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April 2013 

classes start week of April 8th!

Purple Juice!
Leg Toner?

Happy Spring SkinnyGals!

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and look forward to seeing you soon as we get ready to show some skin in the upcoming weeks!


April session starts the week of April 8th!


Freebie Fri this Fri Apr 5th at the Beaches location, email me to reserve a spot!

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Recent testimonials :

"I felt my second bum this morning workout...really enjoyed it....see you Friday!!!" (M.D)


"Thanks again, I really enjoy the class and how I feel afterwards!" (J.K)


"Really enjoyed first class. Excellent all over body conditioning & work out. Look forward my next class Wednesday." (L.H)


"I joined Skinny Legs two months ago and my goal was to get in better shape for my trip away in March. I am proud to say that I finally have the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time (in a long time) because my body is firmer and toner everywhere." (S.H)

Purple Juice!

The Cabbage Patch

2 cups of purple cabbage
3 ribs of celery
1/2 small lemon (rind and all if organic)
2 cups of pear

"Cabbage is a great cleanser and healer to the digestive tract and is often neglected in the world of juicing," Brooks from Well & said.
shorts and heels 
Try this Tone and Firm your legs option!


Dry brushing. 


Two minutes of dry brushing before a shower increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system (which moves toxins out of the body), makes your skin glow, and even helps tone and firm your legs and tush. (Sounds good to us!) Youkilis recommends starting with your feet, and brushing your skin in a light, circular motion, upwards along the body, and then hop in the shower.

push up  Why you simply must embrace the SkinnyLegs 'perk up' 

Want a beautiful, sustainable, everlasting, lifted, perky bosom? 
In my opinion, the only reason we as women even want or need to do the dreaded push up is this, to have and to hold gorgeous "schmoobs".  Who wouldn't want that?
Don't bother with the misconception  that you need to have strong biceps to do a push up or do girly push ups, I've seen it, and all of us are able to perform the following SkinnyLegs version of the push up with all of the benefits of the real McCoy.
First of all, the muscles used to do a push up are the triceps (back of your arms), your abs and your pectoral muscles (the just above your 'girls' lifting muscles), not your biceps like many think.
Get into push up PERFECT position - stand facing a wall and get so close to the wall that a body part hits the wall, it will likely be your bosom that hits first (not your nose or hips - remember this later!). Then take it to the floor on all fours and take one leg back at a time extending into a long, straight board, nose facing the floor, neck an extension of your spine. Hold here in plank position and be aware of your abs kicking in (slurp your belly button to spine), the back of your arms and your pecs finding the strength to hold you in perfect position. Resist the urge to go into downward dog, keep your hips down but not droopy, retain that perfect board. 
For now, as you gain strength, hold as long as you can and only drop to a knee when you absolutely must, then pop back up to the board when ready.
(Note: starting out on your knees disengages almost every muscle we want to work so why bother, we want beautiful ta ta's)
Continue building strength in plank until you feel ready to start to bend your arms and slowly drop to the floor, try a count of 5 to get down in one long, frozen board and literally bail out at the bottom and flop on the floor. No need to come back up, you've already worked everything! (Until of course, you are ready to go to the next level!)
Try doing these SkinnyLegs 'perk ups' and I guarantee you will feel stronger and your girls will look amazing!


 Inner Thighs

Why we try to incorporate these muscles in so many of the moves we do, from
adductors article


A Healthy Way to Shake Up Your Day!

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As you take your fitness program up a notch this spring, it is vital that you supply your body with the right fuel. Protein is a valuable source of energy that contributes to your overall well-being.


The Arbonne Essentials product line can help you accomplish your health and wellness goals and continue on the path to healthier living.   Shake up your daily routine with a delicious chocolate or vanilla shake that delivers 20 grams of vegan, gluten-free protein which includes 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

If you start your day with a healthy shake, it will help you feel fuller longer, increase muscle mass while reducing body fat, and boost your energy levels. Take a few minutes to begin your day or replenish after exercising a healthier way!


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Looking forward to seeing you soon on your journey to become the leanest, strongest, most tone and tiny version of yourself!

Susan Bosley
Skinny Legs