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September 2016

Effort Ratings, Emotional Loyalty, and Leadership

Have you ever had a frustratingly difficult time working with a company? We pretty much all have. This is bad news for companies because effort is one of the three components of customer experience (along with success and emotion) that shapes our perceptions of an experience... and thus our loyalty. So this month I want to give a shout out to the leaders of the 2016 Temkin Effort RatingsPublix, O'Reilly Auto Parts, True Value, and Save-a-Lot. You can find out more about these Ratings below.

During this past month, we published a number of posts that you may find valuable:
  • The (Large) Connection Between Emotion And LoyaltyWe examined the connection between customer emotions and loyalty and found that compared to customers who have a negative emotional experience, customers who have a positive emotional experience with a company are 15.1 times more likely to recommend that company, 7.8 times more likely to buy more from that company, and 8.4 times more likely to trust that company.
  • Modernize Leadership: Learn and Adjust. Management practices are outdated, reflecting obsolete assumptions of technology-enabled processes, human behavior, and the meaning of success. Modernize Leadership defines eight new practices that are required to update leadership. This post discusses the second item on the list, the required shift from "strategize and plan" to "learn and adjust."
  • My Latest 9 Recommendations For NPSWe study hundreds of companies that use Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) and work with dozens of others that are in different stages of NPS deployment. To pass along the insights we gather from this work, I periodically write posts summarizing our recommendations. In this post, I discuss topics such as choosing a metric, the effects of sampling, and setting appropriate targets.
  • Use Customer Insights To Close Four Loops. If you're working on a voice of the customer program, then you probably discuss the notion of closing the loop. But people often focus only on a single loop, when in fact we've identified four important loops: immediate response, corrective action, continuous improvement, and strategic change. To run a successful VoC program, you need to focus on all four of them.
  • What Drives Employee Turnover? Not Compensation. We compared two groups of employees, those who were likely to look for a new job in the next six months and those who were not. Compensation does not appear to be a significant driver of employee turnover, if it's even one at all. Rather the two factors most likely to drive employees to find a new job are how they feel about the work that they do and how much pride they have in their company.
We have also been planning Temkin Group's CX Day celebration for October 5th. Our plans include a Q&A with Barry Schwartz (a visionary on the link between economics and morality and best-selling author of books like Paradox of Choice and Why We Work), webinars, free research, and our annual "Ultimate CX Infographic." Please join us!

If you're proud of your CX efforts, consider applying for Temkin Group's CX Excellence Awards. Nominations are due by October 23rd.

Did you ever wonder how Temkin Group could help with your CX efforts? Check out this new video that explains all the different ways -- both big and small -- that you can engage with us.

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In Case You Missed It...

Here is some research we discussed in recent journals:
  • Five C's of Mobile VoC Disruption. Mobile is much more than a new channel for voice of the customer surveys; it's an extremely disruptive force that's transforming how organizations capture and use customer insights.
  • 2016 Temkin Web Experience RatingsUSAARegions Bank, and Amazon took the top three spots in the sixth annual Temkin Web Experience Ratings, which evaluated 257 companies across 20 industries.
  • Social Media Benchmark, 2016. Our analysis looks at how consumers across all ages use social media sites --  such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and third-party rating sites -- on both computers and mobile phones.
  • State of Employee Engagement Maturity. We used Temkin Group's Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity Assessment to gauge the maturity levels and efforts of large companies.
  • 2016 Temkin Customer Service Ratings. USAA earned the highest score for the fourth year in a row in these Ratings, which looked at 277 companies across 20 industries.
  • Emotion-Infused Experience DesignTemkin Group has developed a strategy to help companies create a stronger emotional connection with customers, which we call Emotion-Infused Experience Design.
  • State of CX Management, 2016. For the seventh year in a row, we've benchmarked CX competencies and maturity levels of large organizations.
  • ROI of Customer Experience. We use data to show the connection between customer experience and loyalty across 20 industries.
  • Net Promoter Score Benchmark StudyThis report provides NPS data for 291 companies across 20 industries.
The Intensify Emotion Movement

In our CX Trends for 2016, we named 2016 "The Year of Emotion." To help organizations focus more on emotion, we created an Intensify Emotion Movement with numerous resources for creating more positive emotional experiences.
2016 Temkin Effort Ratings

For the past six years, we've been measuring customer effort as part of the Temkin Experience Ratings. This year, we examined 294 companies across 20 industries based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers. Here are the leaders and laggards in the Temkin Effort Ratings.

Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including The State of VoC ProgramsTranslating Brand Values to Employees, Capturing Insights from Customer Communities, Digital Emotional Design, 2016 Temkin Emotion Ratings, and our annual Tech Vendor NPS Benchmark Study.

If you're interested in Temkin Group's research or services, then drop me a line at, visit our website at, or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.



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