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Sculpture IS: 2016 
In the Gallery & In the Garden
Deadline for entry is February 12, 2016

PVAC is pleased to invite you to participate and to create new work for our tenth anniversary commemorative exhibit. Sculpture IS: 2016 will be shown in two venues; one of indoor sculptures "In the Gallery" at PVAC, and one of outdoor sculptures "In the Garden" at Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens. 

The gallery exhibit will take place May 4-June 19, 2016 and the garden event will take place June 1-October 31, 2016.  There are two separate entry forms, and you may choose to be in one or both.  We will be publishing an exhibit catalog featuring the artists and sculpture in both shows.

Download the PDF entry information for Sculpture Is, In the Gallery
Download the PDF entry information for Sculpture Is, In the Garden

Immigration: Borders, Boundaries, Beginnings
Deadline for Entry: December 18, 2015
Exhibit Dates: March 3-April 17, 2016

Jane Gregorius
Leaving Home by Jane Gregorius
PVAC invites your participation in an exhibit which explores the complex issues surrounding immigration. We are looking for art submissions in all media, which consider stories of leaving and arriving: the stories of immigration. Subjects could include: 

* Personal family stories 
* What immigrants take with them and what they leave behind 
* Effects of immigration on the individual
* Effects on the countries/families left behind 
* Effects on the new communities: how are immigrants perceived, received, integrated? 
* Assimilation/ Americanization: how do people start over and build community in a new country and culture? 
* Historical impacts of social and cultural migration 
* Experiences upon arrival including language, living conditions and work 
* What does prejudice/classism look, sound, and feel like? 
* Implications of status (illegal, alien, naturalized, citizenship)

Click to view the complete Call for Entry.

Exhibit Schedule 
Mi Casa es Tu Casa
October 28 - December 13

We are looking forward to another engaging event this year, curated by Pancho Rodriquez.  This year's theme is De Dónde Venimos Hacia Dónde Vamos/Where We Have Come From To Where We Are Headed.  As you read this, community members and artists are envisioning and creating elements for their altars celebrating the Day of the Dead/Dia des los Muertos.  

Sculpture IS: 2015 
The sculpture garden at  is open through October 31 at Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens.  Take the time visit this fabulous location and see the sculpture by extraordinary artists!  
En Nuestra Imagen/In Our Image
This beautifully curated exhibit is open through October 11.  If you haven't seen it, don't miss out!

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