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Weekly Happenings at SHPCOctober 16, 2014

Are All Welcome in Marin?

Home, Housing, and Homelessness


     From beginning to end, the Bible calls us to extend hospitality to the stranger in our midst, to feed the hungry and to provide shelter for those in need.  At SHPC one way that we follow that call is to participate in REST, the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team, now in its 7th year. We've been serving with REST since its inception, and this winter, we're committed to first Mondays with the men at St. Rita's and second Tuesdays with the women at the Wellness Center. But when spring 2015 comes, will the friendship, dignity, and stability which REST provides dry up for another long off-season?  Or can we, working together with congregations and allies throughout our county, make a year-round shelter a reality by April 2015? 


     This Sunday, October 19, 2014, at 9:30 a.m., we will honor our commitment to the county-wide effort to make a year-round shelter a reality with a Housing and Homelessness Workshop. Lora East's sermon will get us on the same page and inspire us, based on Deut. 10:17-21, Isaiah 58:6-9, and Luke 14:12-14.  The SHPC Singers will inspire us, too, singing a favorite, Home.


     After the service we'll write letters and emails to our County supervisors and to Town of San Anselmo councilmembers asking for their support for the year-round shelter. Then we can sign up for more easy action steps to support the effort! This is a terrific grassroots campaign to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many, and to make our county a more just place for all people.


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Mexico Mission Reunion
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Bev piano
A Note from 
Pastor Bev       

     Last Sunday after the Housing "Action" in favor of a year-round REST shelter, Shannon Mong, who is one of our REST 2014-15 team leaders, her son Lucas Russell, and I were walking across the beautiful patio at Congregation Kol Shofar.  We were talking about how several of the other congregations participating in the program were quite large. Shannon said, "Our church is like the little engine that could."  Lucas smiled and said, "Our church is the little engine that does!"  


     He's right!  This is the little church that builds three houses in Mexico each year now, that puts in a Justice Garden and produces hundreds of pounds of heirloom tomatoes for the hungry, that serves the men and women of REST every winter, that is working year-round to bring food to the hungry and to bring dignity to all people.  This church is the little engine that does!


With gratitude,


 October Calendar


Thursday, October 16
7:30 p.m.            SHPC Singers Rehearse at church

Friday, October 17
12:00 p.m.          Bible Study
6:00 p.m.            Game Night - All Welcome!
                           sponsored by Family Ministries and MOLOTH

Sunday, October 19 - MOLOTH MEETS
9:30 a.m.             Housing and Homelessness with Lora East
10:30 a.m.           Coffee and Refreshments - Letter Writing to                                     support year-round shelter
10:45 a.m.           Let's Talk Field Trip to First Presbyterian San                                   Anselmo - Rev. Kate Taber, PCUSA missionary to                             Israel/Palestine

Thursday, October 23
7:30 p.m.            SHPC Singers Rehearse at church

Friday, October 24
12:00 p.m.          Bible Study

Sunday, October 26
9:30 a.m.             Building the Beloved Community
10:30 a.m.           Coffee and Refreshments - All Welcome!
10:45 a.m.           Let's Talk about God with Cathy Sarkisian

Friday, October 31
5:00 p.m.             Halloween Open House at SHPC

Save the Date:  Sunday, November 9- String Quartet and 
                        Harvest Feast for Stewardship Celebration

Bible Study - Friday Oct. 17-
Noon in Pastor Bev's Office
Deut. 10:17-21, Isa. 58:6-9, Luke 14:12-14
Bible Study meets at noon on Fridays in the Pastor's office.  Whatever your experience with the Bible might be, you are welcome to come and learn and make meaningful friendships.  

Accepting Truth...


We have all read about truth and reflected on truth, but "accepting and acting on truth" is sometimes hard. In fact, we often ignore truth and sweep it under the carpet.


As we grow in our relationship with God, I believe truth becomes more apparent and our ability to act on it becomes less troublesome or problematic. God actually gives us the wisdom and courage to live truthful lives. 


I've identified some truths that may be helpful to you:


- God knows your value and sees your potential. God made you unique and has gifted you for service; we need to be consciously active and not complacent in participating in things that heal and help others.


- When someone is rude and inconsiderate, we can almost always be certain they have some unresolved issues in their life that they are coping with. We need to be patient in many instances and not personalize someone's outburst. They may be hurting and need us to be even-tempered and understanding.


- In some cases we need to "move on" with our lives. We have become comfortable and are coasting when God needs us to accelerate and head in a new direction.


- And finally, someone out there today needs what you have to give. Isn't that great? Someone needs you and me, right now today.


For those who are overwhelmed with problems and are struggling, if you'll focus on "truth," change is possible. Jesus said in John 14:6 "I am truth." He also has said "I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not walk in darkness" (John 8:12).


So many truths are important, but the greatest truth of all is the fact that God loves us, just as we are, wherever we are, in good times and bad. Join me in "accepting this truth" and understanding its implications. You are not what others think you are. You are what God knows you are. 


