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February 4, 2016
Last Sunday before Lent...
We Make a Joyful Noise!
     This Sunday, February 7, 2016, is the last Sunday before the Holy Season of Lent, which is a time of deep reflection and contemplation.  So here at Sleepy Hollow church, we come to church on "Fat Sunday" to make a joyful noise!  We'll see if we can lift the roof with the New Orleans sound of Gregg Elberg and the Church Boys! Wear your dancing shoes!    

     Immediately following the service:  Annual Meeting of the Congregation to thank your outgoing officers, elect new officers, review the budget, and approve the Pastor's Terms of Call.  All welcome!

     In case you haven't read over the 2015 Annual Report, click here to review Part 1  of the 2015 Annual Report which your officers have prepared for you, and click here to review Part 2.
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Bev piano
A Note From 
Pastor Bev
Last Sunday our energy almost did lift the roof off, and I am so delighted that you all gave such a warm welcome to Rev. Dr. Janie Spahr.  Janie presented us with a rainbow flag, and I wanted to say a little bit about that.  

The rainbow flag is a reminder of God's promise to Noah in Genesis chapter 9.  God promises Noah that God will not flood the earth again. God makes this covenant for the benefit of ALL people.  This is the first and the most inclusive covenant in the Bible.  And so the rainbow flag reminds us that God loves all people, and that no one is left out of God's promise.

All are welcome this Sunday for our service of celebration, and for the Annual Meeting following the service.  It's a great time to say thank you to the outgoing officers who have served us so faithfully: Sharon Adams, Peg Maclise, Carolyn Goodman, and Patti Eisinger.  What a blessing these four have been to all of us!  Let's make sure they feel our appreciation and love!
                           With joy,


February Calendar
Friday, February 5

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Bible Study with Paul Lambert

Presbytery of the Redwoods at the Cove Church, Santa Rosa
Sunday, February 7

9:30 a.m.

10:30 a.m.
New Orleans Sound with Gregg Elberg and "The Church Boys"
Wednesday, February 10
6:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
Season of Lent Begins
SHPC Singers - New Singers Welcome!
Friday, February 12

Bible Study
Sunday, February 14
9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Sacred Journey
First Sunday of Lent
Coffee and Fellowship - All Welcome!
Wednesday, February 17
6:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Hand Chimes 
SHPC Singers - New Singers Welcome!
Friday, February 19

Bible Study
Sunday, February 21
9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.

Sacred Journey
Second Sunday of Lent
Coffee and Fellowship - All Welcome!

Wednesday, February 24 
6:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Hand Chimes
SHPC Singers - New Singers Welcome!
Friday, February 26
4 and 5:30

Bible Study
Sunday, February 28
9:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.

Sacred Journey
Third Sunday of Lent
Coffee and Fellowship - All Welcome!


Bible Study - Friday, February 5th- Noon with Paul Lambert

Our theme this week is COVENANTS in the Bible, and our texts are:
Genesis 9:8-17; Genesis 17:1-14; Exodus 19:1-8 and 20:1-21; Matthew 26:26-29 and 1 Cors. 11:23-26.

Please note: Pastor Bev will be in Santa Rosa for the Presbytery of the Redwoods Quarterly Meeting


--Your Outgoing Finance Elder,
            Peg Maclise


Great News!  We've Received a $4,500 GRANT from the San Francisco Foundation for "FOOD FOR GOOD"!

Exciting news for Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church and our surrounding community! Our Mission Elder and Garden Leader, Patti Vance, and Nance Rosencranz applied for a grant on behalf of the church's food justice ministries, together "Food for Good."

We have received a $4,500 grant from The San Francisco Foundation to grow and develop "Food for Good" to engage more youth and adults in growing and harvesting produce, distributing produce to low-income residents, and incorporating our organic produce into meals for the homeless. With this grant, we'll be:

1. Expanding the Justice Garden to increase production of healthy vegetables to feed low-income adults;
2. Engaging more youth and adults to sell produce at the weekly Farm Stand and to congregants to sustain the program and increase awareness of food insecurity;
3. Recruiting and engaging more youth to prepare and serve meals for the homeless using produce from the Justice Garden;
4. Hosting a Harvest Celebration-Tomato Tasting event to celebrate the Justice Garden's achievements, increase awareness, and engage attendees in ongoing food insecurity initiatives.

