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Beginner's Guide to CX and Channel Preferences (September 2015)


Do you know anyone who's looking for a crash course in customer experience (CX)? Because so many people are searching for guidance on this topic, we put together what we call CX for Smarties, A Beginner's Guide to Customer Experience. Find three videos below that make up an essential part of this free resource.

In this month's journal, we also highlight a new data snapshot, Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2015. This snapshot shows which channels U.S. consumers of different ages prefer to use when completing 11 common activities.shows how U.S. consumers prefer to complete 11 typical activities.

Last month we kicked off our series of industry-specific webinars, starting with insurance, airlines, and health plans. This month we'll be offering webinars on TV service providers, auto dealers, banks, and credit cards. We also created a page with recordings of these webinars along with research with industry-specific data

In our upcoming events section you'll also find webinars about B2B CX, Net Promoter® Score, and a joint webinar between Beyond Philosophy and Temkin Group: Are Customer Emotions and Behaviors the Future of CX?

We have also started planning our celebrations for CX Day (October 6th), which will include webinars and research discounts as well as a new video, infographic, and a free eBook. Keep an eye on the Customer Experience Matters® blog for more details.

Speaking of my blog, I highlight several recent posts below, including one showing that people who get 7 to 8 hours of sleep have the highest levels of well-being.

Are you proud of your CX efforts? We've just started accepting nominations for the 2015 Temkin Group Customer Experience Excellence Awards. This award recognizes companies with outstanding transformational efforts. Go ahead and tout your success!

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In Case You Missed It...

Here is some content we discussed in recent journals:
  • The Power of Customer Journey Mapping. This short video describes an important CX tool along with a concept that we call Customer Journey Thinking™."
  • Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity, 2015. This annual report benchmarks the employee engagement activities within large organizations. This year we found that only 19% of companies have reached the highest two levels of maturity.
  • Behavioral Guide to Experience Design. According to recent scientific research, people rely on unconscious heuristics and biases to make decisions. This report explains how to think about and incorporate this quirk of human behavior into customer experience designs.
  • Economics of Net Promoter®, 2015. This annual report shows the loyalty of promoters, detractors, and passives across 20 industries. 
  • Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact CentersContact centers contain a vast wealth of customer insights. In many cases, they're the richest source of untapped customer knowledge in the entire company. This report shows companies how to shift their focus from agent effectiveness to enterprise intelligence. 
  • State of CX Management, 2015. Our sixth annual study of customer experience activities, competencies, and maturity shows that only 11% of companies have reached the highest two levels of customer experience.
CX For Smarties, A Beginner's Guide to CX

To help people who are just starting to explore customer experience, we put together a number of free resources on a page called CX for Smarties, A Beginner's Guide to Customer Experience. It contains a variety of free content, including these videos, which every CX professional should watch: 

What is Customer Experience?

Six Laws of Customer Experience

Driving Customer Experience Transformation
Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2015

In Q3 2015, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about their channel preferences for performing 11 common activities, and then we compared their preferences to the results of a similar study we conducted in 2014. This data snapshot examines how channel preferences vary across age groups, how these preferences have changed over the past year, and how channel preferences differ across multiple activities.

As you can see from this excerpt of the first graphic, consumers mostly prefer using their computers for seven out of the 11 activities. However, when it comes to investigating a mistake on a bill or resolving a technical problem, they instead prefer to use the phone. And when it comes to opening a new investment account or selecting a life insurance policy, consumers tend to prefer face-to-face interactions.

Customer Experience Matters Blog

Here are some of the recent posts from the Customer Experience Matters® blog:
Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including ROI of Customer Experience, Case Studies in Culture Change, Tech Vendor Net Promoter Score Benchmark, and Best Practices in Using Customer Journey Maps.


Here are some ways that Temkin Group can help accelerate your CX success:

  • Research & Advisory subscriptions. Get access to leading-edge best practices, assessments, and benchmark data, in addition to ongoing advice from our CX Transformists to help keep your efforts on track.
  • CX training. We deliver leading-edge CX practices through in-house workshops, open-enrollment workshops, and customized training programs.
  • CX assessments. We identify gaps and opportunities in your CX plans and competencies.
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