Net Promoter Scores And Practical Wisdom
November 2012



I hope that you and your family were able to avoid any problems from hurricane Sandy and that you are staying sane in the midst of all the U.S. election craziness.


In this issue, we share results from the Temkin Group research report Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2012 that provides scores for 180 companies across 19 industries. We also look at social media's increasing importance in What Influences Consumer Purchases?


Highlights from the Customer Experience Matters blog include a post titled Customer Experience Needs More Practical Wisdom that was inspired by a fantastic TED Speech from Barry Schwartz. I also list my Seven Reasons Why CX Will Thrive, Not Die.


We have a lot of Temkin Group news to share. We've launched the Customer Experience Excellence Awards, introduced a new offering for CX execs-our CX Exec Starter Kit, and scheduled a two-day CX workshop in Miami Beach in February.


It's hard to believe that we're approaching the end of 2012. As you make plans for 2013, consider a Temkin Group research subscription, which includes our ongoing advice. Drop us a line if you want more information.

Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2012


Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) is a popular CX metric within large organizations. It identifies the likelihood of consumers to recommend a company. Our new research report Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2012 examines NPS for 180 companies across 19 industries.


USAA earned the highest NPS scores on the list for two of its businesses, 77% in banking and 75% in insurance. Other companies at the top of the ratings include Marriott, Amazon, H.E.B., credit unions, Barnes & Noble, Apple (for both computers and software), Publix, QVC, BJs Wholesale Club, and Aldi


HSBC earned the lowest two NPS scores across all companies for its banking and credit card businesses, with NPS scores below zero. Other companies at the bottom of the NPS ratings include Charter Communications (for its TV service and Internet service businesses), Capital One, Citibank (for its banking and credit card businesses), Anthem, McDonalds, Aetna, and Motel 6.  


Our analysis looked at differences across consumer demographics. NPS tends to go up with age, doesn't vary much by income levels, and is often highest with Asians. Banks have the highest ethnic gap in their scores, receiving an average NPS of 45% from Asians and 15% from Caucasians.


Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

CX Excellence Award

Temkin Group is accepting nominations for its 2012 Customer Experience Excellence (CE2) Award. This award recognizes organizations for their efforts in becoming more customer-centric.


Across all industries and sectors, some organizations are improving customer experience in a sustainable manner. The CE2 Awards are meant to highlight those transformational efforts. Since customer experience is a journey, not a program, nominees are not required to have fully completed their journey to be eligible for this award.


Nominations are due by December 14, 2012.


In our newest report What Influences Consumer Purchases? we analyze how U.S. consumers use sources such as Facebook and Twitter, discussions with friends and relatives, interactions with company employees, and information on various websites when making purchase decisions. Our analysis also examines differences across age groups and changes from the last year.


As you can see in this chart that analyzes only the social influences, Facebook and Twitter are the least important. But they are increasing when we compared them to last year.


Here are a few other tidbits from the analysis:

  • Autos: More than two-thirds of consumers rely on their discussions with employees at the dealership.
  • Cell phones: Last year as well as this year, interactions with employees are at the top of the list.
  • Computers: Across all age groups, consumers rely more on discussions with store employees than on information from Facebook or Twitter.
  • Credit cards: Consumers use information on the credit card website more than they use any other source.
  • Health plans: Across all age groups, the most used source of information is either discussions with health plan employees or information on the health plan websites.
  • Insurance policies: Agents are particularly influential for consumers who are 25 and older.
  • Televisions: Ratings and review websites are the most useful information source for consumers who are younger than 45. 
CX Exec Starter Kit

Temkin Group has created a great offering for CX executives, our CX Exec Starter KitHere's what's included in this package:


CX Guidance: An hour-long presentation customized for CX execs who purchase this package. It can be viewed in its entirety or easily watched in individual sections, making it a great resource for CX execs and a highly effective tool for educating key stakeholders.


