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Choosing a Guardian - Wisdom From a 92-Year-Old Billionaire
Charlie Munger and Adam Blum
We've covered wisdom from Warren Buffett in the past.  Today, we want to share wisdom from Charlie Munger, Warren's right-hand man and business partner.  Charlie is, in addition to being the Vice Chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, Chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation.  Earlier this year, Marvin Blum's son Adam attended the Daily Journal's annual meeting and noted Charlie's insightful response when asked about who he admires:

"You want to be the kind of person others name in their wills to raise their children if they die unexpectedly.  Then you know you're doing something right.  People are very shrewd with their wills." 
His comment prompts us to think about whom we've named to be guardian of our children or ourselves if there is ever a need to have a court-appointed guardian.  Have you chosen the right person in your estate planning documents?
Stay tuned, the next Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting is April 30th.  Marvin and Adam will be there again to hear what the Oracle of Omaha and his sidekick Charlie will say.