We are so grateful to have this support in expanding and developing our food justice and sustainability education and ministries.
Stay up to date with The San Francisco Foundation by following them on Twitter (@TSFF) and Facebook at facebook.com/TheSanFranciscoFoundation.
Please Remember in Your Prayers
Praying Hands

Ron Saunders, father of Sue Burr, for healing; and for Ron, Sue, and the family, for God's comforting and sustaining presence, made real through the love and support of those around them;
Sharon Adams, complete recovery from surgery;
Betsy Fox, and all the loved ones of Betsy's nephew Evan, especially Evan's mother, father, and brother, for God's comfort in their bereavement;
Jody Schmetz and her family, for healing and for God's peace and comfort;
Betty and Wil Swalberg, for God's presence and community support in Betty's transition to Harmony House, and for pain relief for Wil's back;
Kelsey Lopin, for healing and full recovery from complications of Lyme disease, and for her family as they care for her;
Carolyn O'Hara, mother of Laurie, for continued healing, and for strength and support during her recovery;
Andrea Proster, sister of Nancy Elberg, for complete healing, and for Nancy for strength in companioning her;
Jerry Lambert, mother of Paul, for blessed assurance of God's constant presence;
For the PC(USA), to continue its prophetic voice;
For our church community, keep us faithful to the love and justice of Jesus, strong in our commitment to the church, and make us hope-bringers to the world.

Please take time this week to pray for those on our list.
New Baby and Parent Support Group
with Marsha Podd, R.N., C.L.E.
Marsha Podd, R.N., C.L.E.         
Infant and Toddler Consultant
Lactation Specialist
Spread the word; we will resume meeting Wednesdays at 11 a.m. when we have a few babies and parents signed up!

   We are looking forward to hosting this      New Baby & Parent Group,  meant to        create a gathering space for parents to      discuss topics like: child development, s    safety & child proofing, feeding issues,      helping your fussy and colicky baby, and    how to get your baby to sleep! 
   We're looking for a one month              commitment so that the group gets      connected and feels supportive.

by emailing shpchurch@comcast.net 


Photos from Youth Cooking REST on Jan 31st

A special thanks to Sebastian, Toren, Dalia, Lucas, Andrew, Warren, and Jessie for all of your hard work on Sunday, and the church thanks Jen Gauna, Judy Ford, Shannon Mong, and Katie Brendler for making this event possible!


Please contact Shannon Mong (shannon@in-sightassociates.com)

ABOUT SIGNING UP for Fellowship, Greeter, and Wil's Dinners
"Volunteer Spot" Explained

Hello faithful readers! SHPC recently switched to Volunteer Spot as our host for sign-ups. When you click to access their link, you are asked to input your e-mail. This is so Volunteer Spot can send you reminders after you sign up.

When you select the slot you want to sign up for, an informational box will appear asking for your phone number and name, and giving you the option to 'Receive updates and special offers from Volunteer Spot' and to 'Sign up to receive exclusive one-time offers'. For now, please uncheck unwanted boxes.  We understand this is an inconvenient step in the sign-up process, and I, Sophie (the office admin) will work to find a better solution. 

In the meantime, I thank all of those who have stepped up and continue to sign up for the very necessary volunteer positions to help serve the members of Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church!

Please reach me at shpchurch@comcast.net with any other further concerns or questions in regards to this issue! 
Sophie De Quattro, Office Administrator, Communications Associate
Or bring HIM home and cook together!

Pictured at right, Wil baking cookies in 
Nance's kitchen

Wil is spending most afternoons with Betty at Harmony House, so please call him to arrange a time.  And bless you!



Fellowship time is organized by your Deacons, but we rely on everyone pitching in to help. While each Parish is assigned a month for Fellowship, that time may not be convenient for your schedule. So now you can sign up online! Just click here and pick a Sunday that's most convenient for you.


FEBRUARY: Nancy/Frankie Parish


Sign up now and keep the hospitality going!


Greeters Needed!

Help with our ministry of hospitality by signing up to be a greeter! All you have to do is get to church by 9:15, light the candles, and hand out bulletins with a smile. Thank you to all who have signed up so far!

Jody Brockett Schmetz, 
Worship Elder
It Takes Time... 

