SkinnyLegs                               September 2013

It's our 2nd Birthday!!! Wow!
Thank you so much for believing in SkinnyLegs and making it your go-to, your habit, your addiction etc! Hugs all around! We've expanded with two new locations and instructors and hope to fulfill the requests for more locations across Toronto to share this amazing tight, teeny feeling and look ! 
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Recent Testimonials

I can't believe how well your class works, my waist is tinier , my arms and my thighs , I'm addicted .

I'm going to get my sister to come with me one of these days to check it out...

Thanks again for your awesome workouts , everyone keeps commenting on how skinny I look , literally everyone, and I've only lost about 5lbs . But I'm so much more toned now , I love it! (T.R)

It's working so well, I've never had such good results so quickly , it's addictive ! This is the first workout class I've gone too that I actually don't dred going to! So cheers! (T.R)


Susan - the class was wicked tough but honestly, my back feels straighter today and my core more engaged! (k.p)


Thanks for the class on Tuesday.  I am thinking about you every time I lift my arms or take a step :).  I'm looking forward to Thursday's class!(T.R)


" Needing a little extra push to stick to a workout programme, Skinny Legs has been amazing for me... not your average class. Susan's commitment to perfect results is truly sincere, she puts a lot of passion into her classes, and we all feel the results for sure! Hooked forever!!!"

Ps, my inner thighs are so stiff today! :)(S.P)


Susan is a fantastic instructor who is able to suggest alternative movements based on individual fitness levels. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to become more active, or wanting to prepare for swimsuit season! (anonymous june 2013!)
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                    NEXT SESSION STARTS TUES SEPT 3 / WED SEPT 4TH! 





                    SkinnyLegs secret weapon
You can only ever get smaller, the day you walk in the door. We keep finding new muscles to tweak and pull in tighter! Last week one of our gals proclaimed, "this is new...poking at her waist and rib cage". We really whittled a smaller and tighter waist. 
This week we discovered a new muscle between our quads (of course not our quads - we leave those bulking big boys alone! Technically we tweaked our adductors and rectus femoris and sartorius)  and our inner thigh which pulls your inner thigh in tighter! How awesome is that? 
We'll discover more together to hit your target trouble zone and perfect areas that you didn't even know needed! Our secret weapon is tightening the smaller muscles as opposed to overworking our larger muscles that make them grow bigger.  Perfection!!
See our testimonial this week from a happy, "skinny" SkinnyGal!
Join Now and become one yourself!



I would like to call SkinnyLegs and RawJuiceGuru perfect partners! We pull you in and make you tighter and teenier and feeling and looking great on the outside and RJG does the same for your inside!  I'm in love, I'm addicted and I want to share my experience and dispel any myths or concerns you may have about doing a juice cleanse. 
Firstly, I wholeheartedly recommend RawJuiceGuru as the one to try, Eliane is a dream, full of knowledge and encouragement and sincere interest in your experience.  Professional and with over 800 juices, you will find one or two that will knock your socks off!
Myth #1 - "no energy" - honestly Eliane said everyone would react differently so I wasn't sure what to expect. 
"The way each persons body will be different. Cause we all function, eat and do different things. So the detox symptoms will vary from person to person. Its about releasing the toxins, sludge, toxic waste and fat soluble chemicals from your body. Some will lack energy cause their body is working hard to release them. The more energy you lack the deeper your body is digging at releasing stored up crap." During the heat wave, we did curtsy week and awesome cardio and I felt amazingly fantastically energized!
SO, YES ENERGY!!  I  quote Eliane directly in " " for her complete responses:


"1) Energy comes from the raw juices. People forget that these fruits land vegetables are packed with so many nutrients, vitamins, mineral, antioxidant, phytonutrients, amino acids, live enzymes. These are the things that give us energy and allow us to be healthy.

People sense of what is healthy is twisted. They think a coffee is healthy or a whey protein is healthy, but are afraid or say that a raw juice s unhealthy and dangerous."

Myth #2 - "you need protein! you need carbs! what about fiber!!"


"There are carbs, protein in raw juices.

Celery juice is an amazing post workout drink that helps replace electrolytes and rehydrates your body better than any factory made drink. Beets is another thing you can add to the celery juice for post workouts.


