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March 2016
Emotions, Employee Engagement, HR, and the 
CX Profession
All of us here at Temkin Group are excited to announce the launch of the Intensify Emotion Movement for innovative ideas on infusing emotion into CX. We urge you to read more about it below and join the movement!.

I'm also happy to say that I completed my goal of publishing 100 CX Tips in 100 days. Now that there are 100 tips to choose from, I challenge you to pick one or two to work on this year. Here's a word cloud from all of them:

And because our infographics have been so popular, we published two new ones last month:

In this journal, we cover four new research reports from this past month:
  • Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, 2016For the fifth straight year, we used the Temkin Employee Engagement Index to analyze the engagement levels of more than 5,000 U.S. employees. This research shows the immense value of an engaged employee. We found that employee engagement has stayed relatively flat since last year, but engagement levels still vary dramatically across organizations, industries, and individuals.
  • Benchmarking HR's Support of CX and Employee EngagementWe surveyed 300 HR professionals from large organizations in North America and compared the results to a similar study we did in 2012. Seventy-three percent of HR professionals believe that it's very important for their organization to become more customer-centric, but only 31% believe that HR professionals are significantly helping these efforts. 
  • State of The CX Profession, 2016. This is the fifth year we've examined the roles of CX professionals and the third year we've done a compensation study. Eighty-six percent of respondents reported that their CX efforts positively impacted their organization's business results in 2015, while 96% believe that customer experience is a great profession to work in.
  • Mobile Experience Review: Purchasing an eGift CardTo evaluate the customer experience of mobile websites, we used Temkin Group's SLICE-B experience review methodology to assess the experience of buying an eGift Card from ten large retailers: Macy's, Kohl's, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Petco, Petsmart, Kroger, Safeway, Michaels, and Jo-Ann. Macy's earned the highest score, while Petsmart earned the lowest. 
Here comes the ratings! Make sure to keep your eyes on the Customer Experience Matters® blog, as we will soon be publishing the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings. This is the sixth straight year that we've published this comprehensive customer experience benchmark, which evaluates 100s of companies across 20 industries. 

Don't forget that nominations for the 2016 CX Vendor Excellence Awards are due by March 11th.

Check out our schedule of workshops, which are a great way to build CX skills. Our upcoming workshop in Miami is just about sold out, so register soon for the Driving Customer Experience Transformation workshop on April 6th & 7th in San Diego.

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Join the Intensify Emotion Movement!

Over the past few years, advances in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science have fueled a host of new techniques that companies can use to affect people's emotions. Thanks to these new techniques--combined with the fact that customer emotion is strongly correlated to loyalty--we expect to see a major jump in the number of companies that discuss, measure, and design for emotion. 

We started the Intensify Emotion movement in order to help organizations expand both their understanding of and their focus on customer emotion during what we're calling "The Year of Emotion." Here's how you can participate:
  • Take the $1,000 challenge: To encourage people to share their innovative practices, Temkin Group will award a $250 gift card to each of the four people who we believe submitted the most innovative ideas for Intensifying Emotion in their customer experience efforts.
  • Make the Pledge: Say that you pledge to Intensify Emotion and then proudly display the badge we've created.
  • #IntensifyEmotion: Tweet about your ideas on the topic of emotion in customer experience by using the hashtag #IntensifyEmotion.
  • Read our content: Keep checking the Customer Experience Matters blog for more research and ideas about emotion. We will be publishing about it frequently as it's a key area for us this year.
In Case You Missed It...

Here is some content we discussed in recent journals:

  • Customer Experience Expectations and Plans for 2016. We surveyed 160 large companies and used their responses to examine CX priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Lessons in CX Excellence, 2016This is typically one of our most popular reports of the year. It provides details on the eight finalists for our CX Excellence Awards: EMC Global Services, Hagerty, InMoment, Safelite AutoGlass, SunPower, The Results Companies, Verintand Wheaton | Bekins.
  • Tech Vendors: Product and Relationship Satisfaction, 2016. 800 IT professionals from large companies rated both the products of and their relationships with 62 tech vendors. IntelGoogle, and HP outsourcing earned the highest overall satisfaction ratings.
  • The State of CX Metrics, 2015. In our fifth annual benchmark of how large organizations use CX metrics, we found that the percentage of companies with strong CX metrics efforts grew from 11% in 2014 to 14% in 2015.
  • Make Your VoC Action-Oriented. Our research shows that in order for voice of the customer programs to become more actionable, they must be simplified. This report identifies five strategies for simplifying VoC programs: Stakeholder Empathy, Tailored Insights, Feedback Rationalization, Loop-Closing, andCustomer Journey Alignment.
  • B2B CX Best PracticesOur research uncovered 20 best practices for customer experience across five key business-to-business (B2B) processes.
  • ROI of Customer Experience, 2015. Our research shows a strong correlation between CX and several areas of loyalty across 20 different industries. Our model found that a modest improvement in CX can generate more than $800 million in additional revenue over three years.
  • Net Promoter® Score Benchmark Study, 2015. We surveyed 10,000 U.S consumers and used their feedback to calculate the NPS® of 291 large organizations across 20 industries. USAA earned the highest score, while Comcast received the lowest.
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Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, 2016

In the report Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, 2016, we used the Temkin Employee Engagement Index to analyze the engagement levels of more than 5,000 U.S. employees. 

Compared with disengaged employees, highly engaged employees are more than four times as likely to recommend the company's products and services and do something good for the company that is not expected of them, 2.5 times as likely to stay at work late if something needs to be done after the normal workday ends, and seven times as likely to recommend that a friend or relative apply for a job at their company.

As you can see below, 49% of employees are moderately or fully engaged, the same level as last year,

Benchmarking HR's Support of CX and Employee Engagement

To determine how effectively human resource (HR) departments support employee engagement efforts, we surveyed 300 HR professionals from large companies and compared the results to a similar study we conducted in 2012.  

In the report Benchmarking HR's Support of CX and Employee Engagement we found that compared with 2012, companies are both measuring and acting on employee feedback more frequently, and HR professionals are more focused on employee engagement and company culture.

State of the CX Profession, 2016

To better understand the mindset and roles of CX professionals today, we surveyed 208 CX professionals and then compared their responses to similar studies we've conducted over the previous four years. In the State of the CX Profession, we show that 86% of respondents reported that their CX efforts positively impacted their organization's business results in 2015, while 96% believe that customer experience is a great profession to work.

On this year's survey, we included our third annual compensation study. We looked at 105 CX professionals from large organizations and found that their average compensation (salary plus bonus) ranged from $135,000 for mid-level individual contributors to $260,000 for CX executives.

Mobile Experience Review: Purchasing an eGift Card

In the report Mobile Experience Review: Purchasing an eGift Card, we examine the experience of trying to purchase an eGift card on a mobile phone. Our analysis reviewed the mobile user experience for five pairs of competitors: Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Jo-Ann and Michaels, Kohl's and Macy's, Kroger and Safeway, and Petco and Petsmart.

Using Temkin Group's SLICE-B assessment tool, we graded the experience on 12 criteria across six areas: Start, Locate, Interact, Complete, End, and Brand Coherence. As you can see below, only Macy's and Jo-Ann earned good or excellent ratings, while Kroger, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, and Petsmart earned very poor ratings.
Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including, Customer-Driven Process Improvement, Distributing CX Across the Organization, Emotion-Driven Experience, Media Usage Benchmark, and the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings.


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