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August 11, 2016
Our Summer Storytelling Series Concludes with...
The Prophet Micah 
The Bible in One Sentence

     This Sunday, August 14, 2016, at 9:30 a.m., we'll time travel back 2,800 years to Jerusalem when the prophet Micah lived nearby. Micah was called by God to tell devout worshippers that their best efforts to please God were not pleasing God AT ALL.  In one of the most well known and oft-preached sentences in the Bible, Micah reveals what God really wants from God's people, then and now.  We'll explore Micah's enduring wisdom, the Bible in one sentence!  
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Bev piano
A Note From 
Pastor Bev 
Awake living means listening for Spirit's whisper to us. We pay special attention when we hear the same message from several sources over the course of a few days. Maybe we even title our week with "the theme of the week." 

For me, this week's theme could be "how to connect with people who seem to be living in a different world."  It might feel like we need a spaceship!  Or at least an astronaut's protective suit!  To state the obvious, our national political discourse has become extremely disrespectful and polarized, and this tone seems to be leaking into our culture, our workplaces, our houses of faith, and even our families.  

It's time for all of us to work together to restore respect to our national conversation and to our society. God's values, as expressed in all the major faith traditions through the Golden Rule, rest on respect and dignity for all people.  There is no exception for politics.  We are called to be peacemakers and truth tellers.  Now is not a time to sit back.  Let's look for opportunities each day to stand up for respect, kindness, and human dignity.  We can start by having a respectful conversation with someone we disagree with about everything.  It's a skill builder!  And a world builder, too. 
In the Spirit,

August Calendar
Friday, August 12


Bible Study with Pastor Bev

Sunday, August 14

9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.

Summer Storytelling Concludes

Micah - The Bible in One Sentence
Coffee & Fellowship - All are Welcome!

Wednesday, August 17
6:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Session Meets at the Church

SHPC Choir - New Singers Welcome!

Thursday, August 18

5:30 p.m.

Friday, August 19th
5:00 p.m.

Bible Study

SHPC Farmstand @ The Clubhouse
Sunday, August 21st
9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.


Coffee & Fellowship - All are Welcome!

Wednesday, August 24th

7:30 p.m.

SHPC Choir

Pastor Bev to Baltimore with the ACSWP

please call Rev. Bentley Stewart for pastoral care emergencies at 407-489-1258 throught Wed. Aug. 31
Friday, August 26th


Bible Study with Paul Lambert
Sunday, August 28th

9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.

Guest Preacher Rev. Bentley Stewart

Coffee & Fellowship - All are Welcome!

Bible Study - Friday, August 12th w/ Pastor Bev - NOON
The Book of Micah, especially chapter 6

Join Us for our Aug 21st "WE'VE GOT TALENT" Service at 9:30 a.m.

Our theme will be "Free To Be Me" and the
goal is for all of us to share in music, dance or a reading, something that reflects who we really are. Be creative, use your imagination and join so many who are excited and already signed up. We are a community and this will be great fun and a chance to take our masks off and connect with the real you and me.

Blissful Birthdays

If you haven't received a Birthday Card from the church family this year, this could mean we don't have your date!! Please send month and day to Linda Peltzman in a text to 415-860-0378 or email is also ok.

Donations of birthday or appropriate blank cards very much appreciated. They may be left in church office for Linda or bring them to her in person. We all want to be reminded that we are loved and that our church family celebrates the day we were born!
     -- Linda Peltzman, Elder for Membership Nurture
Please Remember in Your Prayers

All Olympic athletes, Team USA, and the people of Rio, for safe, healthy, and ethical Olympics to inspire us all;
Our country, for a national discourse of respect and dignity for all;
The family and loved ones of Deb Birrell, who passed away Monday, July 25, for God's comfort in bereavement;
Joan Marks, dear friend of the Argillas, for healing and full recovery;
Michael McCarty, our music minister, for full recovery;
Ryan Burks, son of Warren and Jackie Burks, for healing, and for strength and hope for his family;
Joan Shannon, mother of Nancy Derr, for God's comfort, companionship, strength, and healing;
Praying Hands
Carolyn O'Hara, mother of Laurie, for God's comfort, companionship, and strength, and healing;

