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Kiss summer goodbye? NOT YET!! This weekend will be amazing to show off what we work towards every week!! Remember that as well as contouring fabulous arms, your back is also sculpted beautifully! You can tell a fit back a mile away! Show it! Feel your confident posture!
Things you can throw away upon joining SkinnyLegs!
1. cellulite cream - we can do better, we'll get rid of it
2. push up bra - need a lift? we can do that!
3. skirts below the knee - no need to hide your knees, we lift the
    skin up, tightening the front of your legs!
4. long sleeves - thankfully they make cashmere in sleeveless!
   Show them off!
5. spanx - we'll make you SOOOO TIGHT!
6. massage therapist - we work hard to get everything this tight! (you know I'm just being witty, kinda)
We start the October sessions next week!

Recent Testimonials


"great class ...though I feel that the earths gravitational pull impedes my bouncing abilities but I am thinking that will shift with time but I will forever be a super spaz!

music was awesome and honestly being in a non gym environment and outdoors was so fabulous!! " (k.d)


"I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I LOVE the "all-dance,

all-cardio" you put together.   It is a great way to get cardio in and

forget that it's work! Super fun". (K.S)


"I forgot to mention to you that my chiropractor (who I have been seeing for hip issues since giving birth over 2 years ago) has noticed a huge difference in my hips and adjustments "staying".., I think it's all that "pork chop" work!" (T.R)


" My shoulders hate me this week. But they secretly love me too".(r.n)


"Side benefit of skinnylegs, When someone posts a picture of your ass on the internet, you don't mind."(s.e)


"I'm still feeling the benefits of this weeks class. A little stiff but in a good way.  I'd say this week was even more rigorous than last week...I love it!" (e.m)


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This month we tried out an entirely different approach to our cardio portion of SkinnyLegs to great success!
The goal? Burn as many calories as we do with our weekly changing HIIT, plyometrics, intervals etc. We not only hit it, we were able to sneak in a half hour which flew by!
We'll introduce it in Oct for our new Skinnies as well as long as we can keep the excitement going! I continue to work on new songs but must say, when we've got the moves down pat for a song, you can really MOVE! LOVE IT!
        Freebie Fri's (one Fri a month!)
We're happy to sneak in a freebie every once in a while to entice our past SkinnyGals back as well as give you a chance to invite your friends to show off how many of those drop down push up thingees you can do, not to mention your dance moves! 
We have a dedicated Fri workout that's pretty intense, different from what you endured through the week. Only at The Beaches location, near Queen/Woodbine, 6:45-7:59pm (it is Fri after all!)
Our next one is coming up in Oct, tentatively scheduled for Fri Oct 18th! Please email me to snag a spot for you!  .
Speaking of addicted, try these juices either at least a half hour before or, so perfect for after, you get the energy from the enzymes. You just need a juicer. Written in order more to least. From Raw Juice Guru. Celery and beet are supposed to be great après workout, as is coconut H2O for hydration. Amazing.
coconut H2O
As usual, is the inspiration in the body or the bikini?! We want both! Every arm and ab move we do, every crazy upper body contortion or leg cirque du soleil move we do is to create the little lines that you can see in her gorgeousness above. You can see her muscles (sorry for the fuzzy scan), she's not just skinny, she works for those lines and definition. It is truly possible, I see it in our classes every day!!  See just under her bicep? That definition is from working your triceps, and not from heavy weights, otherwise you would only see a big bicep. Hard to get that to show in a pic (I've tried!!). You CAN have it too!! 

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Susan Bosley
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Have a great weekend!

See you out on the water this weekend, or next week in class!

Addicted to feeling SOOOO TIGHT!