There is plenty of fiber in raw juices. Fiber and pulp have nothing to do with each other. There Is insoluble and soluble fibre. We get enough of one but not the other. Nutrients in the fiber are released during juicing, so it benefits the body more so than eating it whole. Lots of soluble fibre in raw juices, which is what we lack and our bodies need to pull out toxins and release fat.


As for protein, Its not about the amount of grams. Its the quality of the amino acids that make up that protein, and how digestible it is by our bodies. Everytime you eat meat your body has to produce the by product of ammonia, uric acid and purine to digest it. Digesting these protein produces toxins in your body. It causes a huge strain on your liver that already has a lot of work to do. And our long intestinal tract is not designed to process the large amount of meats that society eats. Takes 24 to 36 hours to go thru intestinal tract, essentially rotting and causing unhealthy bacteria growth and toxicity. We are consuming the wrong kinds of protein. We are obsessed with protein. The by product ammonia creates free radical damage and cross linking that causes skin wrinkles and aging and also depletes your body of energy. That's why when you eat it you are tired and want to sleep or lye down."



" Our body is cleverly designed for survival, and one way it does that is to protect the vital organs. One way it does this is by expanding your fat cells to store acidic and toxic waste, to keep them away from your organs. And your body will not let go of excess fat that essentially protecting you from your own toxins. As you begin to cleanse, you release the toxic and acidic waste as well as the fat soluble chemicals found in many processed foods, and you shed those extra pounds easier. By doing that your metabolism is reset so to speak, you get it revving and functioning a lot better."



" You were thirsty cause now you are able to distinguish thirst from hunger. We overeat, all of us. We are overfed and undernourished. 80 percent of the time that you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty. And the minute you are dehydrated you have caused damage to your body."



"Yes your body is supposed to detox itself daily. Reality is that its not able to. Cause we are stuffing our faces with foods that our body is not designed to eat. From meat to dairy to caffeine to all the processed food. This stuff is making us sicker and sicker and sicker. Making us age faster and gain weight.

Your organs cleanse at different times of the day. We tailor the cleanse to specifically hit each organ at those times. Problem is our biggest meal is when? That's right dinner time, we consume the most in the evening. Your 5 organs of elimination are colon, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. 4 of those are active at night and early mornings. They should be cleansing the body and restoring energy instead of dealing with the heavy meal and food we ate.


Nutritional science teaches us that food consumed in the evening prompts an increase in the unhealthy low density type of cholesterol, and a decrease in the protective high density type. The body stores carbohydrates in liver and muscle tissues in the evening more extensively than during the day."



"Cleansing we tell people minimum 4 times a year, at the change of every season. It can be done monthly for 3 days at a time."







One of our girls is glamping this week and asked if we had any sweatpants that were, you know, awesome and flattering and not cheesy or with words on the bum (not that there's anything wrong with that, just that we're 'glamping!')  Well, we're on to something!!


Three different hem ideas to suit your idea of perfection, wide leg hem, drawstring hem for the option, or cuffed!  Notice the back has a nice, flat, almost tailored waist, the drawstring only in the front. These are a nice French terry but imagine in cashmere!!!! Love! 




SkinnyLegs™ gets into the smaller secondary muscles and literally pulls them in creating a longer, slimmer version of yourself! Other exercise classes promote bulking, repetitive movements but if your goal is to be smaller, than SkinnyLegs™ is for you!
SkinnyLegs works your entire body to sculpt long and lean arms, legs, glutes and abs through a series of exercises with benefits taken from the ballet and pilates world together with the spirited NON-BULKING cardio!
SkinnyLegs utilizes purely your own body weight as resistance training to strengthen, define, tighten, firm and sculpt feminine arms ( light weights are incorporated ), legs, abs and bums. It has been proven that with repetitive exercise focusing on the larger muscles (ie. the treadmill, running, biking...) your larger muscles will do what they are meant to do, become larger and stronger. SkinnyLegs women's only classes will contract your smaller secondary muscles, keeping them guessing through weekly changing exercises and therefore working to create a long, lean physique. The cardio portion incorporates dance, plyometrics, interval training and more that changes every week which enhances your results, your endurance and flexibility.
The very nature of the SkinnyLegs program is continually changing and increasingly challenging to keep you interested and your muscles continually working in the right direction, smaller, tighter, stronger, leaner.
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                See you next week!!!
Help us celebrate our 2 Year Birthday!!! Woo Hoo!! Love making 'em Skinny, one leg at a time!!! See our twitter pics of one of our gals "We Also Do Arms!!" Gorgeous!