketing

Cons: Contains more fructose than high fructose corn syrup, therefore can promote obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease and diabetes


Stevia - B - natural extract from the plant Stevia rebaudiana

Pros: natural, intensely sweet, doesn't elevate blood sugar, increases insulin sensitivity

Cons: Does cause insulin release which can disrupt hormone balance however that may be offset by the improved insulin sensitivity, slightly bitter aftertaste


Aspartame - F - artificial sweetener

Pros: None

Cons: Can cause various neurological problems in susceptible people, despite no increase in blood sugar it increases insulin levels which can aggravate hypoglycemia, lead to excessive appetite, hormone imbalances, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS


Molasses - C - is the dark liquid byproduct of the process of refining sugar cane into table sugar. It is made from the third boiling of the sugar syrup.

Pros: somewhat natural, an excellent source of manganese, copper and iron and a good source of calcium, magnesium and potassium

Cons: not good for blood sugar, insulin levels, hormone balance


Maple Syrup - C - is the amber liquid from evaporating most of the water off the sap of the maple tree

Pros: Excellent source of manganese, good source of zinc

Cons: not good for blood sugar, insulin levels, hormone balance


Splenda/ Sucralose - F - artificially made by replacing three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms

Pros: Low calorie sweetener

Cons: Side effects may include bloating, rash, decreased coordination, dulled senses, headaches, insomnia, irritability, stomach cramps, despite no increase in blood sugar it increases insulin levels which can aggravate hypoglycemia, lead to excessive appetite, hormone imbalances, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS


Xylitol - B+ - naturally occurring sugar alcohol

Pros: has antibacterial and antifungal properties, lower calorie, safe, has been shown to improve bone density in rats, tastes good, measures like sugar

Cons: can have somewhat of a laxative effect and if consumed in large quantities may cause bloating and abdominal pain


No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes - A+++


By Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc, ND. To book an appointment with  please call 416.481.0222 or email Maria at 






A few of these in the "Basic Crop" are coming out of production in the new year, same snake print but in the crop style and charcoal waistband. This is a sample that I was so excited to get of the "Fiona Foldover" which can be ordered.  All of the SkinnyLegs gear is made right here in Toronto!


These have a cream background and the snake print is a metallic silvery charcoal. ssssssenssssational! , under SkinnyLegs (I'm putting them on the website after I send the newsletter so they may not show up just yet)


In January, I'll have more inventory of new stuff like

. yoga tanks in black, wine and purple,

. long sleeve studio top (w/thumbholes!)

. 'the cozy' - like a blanket wrap for before/after class

. new sample of the "sexy v bra top"

. full length bottoms in wine and black two tone 

. DANCE CROPS!!! soo excited! Not boring sweatpants although I think I should make a basic sweatpant and have the logo printed on them! Would you wear them with a SkinnyLegs logo?

. Both cropped and longer "dance (sweat) top"


SkinnyLegs logo
Susan Bosley
 ABOUT SkinnyLegs


SkinnyLegs™ gets into the deep, smaller secondary muscles and literally pulls them in creating a longer, slimmer version of yourself! If your goal is to become your teeniest and tightest with really feminine lines, then SkinnyLegs™ is for you!

SkinnyLegs works your entire body to sculpt long and lean arms, legs, glutes and abs through a series of exercises with benefits taken from the ballet and pilates world together with the spirited NON-BULKING dance and interval cardio!

SkinnyLegs utilizes purely your own body weight as resistance training to strengthen, define, tighten, lift, firm and sculpt feminine arms ( light weights are incorporated ), legs, abs and bums. It has been proven that with repetitive exercise focusing on the larger muscles (ie. the treadmill, running, biking...) your larger muscles will do what they are meant to do, become larger and stronger. SkinnyLegs women's only classes will contract your deep, smaller secondary muscles, keeping them guessing through weekly changing exercises and therefore working to create a long, lean physique. The cardio portion incorporates calorie torching dance cardio interspersed with interval training which enhances your results, your endurance and flexibility.

The very nature of the SkinnyLegs program is weekly changing and increasingly challenging to keep you interested and your muscles continually working in the right direction, smaller, tighter, stronger, leaner.