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January 8, 2014
Squash Court Toilet
Wilkins Wins 1st PST Event
Jonathon Power Bails Out PSA World Series
Match Excerpt Boys BJO Final
Massive Problems for Women's Tour
New Pecking Order in College Squash?
SportSynergy Promotion
Big Ball Squash
This Week's Men's College Results
This Week's Women's College Results
Truth & Rumors
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Squash Court Toilet

5-time Japanese National Champion Misaki Kobayashi is one of the prettiest parts of our game.

Even here.

To see her Tweet, please click here.

Wilkins Wins 1st PST Tournament

Phil Wilkins (Wales) won last weekend's Friends of the Barn Open.

He beat New York's Peter Nolan in the final 11/6, 11/7, 11/9 to win the tournament title.

The victory marks Wilkins' first PST tournament title.

To see PST's coverage, please   click here.

Jonathon Power Bails Out PSA World Series

Jonathon Power
According to SquashMad.com, after PSA Chairman Ziad Al-Turki withdrew his financial support for the PSA World Series, Jonathon Power stepped in to save the event.

His company Power Courts will back the event and will bring it to the US in March.

To see Squash Mad's article, please
  click here.

Match Excerpt: Boys british Jr. Open Finals

To see the video, please click here.

Massive Problems for Women's Tour

Cassie Thomas (nee Jackman) is a former World champion and has five British national titles to her credit.

This week she wrote for SquashMad.com myriad reasons why the women's tour is poorly run and hurting the women it should be helping.

To see SquashMad's article, please click here.

New Pecking Order in College Squash?

If you aren't an American, it is hard to appreciate the college sports culture, let along team squash at colleges.

So, it is interesting that British based SquashMad.com picked up on the fast growing college squash game.

Here's their first article on College Squash and its evolving hierarchy.

To see SquashMad's article, please click here.

SportSynergy Promotion

Online court reservation company SportSynergy is sponsoring a promotion with a free t-shirt giveaway.

And who doesn't like a free t-shirt?

To learn more or to get your shirt, please click here.

Big Ball Squash

Americans think of racquetball ball as a different sport than squash. The British play racketball on a squash court. And it would be more appropriately named "Big Ball Squash."

To see the introductory video, please click here.

This Week's Men's College Results

Naval Academy          Trinity College           0    9
Stanford University    Hamilton College      1    8
George Washington   Trinity College          0    9
Williams College         Harvard University   0    9
Wesleyan University   Vassar College        9    0
Wesleyan University   Ithaca College        9    0

This Week's Women's College Results

Stanford University    Hamilton College    8    1
Williams College      Harvard University    0    9

TRUTH & Rumors

  • ShhWord is there is a great vibe now at UPenn squash. Could be an excellent finish for both the men's and women's teams. 
  • Amanda Sobhy took exception to a passage in James Willstrop's book about college players' ability to compete as pros. It started an interesting Instagram debate here
  • Head Coach Ramsay Vehslage has built the Pingry School's squash program into one of America's best.
  • Most squash fans know that America's top female is Amanda Sobhy, who plays at Harvard whille keeping a top 20 ranking on the WSA Tour. But look out, her younger sister Sabrina (17) is already in the WSA's top 50. #TalentedFamily
  • Tough week though for the WSA. Jonathon Power saved the PSA from embarassment when he stepped in to save the tour's annual World Series. But it appears there isn't support for the WSA World Series, at this point.
  • Word has it a group in Washington D.C. is trying to take over the North American Open, which has long been held in Richmond, Virginia. 
  • 1942: By winning the regular season, Princeton University captures the first men's national team title.  

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