Kelsey Lopin, for healing and full recovery from complications of Lyme disease;
Andrea Proster, sister of Nancy Elberg, for complete healing, and for Nancy for continued strength in companioning her;
Betty and Wil Swalberg, for God's presence and community support and for health and vitality for Wil;
Paul Lambert's Mom, blessed assurance of God's constant presence; 
The PC(USA), as it discerns and follows God's call to be a Matthew 25 church, and its new Co-Moderators, Revs. Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston, and Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson;

Dr. Doug Tilton, our PC(USA) mission co-worker in Southern Africa;

Rev. Kate Taber, our PC(USA) mission co-worker in East Jerusalem;
The world's poor, and all who suffer from disruptive climate change;

Our church community, keep us faithful to the love and justice of Jesus, strong in our commitment to the church, and make us hope-bringers to the world.

Please take time this week to pray for those on our list.
From Our Justice Garden to the Food Bank for the Hungry

Food bank LOVED our beautiful organic tomatoes today!

Thank you, Patti Vance, Garden and Mission Chair!!!!
Calling Garden, Farm Stand, and Short School Volunteers!

Find your bliss in our gorgeous Justice Garden, harvesting, or at the weekly Farm Stand starting up soon- contact

or Sign-up through

Let Patti or Bev know if you would like to join the team to volunteer at Short School in San Rafael this fall after school once a week for a month.
The Cook's Cozy Corner

Prawns with Peppers, Tomatillos and Cherry Tomatoes

Here's a dish that looks a little complicated, but it cooks very quickly on the stove top.  Check your source for the prawns: some are more sustainably farmed than others.  
1 # prawns
1 to 2c. mild peppers (red, green, or    padrone)
2 c. tomatillos
2c. cherry tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 c. packed herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley)
1 t. lemon juice
salt and hot sauce to taste

Peel the prawns, sprinkle them with a teaspoon of salt, mix well and set them aside in the fridge for a half-hour.  
Slice the peppers into chunks.  Cut the tomatillos into quarters and the cherry tomatoes in halves.  Mince the garlic.  Coarsely chop all the herbs.

Rinse the prawns and pat them dry.  Sautee them briefly in hot oil, but don't cook them completely, and put them in a bowl.  Sautee the peppers for 1 min., then add the tomatillos and sautee for 2-3 minutes more until their edges just begin to melt, then toss in the garlic for a minute, and then the cherry tomatoes.  When the pan comes back up to heat, add back the prawns, turn off the heat and add the lemon juice and herbs.  Adjust to your taste with salt (or fish sauce) and hot sauce.
I serve this over basmati rice, and you can make the rice more flavorful with shrimp shell broth.  Just cook the prawn shells in water to cover for 20 to 30 minutes, strain, and use as your water for rice.

--Michael Durphy

  SHPC Commits to Bringing Back Cynthia Scharf, Climate Change Expert from the United Nations, for More!

On Sunday, July 17, Cynthia Scharf visited our church. Cynthia Scharf has served since 2009 as the senior officer and speechwriter to the United Nations Secretary-General on climate change and sustainable energy, supporting the UN's top leader in framing the discourse on these critical global challenges. Ms. Scharf leads strategic communications, partnerships with civil society and the global scientific communities, and is responsible for writing the Secretary-General's speeches, media remarks, op-eds and thought leadership material on all aspects of climate change. 
Fairfax Mayor Renee Goddard and Cynthia Scharf love our garden
From 2011-2013, Ms. Scharf served as the head of communications for the Secretary General's Sustainable Energy for All initiative, a global public-private partnership seeking to expand energy access, efficiency and renewable energy in more than 80 countries. 

We're Gathering Interfaith Partners, Youth, and Youth Leaders to Address Climate Change Realities, Spiritual Impact, and Solutions

We are seeking to partner with the Marin Interfaith Council, local congregations, community leaders, schools, non-profits, youth activists, and counselors to host one or more events with Cynthia Scharf in the Sept. 29- October 2 time window.  Let Bev or  Patti Vance know if you feel called to be part of this world-saving effort! 

We're Almost Back to School and Calling All Youth  

There's nothing more important that making the church a second home for our young people, a place where they feel accepted exactly the way they are, without having to compete or win approval.  And we have an important spiritual job to do so that our kids have the tools and support they need to make healthy choices and feel hopeful, not stressed, about their futures and the world.  This is Pastor Bev's passion, and so look for Let's Talk Junior, more Game Nights, and hopefully by fall, a new Youth program in place for Sunday mornings and a floating fun night or outing each month.  Contact Bev or Janel to be a part of this ministry!

