April 2016 
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Stormwater Cooler Talk

Want more news? Visit the California Stormwater Quality Association's website for the state's leading news.  
Calendar of Events
Apr. 9, 2016
8 a.m. to noon
Call for more information: (760) 947-1019
Apr. 9, 2016
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. 
(or until the truck is full)
9700 Seventh Ave.
Hesperia, California 92345

Apr. 9, 2016
For more details please call the Community Services Department at (760) 955-5257.
 Faucet Fact:
The Mojave River drainage system (9500 km2) is the largest hydrological system in the Mojave Desert. 
Stormwater Shoutout!

We would like to give a big stormwater shout out to Mountain View Montessori Charter School in Victorville and Yucca Loma Elementary in Apple Valley for inviting us to present at their school assemblies. We had an awesome time educating your students. And, a big stormwater shout out to our partners from the Victor Valley Animal Protective League! Thank you for joining us at the High Desert school assemblies.

Find a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility Near You!
Looking to trash your used paint containers, fertilizer, motor oil and more? Click here to find a HHW collection facility near you:

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From the Pipes...
Welcome to the Mojave River Watershed Group's "The High Desert Droplet" - your source for stormwater pollution revolution news!

The High Desert Droplet is an educational resource for stormwater pollution prevention. Each month we'll bring you local and national stormwater news, useful at-home tips for prevention, updates on MRWG's school and community outreach, fun facts, and more!

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Stormwater Savvy Business Practices = Happy Community
Join the stormwater savvy businesses that have taken a stand against pollution and adopted stormwater pollution prevention practices into their business model. The High Desert depends on the Mojave River watershed for clean water and this is why it's essential for everyone to take a part in the pollution revolution.

Adopt responsible initiatives to create a stormwater smart environment for your employees and help keep the Mojave River watershed clean from dangerous pollutants like fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, paint, runoff from construction sites, and chemicals from mobile washing.

Here are some tips that your business can adopt to make a difference:

  • Regularly sweep up debris and throw it in the trash.
  • Check for eroded areas that need to be stabilized.
  • Use natural based pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Properly dispose of leaves and grass clippings in a yard waste bin.
  • Opt for indigenous plants that require minimal watering.
  • Keep vehicles tuned up to avoid oil and antifreeze leaks.
  • Properly dispose of oil, antifreeze and batteries at your local hazardous waste site of waste cleanup provider.
  • Sweep or use other dry methods to clean fuel areas rather than hosing them down.
  • Post signs on dumpsters that prohibit improper disposal of liquid, hazardous waste and recyclable materials such as batteries, aerosol cans and tires.
  • Pick up trash and sweep dumpster areas frequently.
  • Do not put any waste in storm drains or municipal sewers.
  • Ensure all containers are in good condition and properly stored, labeled and closed.
  • Label and track recycling of waste materials.
  • Use precautions to avoid spills and clean them up promptly if they do happen.

Congratulations, "Top Water" Award Winners!

This science fair season, the Mojave River Watershed Group (MRWG) recognized three High-Desert students with a "Top Water Award." Each year, MRWG selects winners based on their science fair projects meeting the criteria of water awareness, protection and conservation.

The winner from Apple Valley Unified School District's Sitting Bull Academy is 8th grader, Kimy Alexi Buere. Her science project, "Creating Electricity and Potable Water for Undeveloped Countries," focused on a device to bring electricity and purified water to third world countries.  The project illustrated the critical need for clean drinking water in communities worldwide.
The winner from Hesperia Unified School District is Montzerratt Arvizu, a 4th grader at Carmel Elementary. Arvizu's winning project titled "What's in Our Water". Arvizu researched total dissolved solids (TDS) in water by experimenting with different temperatures and measured the combined content of all organic and inorganic substances when combined in a liquid. The principal application of TDS can be applied to the study of rivers, lakes and streams and it can be used to indicate the presence of chemical contaminants.

Another winner from Hesperia Unified School District is Ella Cain a 1st grader at Krystal School of Science, Math and Technology. Cain's project, "Shower Battle: Saving Water One Shower at a Time," measured the water saving between a regular shower head and a water-efficient shower head. This project is especially relevant given our state's drought situation and helps to build awareness about how to adopt simple behaviors at home to save water.

MRWG offers a Science Fair Resource Library for parents and students K-12, including stormwater focused science fair project ideas. For educators, information is available such as hosting free on-site environmental (60 minute) interactive assemblies for school children, featuring live animals, games and videos. As well as and community  Clean-up Days and volunteer opportunities.
Stormwater Savvy High Desert Schools 

Assembly season for MRWG is in full swing, and on St. Patrick's Day, our team of Stormwater Troopers taught students how to "go green" and take action to prevent stormwater pollution.

Huge thanks to Mountain View Montessori Charter School in Victorville and Yucca Loma Elementary in Apple Valley for the opportunity to teach your bright students!

MRWG was joined by our partners from the Victor Valley Animal Protective League and together, our interactive and fun assembly taught students about pollutants that cause stormwater pollution, prevention tips, how to be stormwater-savvy pet owners, and how to take action as responsible community members.

By taking the Stormwater Pledge, students promised to take care of our community and protect the Mojave River Watershed.  

Celebrate Earth Day with These Colorful Stormwater Savvy Fish!

On April 22, celebrate Earth Day by doing this fun craft while teaching the importance of water protection, recycling and stormwater pollution reduction. Upcycle water bottles into colorful eco-friendly fish with only a few materials. 

Click here for instructions! 

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