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What Can You Do To Prepare Your Heirs?

People often go to great lengths to protect their assets and prepare the assets for the heirs, yet neglect to prepare the heirs themselves. In an article recently published in Trusts & Estates magazine,
Marvin Blum gives practical advice about preparing your children to receive their inheritance.

"I enjoyed your article in the latest edition of Trusts & Estates.  It should be required reading for anyone who is wealthy and in the process of planning their estate. If it were, we could have probably avoided a number of unpleasant family squabbles."
William Hudspeth, Jr., Austin Trust Company

"I just finished your article and found it very interesting and inspiring. My wife and I both agree with the concepts that you have put down on paper and will use this article to help us further our mission to have our children be prepared to handle the responsibilities associated with wealth."   Anonymous