Research: Read and share the following Temkin Group research:

It's available for only $1,295Click here for more information.
CX Workshop In Miami South Beach In February
We had such a great response to last month's workshop that we're holding it again. Sign-up now for CX Reality: Learn, Experience, Transform on February 5th and 6th in South Beach (Miami).
Attendees wanted more time, so we've expanded it to a two-day format, on February 5th and 6th. This is a highly interactive workshop that will cover these topics:
  • Building customer-centricity. Learn key principles of CX and understand the organizational competencies for sustaining great performance. 
  • Small group experiential exercise. Small groups will be given goals to achieve at nearby retail locations. They will develop a stronger appreciation for CX competencies by applying a framework for evaluating those experiences.
  • Reinforcing great experiences. Interactive discussion on how to apply what the group learned to build and sustain great CX in different environments.
  • Networking with peers. You'll learn from and socialize with other customer experinece professionals.
This workshop, which costs $1,695, is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for improving CX and are looking for a more practical, disciplined approach.
Sign-up now before the workshop fills up.
Customer Experience Matters Blog
I was inspired to write the blog post  Customer Experience Needs More Practical Wisdom after watching an awesome TED Talk by Barry Schwartz called Our Loss of WisdomSchwartz references what Aritstotle called "practical wisdom," the combination of moral will (to "do right" by other people) and moral skill (to figure out what "doing right" means). The post discusses how organizations need to enable more practical wisdom from employees.
In the post Seven Reasons Why CX Will Thrive, Not Die, I discuss whether or not CX will follow the unfortunate path of CRM. My answer: It won't. My seven reasons: 1) CX is not like CRM, 2) CX is more like quality, 3) CX is a fundamental building block, 4) CX has well-defined ROI, 5) CX professionals are growing, 6) CX management is maturing, and 7) CX has the CXPA.
Here are additional posts from Customer Experience Matters:
CXPA Update 


Are you a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association ( yet? If not, then you're really missing out on offerings like these:

  • CX Tools: Access to a growing online library of tools that CX professionals use within their organizations.
  • Local networking events: Meet up with CX peers in your area; upcoming events are scheduled in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, London, and Oslo. Join me in DC on November 8th!
  • Educational webinars: The CXPA offers great ongoing webinars such as A CXO's Playbook for Brand Experience scheduled for November 7th.

The CXPA is a non-profit organization that's dedicated to the success of customer experience professionals. Join us!

Temkin Group Research Plans And Update 

We have a lot of exciting research in progress. Our next report will focus on employee engagement best practices. We are also working on a report that examines customer feedback and an update to our report on CX metrics. Given the time of year, we will also be launching our end of the year survey soon.
Again, let us know if you're interested in a research subscription. Here's our current list of research.
If you're looking to accelerate your customer experience efforts, here are a number of ways that Temkin Group can help:
  • Assessments of customer experience efforts, to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate your transformation efforts
  • Speeches and webinars on a wide range of customer experience and leadership topics
  • Interactive workshops for executive teams or other groups to gain alignment around key customer experience principles and priorities or to develop plans in areas such as voice of the customer programs
  • Educational curricula to establish and reinforce an understanding of proven customer experience principles across an organization
  • Strategy reviews of marketing and product plans for vendors who want to help companies transform their customer experience
Drop me a line at, visit our website at, or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.




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> NPS Benchmark Study
> CX Excellence Award
> What Influences Purchases?
> CX Starter Kt for Execs
> CX Workshop in February
> CX Matters Posts
> CXPA Update
> Temkin Group Research Plans And Update
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CX Tidbits 

> 15% of HR pros are significantly helping their orgs create a customer-centric culture.


> Based on five levels of maturity for VoC programs, 16% of firms are in two highest stages and 46% are in the lowest two levels.


> Nearly six out of 10 large firms have a CX executive


>CX leaders have a 16+ percentage point advantage over CX laggards in consumers' willingness to buy more and likelihood to recommend


> Consumers that are satisfied with health plans are more than six times more likely to follow their medical advice


> The percentage of promoters that actually recommend companies ranges from 47% (parcel delivery services) to 80% (retailers).


> Consumers that have a very good service recovery experience are more than 10x as likely to increase spending then if they had a neutral or bad experience

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