2013 Temkin Trust Ratings and Why People Buy
July 2013



How many companies do you trust? Probably only a few. Not too many firms have earned this level of relationship with their customers. But USAA is an exception, as it has earned the top spot in the Temkin Trust Ratings for the third straight year. Read additional results below from our 2013 ratings of 246 companies across 19 industries.

In this journal, I also explore a post from the Customer Experience Matters blog that examines how people make purchase decisions. While price is an important factor, most purchases are made for different reasons. Other recent posts examine direct-to-consumer health care and the difference between employee entitlement and engagement.
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2013 Temkin Trust Ratings
We released the third annual Temkin Trust Ratings of 246 companies across 19 industries. The ratings are based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers.
For the third straight year, USAA came out on top, this year earning the top two spots. The other companies in the top 10 of the ratings are credit unions, Publix, H.E.B., Amazon, Trader Joe's, Charles Schwab, and Sam's Club.
HSBC, on the other hand, earned two of the bottom three ratings. TV service providers and Internet service providers dominate the bottom of the ratings, collectively taking 10 of the bottom 15 spots. The other companies in the bottom 15 are US Airways, CareFirst, and T-Mobile.
Congratulations to Citigroup (credit cards), HyundaiAlaska AirlinesContinental AirlinesBank of America (banking & credit cards), Avis, and EarthLink for making the largest improvements between 2012 and 2013.
Why People Buy What They Buy


For the post Prices Drives Many, But Not Most, Purchase Decisions, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about 14 types of purchases they've made during the previous 90 days, asking them to identify the most important criteria. 
In eight of the purchases, price was the most selected criteria. But it was only selected by a majority of consumers for two areas: airline tickets and auto insurance policies. The consumers who selected price as the most important decision criteria ranges from 65% for airline tickets down to 22% for credit cards.
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Customer Experience Matters Blog
Here are some recent posts from the CX Matters blog:
Temkin Group Research Plans and Update 

We're currently researching CX governance and organizational models, evolution of customer insight analytics, an employee engagement maturity model, and the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings for Tech Vendors. We're also preparing the next set of Temkin Ratings with the 2013 Web Experience and Customer Service Ratings.
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