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October 2016
CX Day with Barry Schwartz, Emotion Ratings,
and Brand Promises
Although the global CX party doesn't start for many of us until tomorrow, it's already CX Day in Asia and Oceania. So... Happy CX Day! I'm thrilled to kick off Temkin Group's CX Day celebrations during "The Year of Emotion" by sharing my video discussion with Barry Schwartz (renown psychologist and best selling author of books such as Paradigm of Choice and Why We Work). Watch us talk about Infusing Humanity into CX:

Join Temkin Group tomorrow for our full slate of exciting CX Day activities:
  • Webinar with Jen Rodstrom at 9:00 AM ET: The Fundamentals of Customer Experience.
  • Webinar with Aimee Lucas at 1:00 PM ET: Building a Customer-Centric Culture.
  • Free eBook: 25 Tips for Tapping into Customer Emotion.
  • New video: Start Talking About Emotions.
  • New Infographic: Customer Experience Matters, 2016.
  • 15% discount on Temkin Group's research (watch for the code on Twitter).
During this past month, we published a number of research reports:
  • 2016 Temkin Emotion Ratings. We've measured emotion as part of the Temkin Experience Ratings every year for the past six years. This year, congratulations go to Publix, Chick-fil-A, Residence Inn, H-E-B, True Value, Kroger, Save-a-Lot, Wawa Food Market, QVC, and Amazon for earning the top scores out of 294 companies. Meanwhile, Comcast, Fujitsu, Health Net, Blue Shield of CA, Anthem, Time Warner Cable, Commonwealth Edison, Medicaid, Charter Communications, and AT&T are at the bottom of the list.
  • Translating Brand Promises into Employee Behaviors. Companies must translate their brand and its promises into appropriate employee behaviors through a three-step approach: Make promises, Embrace promises, and Keep promises. See more information below.
  • Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2016. In Q3 2016, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about which channel they prefer using when performing 11 different activities - such as selecting a life insurance policy or applying for a new credit card - and then compared our findings with the results of a similar study we conducted in 2015. See more information below.
  • Tech Vendor NPS Benchmark, 2016 (B2B). For the fifth year in a row, we examined the link between Net Promoter Scores® (NPS®) and loyalty for technology vendors. We surveyed 800 IT decision-makers from large North American firms to learn about their relationships with their technology providers. Of the 62 tech vendors we evaluated, IBM, HPE outsourcing, IBM SPSS, and VMware earned the highest NPS, while Cognizant, Capgemini, and Infosys received the lowest.
We also published a new infographic: Employee Engagement Primer. It provides tons of valuable concepts and data around this critical topic.

In the Customer Experience Matters® blog, we also published some cool research that we did with Mattersight Personality Labs, which looks at how customer emotions affect contact center interactions.

If you're proud of your CX efforts, consider applying for Temkin Group's CX Excellence Awards. Nominations are due by October 23rd.

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In Case You Missed It...

Here is some research we discussed in recent journals:
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Translating Brand Promises into Employee Behaviors

Temkin Group has found that the companies that deliver great customer experience use their brand as a blueprint for how they treat customers, which is why Compelling Brand Values is one of our four customer experience core competencies. 

Too often organizations put a lot of energy into communicating the brand externally, only to fall short on connecting employees to their role in keeping brand promises. In the report, Translating Brand Promises into Employee Behaviors, we introduce three steps that companies can use to translate their brand promises into appropriate employee behaviors: Make promises, Embrace promises, and Keep promises.

Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2016

In the Temkin Group Data Snapshot, Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2016, we analyze which channels U.S. consumers would prefer to use to accomplish 11 common interactions. As you can see below, online self-service is the most popular for many of the activities. 

Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including The State of VoC ProgramsCapturing Insights from Customer Communities, Digital Emotional Design, 2016 NPS Benchmark Study, and the Temkin Experience Ratings of Tech Vendors.

If you're interested in Temkin Group's research or services, then drop me a line at, visit our website at, or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.



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