I am convinced that life is about a journey much more than a destination. This journey is filled with ups and downs, good news and bad, some days that are fulfilling and other days that are aren't. 
The beauty of spiritual growth is that we can develop an attitude and resilience to work through these situations. The mystery of faith is that there is a quiet confidence we can unfold that helps us navigate things "unseen". However, developing this kind of faith and spiritual growth takes time and takes knowledge.
A.W. Tozer has said "The word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the smartest route to spiritual growth."  The Psalmist teaches, "Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light to my path"; and James 1:22 reminds us to "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only." 
Shawn Achor, a Harvard graduate and now one of Oprah Winfrey's featured speakers, counsels "Happiness is defined best as the joy one feels growing towards one's potential; it is rooted in who you are and having the courage to embrace one's self-acceptance".
God created each one of us as a very unique person. What we were intended to be is exactly what God wants us to be. I am convinced that we will each be happiest and the most productive when we look in the mirror and clearly identify and feel comfortable with who we are.
Some people try to manipulate perception, be different than they are in order to receive validation. In my view, this can be exhausting and counterproductive and camouflages what God intended. I am appalled when I look at Facebook each day and see the vicious attacks and comments people make about others who are simply different than they are. In this day of frankness and viral communication I believe we should celebrate our differences, not attack them.
My hope in this blog is to encourage you to get in touch with your real self, enjoy who you are, and what God uniquely gifted you to be. I will never be a ballerina. I will never be a shy person, or a short person. I am a 6'2 scrapping guy who loves theater, music, competition, and inspiring talented artists. 
So ... who are you? 
Discover that person, celebrate that person, embrace that person - and reach for the scriptures; study them, enjoy them, and grow in them. Know that with each day you will be able to navigate the "unseen" better, to embrace the hiccups and unexpected surprises in a calmer way, and most of all, be able to look in the mirror at night and say ... not bad (wrinkles and all).
Accept the fact that one's self acceptance takes time ... and remember, God loves you just the way you are ... and so do I.
Your friend, 
Paul Lambert is a member of SHPC who travels extensively for his career as a producer of Broadway-bound musicals.  He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute who studies the Bible daily and attends our Bible Study whenever he's in town. He posts this blog each week no matter where he is, to the delight and comfort of many.  SHPC thanks you, Paul.
Tween/Teen Girl Yoga with Lizzy and
 Living Gracefully Yoga with our own Karen Baigrie start up Friday, February 26 
contact the church office for more information
Tween/Teens at 4 p.m, Adults at 5:30 p.m.

Support Residents of Flint -- 
Congress Can Fund Clean-up & Repair

In Flint, Michigan, the water crisis is far from over - and Congress needs to help. The Senate is about to vote on a measure that would provide emergency funding to protect and rebuild Flint, but this vote will be close. Even as we work for long-term solutions to global problems like climate change, we cannot ignore the immediate, local problems from pollution and a toxic environment. Please call your senators today at 877-429-0678. Urge them to support emergency funding to replace Flint's toxic water pipes and support families affected by lead exposure. Here are some talking points to help you make your call:
  • Please support amendment 3129 to the energy bill S.2012.
  • The Peters-Stabenow amendment provides $600 million to replace Flint's toxic water pipes and support families affected by lead exposure. After 18 months of toxic water, Flint's water pipes are contaminated. Many residents now find are they unable to find safe water for any of their basic needs.
  • There is no acceptable exposure level to lead. Children under the age of six are especially vulnerable to the irreversible damage of lead poisoning. There are as many as 9,000 children under the age of six in Flint.
  • This is a public health emergency. We hope you will support emergency funding to protect the people of Flint.
For the past 18 months, the people of Flint, Michigan have been exposed
to highly contaminated drinking water after public officials and state managers chose to switch the city's main water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The contaminated pipes are leaching toxins into the fresh water flowing in from Lake Huron, continuing to expose residents to lead and other toxic chemicals. Though officials have since acknowledged their initial mistakes, Flint's water still isn't safe, and much work needs to be done. For this emergency to be resolved, the city must repair its failing water infrastructure. This amendment will bring much needed funding to make this happen. Please call your senators today.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team Visits Flint

This past week three volunteers of the PDA team ventured to Flint, Michigan to observe the efforts of the First Presbyterian Church as they address both the water contamination crisis and the citizens affected. 


E-WASTE COLLECTION DAY - this Saturday, February 6, 2016, 
Bring your items from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., 
to Drake High School 

Proceeds benefit students in Drake High School's Small Learning Community, Mobius 

Free drop-off of anything using batteries or a plug and/or circuit board (except large kitchen appliances) 

Businesses with 20+ qualifying items (mostly computers and monitors) can arrange for pickup at the business location. Very helpful for this fundraiser. 

For more information go to:

or contact Marlene Kandall, teacher at Drake High School's Mobius Small Learning Community: 
415-453-8770 x4440 

Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PST)

San Francisco Theological Seminary- Montgomery Chapel - 5 Richmond Road. (Corner of Bolinas Ave and Richmond Road). San Anselmo, CA 94960

Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church
100 Tarry Road
San Anselmo, CA  94960
Sophia De Quattro, Editor
E-mail us at shpchurch@comcast.net or call us at 415-453-8221

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