State of Customer Experience and Net Promoter Economics
June 2013



It seems as though everyone has meetings during this time of year. We've been on the road delivering speeches and running workshops in San Diego, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and Brussels. This month we'll be in Boston, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Vancouver, and even Singapore. 

The CXPA held its annual Members Insight Exchange in San Diego, which was once again a great event. We made some exciting announcements including a certification program. CX professionals will be able to become Certified Customer Experience Professional. Read more about it below.


We also managed to publish a few Temkin Group research reports last month which I discuss later in this journal:

My blog posts this month include IBM's move into customer service analytics and the robust market for CX vendors. I've also included links to popular posts on customer journey mapping and a CX reading list for execs.
Aimee Lucas's webinar on B2B CX was such a big hit last month that she's doing another one this month, so sign up for The State of CX Management webinar on June 11th. 
And, don't forget to register for Temkin Group's workshop in Boston on July 30 and 31. See more details right below.
Customer Experience Workshop in Boston in July
We're holding our popular workshop CX Realities: Learn, Experience Transform on July 30th and 31st in Boston. Here's what you'll learn during this hands-on, interactive two-day workshop:
  • Understand how to create sustainable CX improvements in your organization 
  • Gauge your CX maturity using Temkin Group's CX Competency & Maturity Model
  • Systematically evaluate experiences using Temkin Group's SLICE-B methodology
  • Develop feedback, metrics and measurements that reinforce CX goals and objectives
  • Build a stronger perspective for leading customer experience transformation
It's also a great time of year to come to Boston and there's even an option to join us at a Red Sox game.
The State of CX Management, 2013


In the report The State of CX Management, 2013 we surveyed more than 200 large companies and found an abundance of customer experience ambition and activity. Most companies have a CX executive leading the charge, significant CX activities being coordinated by a central team, and a staff of six to 10 full-time CX professionals. 
Using Temkin Group's CX competency assessment, we found that only six percent of companies have reached the highest two levels of CX maturity as firms struggle the most to master Employee Engagement and Compelling Brand Values. 
As you can see in the graphic below, we compared CX leaders and laggards. CX leaders have better financial performance, more centralized CX activities, better employee engagement, stronger employee engagement, and more management attention to corporate culture.
The Economics of Net Promoter
In The Economics of Net Promoter, we examine the link between NPS and loyalty across 19 industries based on responses from thousands of U.S. consumers. Compared to detractors, promoters are almost six times as likely to forgive, are more than five times as likely to repurchase, and are more than twice as likely as detractors to actually recommend a company.
The research also examined the entire NPS scale. Our findings show that forgiveness and repurchase loyalty stay at a consistent low level between 0 and 4 and actual recommendations begin to increase after 5. We also found that consumers tend to gravitate towards the text anchors 0, 5, and 10. 
We looked at the data for each of 19 industries, finding that promoters who are likely to repurchase range from 87% for grocery chains to 73% for TV service providers, those who are likely to forgive range from 72% for rental car agencies to 59% for TV service providers, and those who actually recommended a company range from 80% for retailers to 47% for parcel delivery services.
Tech Vendor NPS Benchmark, 2013
This is the second year that we've published a benchmark of NPS scores in the tech sector, based on feedback from more than 800 IT decision-makers at large firms. VMWare and SAP analytics earned the highest NPS while CSC IT services and Infosys IT services earned the lowest. 
Our analysis also examined the link between NPS and loyalty, finding that compared with detractors, promoters are more than six times as likely to forgive a tech vendor if they deliver a bad experience, almost six times as likely to try a new offering from the vendor, and more than three times as likely to purchase more from them this year.
Customer Experience Matters Blog
Here are the some recent posts from the CX Matters blog:
These posts also remain very popular:
Temkin Group Research Plans and Update 

We're working on reports with best practices in employee listening, evolution of customer insight analytics, an employee engagement maturity model, and the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings for Tech Vendors. We're also preparing the next set of Temkin Ratings with the 2013 Temkin Trust Ratings, followed by the Web Experience and Customer Service Ratings.
Please see information below about our corporate research subscriptions.
If you're looking to accelerate your CX efforts, here are a number of ways that Temkin Group can help:
  • Interactive training workshops for executive teams or other groups to gain alignment around key customer experience principles and priorities or to develop plans in areas such as voice of the customer programs.
  • Assessments of customer experience efforts to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate your transformation efforts
  • Speeches and webinars on a wide range of customer experience and leadership topics
  • Educational curricula to establish and reinforce an understanding of proven customer experience principles across an organization
  • Strategy reviews of marketing and product plans for vendors who want to help companies transform their customer experience
Corporate Subscriptions to Temkin Group Research

Temkin Group research and advisory services can be a great resource for your CX efforts. The insights will help you implement best practices, benchmark your performance, identify mistakes to avoid and provide you with guidance along the way. Our corporate subscriptions include: 
  • Unlimited access to all Temkin Group research and Temkin Ratings data for all of your employees for 12 months (for internal use only)
  • Up to 10 inquiries (questions that Temkin group can answer in a short email or during a phone conversation of up to 20 minutes)
  • One advisory call (phone discussion up to 90 minutes)
Please send us an email if you are interested in pricing or in receiving more details about our research subscriptions.
CXPA Update 


During my CXPA update at the Members Insight Exchange, I discussed a number of exciting things:
  • Our growing community has exceeded 2,200 members
  • We've held 45+ local networking events in 18 cities and four countries
  • Members have downloaded more than 2,500 times from our growing online library of CX tools.
  • 4,400+ members participated in our webinars
    and community calls.
  • Our panel of CX experts has responded more than 50 times to questions from members as part of our "Ask the CX Expert" offering.
I'm even more excited about the future of the CXPA. Here are the new things we announced:
  • CX Professional Certification. Later this year we will be rolling out a professional certification program for CX management called the "Certified Customer Experience Professional." Think of it like the CPA is for accountants. CX professionals that get certified will be able to proudly add the letters "CCXP" after their names. As a non-profit, independent professional association, the CXPA is uniquely positioned to make the CCXP a compelling credential for the industry.
  • CX Day: Mark your calendars for 10/1/2013 for the inaugural Customer Experience Day! It will be a day for celebrating the profession.
  • MIE 2014. Next year's Member Insight Exchange will be held on May 13 and 14 in Atlanta.

All CX professionals definitely need to join!

If you're interested in Temkin Group's research or services, then drop me a line at, visit our website at, or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.


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