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Who Should I Name as the Beneficiary of my Retirement Assets?

Deciding who to name as the beneficiary of retirement accounts is a very important aspect of creating a sound estate plan.  Naming a trust that includes specific provisions to qualify for certain tax benefits is the most effective way to ensure the retirement funds actually end up in the hands of the beneficiary.
If you have named your children as outright beneficiaries of your retirement plan, those funds could be vulnerable to creditors, a divorcing spouse, and estate tax.
If you've named a trust that does not include certain provisions for retirement assets, you have passed up the opportunity to stretch out the distributions over time and maximize the income tax deferral benefits of the IRA. 
But, there is a way to have it all: a stretch-out, the protection a trust provides, and tax savings.  For more information on naming a trust written with the necessary tax provisions, follow this link: Who Should I Name as Beneficiary of Retirement Assets? 
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