VanIke, Charles, Kelsey, Aiden
Charles, VanIke, Lucas O'C and friend, Lucas R

End Prolonged Juvenile Solitary Confinement in CA!

CA Senate Bill 1143: The National Religious Campaign Against Torture asks us to support this Bill to 
create safer facilities for incarcerated youth and facility staff throughout the state
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture is co-sponsoring California Senate Bill 1143 - a critical breakthrough and unique partnership between the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) and juvenile justice advocates, who have agreed on a way to create safer facilities for youth and facility staff throughout the state. The NRCAT Letter of Support is available here. 

Previous bills intended to end prolonged solitary confinement for juveniles did not have the support of CPOC, and failed to pass both houses of the California Legislature. SB 1143 is authored by Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, and provides that room confinement will be limited to 4 hours generally, and shall only be used after all less restrictive options have been exhausted, and cannot be used to the extent that it compromises the mental and physical health of the juvenile.

"The effort to end long-term isolation for youth has been years in the making, and we believe this new partnership is critical to establish California as a model for the rest of the country," said Ella Baker Center Director of Programs Jennifer Kim. "The most effective reforms are the ones supported by advocates and the people who have to enforce them."  
Learn more here.


Read full article here:

A Message from the New Co-Moderators of the PC(USA)
Putting a Face to OUR Issues

08/03/16 In this season: GA222 Co-Moderator reflections
Join Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston, Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (2016) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), as they share weekly reflections each Wednesday in this video blog. This week Jan talks about the goals for their two-year term. View and share.

Our moderators, Denise & Jan have set their goals for their two-year term. Race is at the forefront of these goals. Jan recommends reading Waking Up White by Debbie Irving. 

View Post Here:

View Video Blogs Here:
Update on Our Effort to Visit Immigrants in Detention

Contra Costa West County Detention Facility

Thank you so much to all who have expressed an interest in being part of a volunteer team to visit immigrants currently detained at the Contra Costa West County Detention Facility in the East Bay. We are encountering some bureaucratic hurdles, but we will not give up, and will keep you posted.  We are called to bring humanity, hope, and God's love to them.  If you haven't signed up and want to do so, please contact Pastor Bev.

Wil LOVES being asked to dinner!

Thank you and bless you to all who have reached out to invite him over for a meal.  

He's been having a few problems with his telephone, so try 415-454-5575 if you don't get through on 415-454-8303.

Or grab him at church!  


Fellowship time is organized by your Deacons. We need everyone to sign-up about 3-4 times a year. 
Click below to sign up: 

Sign up now and keep the hospitality going!
Don't be shy, Greeting is a Treat!
We are in need of greeters to sign up through the signup genius website. 

Help with our ministry of hospitality by signing up to be a greeter! All you have to do is get to church by 9:15, light the candles, and hand out bulletins with a smile. Thank you to all who have signed up so far!

Thank you all for your continued support,

Jody Brockett, 
Worship Elder
One morning, when I was 8, I walked into the kitchen where Mom was cooking, and I looked up at her and smiled. She turned from the stove and said in a perplexed voice, "What are you doing, Paul? And where are you going?"
I replied, "What do you mean?" She retorted, "You're wearing a bright yellow rain coat and a hood.  But if we look outside, it's bright 'n sunny and there isn't a cloud anywhere."
"I know," I chirped. "But, Mom, today I am a lion, and I'm getting ready to roam in the back yard." Mom laughed and said, "And so you are!"
At an early age I had an oversized appetite for fantasy. I loved to imagine and pretend. I was  "free to be me" way back then and have embodied it ever since.
Feeling free isn't always easy. When we were young and unbridled, it was never a problem. But as we get older, things start to interfere with our ability to experience that same freedom. 
The Bible has much to say about freedom ... "The truth will set you free" John 8:32; the scriptures also reveal that "Christ has set us free ... therefore, do not let yourselves be burdened" Gal 5:1; and a most comforting scripture is, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" 2 Cor 2:17. 
Being free at our age means we have found a way to avoid much of the interference surrounding us. It allows us to comfortably express ourselves and pursue our passions. I surrendered to this concept many years ago. I use to be head of a NY Advertising Agency, and one of the main reasons we were hired was because we not only did good work, but our executive team demonstrated an ability to provide a working environment where people felt free to express themselves.
In my view, understanding how ... to "be free"... is the beginning to becoming who we're meant to be. God made each of us unique. We all have traits and talents that identify us as a "special" creation. 
On August 21st, we as a congregation are going to have a rare treat: we get to enjoy hearing Stephen, Michael, Hallie, Jen, the Choir, Ethan, our children and others perform and express what it means to "be free" in their own way. They'll sing what they feel. Say what they feel. Play what they feel - all with the goal of adding their footprint to this wonderful theme.
us on August 21st.
We're going to have a ball ... and include some surprises. The music begins at 9:30 a.m. sharp - and I assure you the opening number is going to be terrific. Remember, "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." Join us a week from this Sunday for "Free to be Me".
As always ... your friend, Paul
We're on Break, but Mark Your Calendars, Because Friday Afternoon Yoga Returns...

August 19 - 5:30 p.m.

Join us for summer-time YOGA IN THE HOLLOW we will practice from 5:30-6:30pm at Sleepy Hollow presbyterian Church.
We are a community class for all levels and all ages.
Class is donation based, $5-$10 suggested, anything welcome. 

Donate Furniture to SFTS Students!

Donations will be accepted: Sunday, August 21, 1:00-4:00 pm Monday, August 22, 2:00-6:00 pm.
Drop off at Lower Alexander Hall, 40 Kensington Rd, San Anselmo, CA 94960 

Items especially needed: tables, chairs, sofas, love seats, desks, bookcases, linens, kitchen & laundry items, and kids' gear. Please no tube TVs, fold-out sofa beds, or oversize furniture. 
For more information, contact: Nancy Gutgsell, 415.451.2816, 
You are so appreciated!

Our mailing address is:

San Francisco Theological Seminary
105 Seminary Road
San AnselmoCA 94960


Saturday, September 10, 2016 | 10:00am - 3:30pm | $40 in advance | $50 at the door

Spend the day learning and preparing to lead this magnificent study which invites you to join  "a journey to expand our understanding of who Jesus was and is-a journey of our hearts and our minds, a journey that we will take together." Rev. Dr. Judy Yates Siker, author of the 2016 Horizons Bible Study, invites you to be good conversation partners along the way, sharing with one another how you see and experience the various lenses and how these different perspectives impact your understanding of who Jesus is. READ MORE

Foster Parent Outreach

Become a Resource Family

1. Attend Orientation

Learn about the process of becoming a resource parent at one of our monthly

orientations with a social worker and an experienced resource parent.

Orientation Calendar 2016

August 31 | September 22 | October 18

7-8:30pm at 3240 Kerner Blvd, Room 110, San Rafael

November 17 | December 8

7-8:30pm at 3250 Kerner Blvd, Room 107, San Rafael

2. Apply

Complete an application and background check.

3. Complete Training

Complete a training course and become CPR/First Aid certified.

4. Get Approved

Work closely with a social worker during a 60-90 day approval process. There will be interviews with family members and a home safety inspection. The interviews help make matches between a family's strengths and children's needs. Become a Resource Family

Resource Family Orientation

Learn about fostering opportunities!

July 26 | August 31

7-8:30 pm

3240 Kerner Blvd. Rm 110

San Rafael 94901
Questions? (415) 473-2200
Summer Playwriting Workshop 2016
with Andrea Hart 
AUGUST 15th-19th

TIMES:M-F, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. 

PLACE:White Hill Middle School RM 601

COST: $150 Full Week    
$ 35 Daily drop in

You do not have to sign up for the entire time!
Different options Available

All current Middle School students are eligible to participate! Bring a friend!
Students will use a variety of writing, devising and improvisational exercises to create a play. Participants will discuss topics and themes, use a variety of exercises to explore those themes, devise short scenes around those themes and create a larger work incorporating the ideas of the entire group. Methods used might include physical improvisation, found and source material writing, Silent Sustained Writing, site-specific writing and other methods of devised theater.
Participants will learn about character development and arc, plot, universal themes, dramatic writing, employing stage directions, and using design elements to create a story.
Come for both weeks, one week or one day
or contact Yes Theater Managing Director 
China Tamblyn at

Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church
100 Tarry Road
San Anselmo, CA  94960
Sophia De Quattro, Editor
E-mail us at or call us at 415-453-8221

Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church | 100 Tarry Road | San Anselmo | CA | 94960