From New York ... Paul


Please Remember in Your Prayers
Praying Hands

Carolyn O'Hara, for healing, and for strength and support during her recovery;

Evan Peltzman, for healing and complete recovery from a broken heel, and for strength and support during his recovery;

Andrea Proster, for healing, and her sister Nancy Elberg, for strength in companioning her;

Clyde Ongaro, for healing;

Jerry Lambert, for healing, and for blessed assurance of God's constant presence;

Jane Burroni's husband, Jerry, daughters Clare, Susan, Ann and their husbands and Jane's seven grandchildren for healing and support in this time after Jane Burroni's passing;

For the family and loved ones of the 4-year old child who died of the Enterovirus D68, and for all those impacted by this virus;

For the sick, and the family and loved ones of all those impacted by Ebola virus;

For the unhoused community as we approach winter without a permanent shelter in Marin County, and for our local government, for the wherewithal to create and fund a permanent shelter; 

For all those struggling with financial insecurity;

For the caretakers, that they may have more rest and joy;

For all those living in places of darkness and violence, for peace, shared humanity, and hope.


Please take time this week to pray for those on our list.


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All Welcome for GAME NIGHT
Friday, Oct. 17 6:00-8:30 p.m.

MOLOTH meets this Sunday, Oct. 19


All are welcome for a fun evening of pizza, fun and games of all kinds this Friday night! It's GAME NIGHT!


MOLOTH will be meeting after the service this Sunday, October 19th, led by our Youth leader, Charles Wei, for art, singing, discussion, service projects, and fun. The other Sundays we hope they will come to church and they are welcome to help out with the younger children or stay upstairs during the service.



Volunteer Opportunity for Mexico Mission Team 2014
Saturday, Oct. 18th
9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Meet at the Playground Next to the Log Cabin- 120 Veterans' Place


Most of you have played at Memorial Park as a kid - now it is time to have fun and give back. Click here for a little more information.


Saturday, October 18th from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm


Come do a little work for a great cause, eat some awesome BBQ and most of all have fun with your MM Teammates!

With thanks,

Chris Lopin and MM Adult Leadership




SHPC Action: Joining the Push for a Place for REST


Sunday, October 12th Shannon Mong and Lucas Russell, Lora East, and Bev were at the "action" meeting at Kol Shofar representing SHPC. During the small group time we agreed that our commitment would be the following:


-- Dedicate this Sunday, Oct. 19 to preaching on the subject of Home, Housing, and Homelessness (Lora is preaching and we have the choir singing Home)


-- Follow the service with a letter writing "workshop" along the lines suggested by MOC


-- Bev will accompany Bernie O'Halloran from St. Anselm's to the Town of San Anselmo budgeting meeting to advocate, and all are invited to attend other meetings at the county and town level as advocates


-- Our youth are invited to create a supportive role this Sunday, Oct. 19 at MOLOTH


Please click on the following links for more information about REST:


Marin Voice: Housing Sabbath: Hospitality and home in Marin 


Marin homeless shelter committee steps up push for funding 




Excerpt from Marin IJ's article about REST:

Marin homeless shelter committee steps up push for funding


One town in, 10 more towns and a county to go.


That was an underlying theme of the Marin Organizing Committee's meeting Sunday, when about 20 religious congregations and nonprofit groups gathered at Congregation Kol Shofar in Tiburon to brainstorm ways to raise money to keep a county homeless shelter open year-round.


The committee is trying to raise $1.25 million to keep the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team, or REST, program open year-round, and to a establish a permanent 10,000-square-foot facility. At this point, the shelter program stays open for five months, from mid-November to mid-April, and is run by St. Vincent de Paul Society in San Rafael.

"Here in Marin County, finding a permanent space for REST is a huge issue," Curran Reichart, pastor at Community Congregational Church in Tiburon, said to the audience of 200. "What we're communicating is that if you can't afford these exorbitant (home) prices, you don't belong here."


The committee's goal is to solicit $500,000 from the county and $250,000 from the 11 towns and cities, $250,000 from private donors including the Marin Community Foundation, and the other $250,000 through contributions from Marin's religious and civic organizations.

The committee has made presentations to the councils of Fairfax, Novato, San Anselmo and Tiburon, and it is scheduled to make presentations to the councils of Corte Madera and Mill Valley later this month, to seek their pledges to help fund the year-round shelter.


The committee has asked San Anselmo for $19,699, Tiburon for $17,419 and Novato for $46,437 - figures based on each municipality's population. Earlier this month, the Town of Fairfax became the first municipality to dedicate funds, by pledging $16,382.


When Fairfax Town Council members Barbara Coler and Renee Goddard were called to the podium during Sunday's meeting, the audience gave them a standing ovation for their town's commitment.


"We very much urge you, when you go to the other councils, to show up en masse," Coler said. "We support what you're doing, and we're honored to a part of it."


In 2013, about 360 men and women were served by the shelter program. During a weeklong count conducted by the Marin Interfaith Council earlier this month, it was found that 176 individuals and families approached congregations for some form of housing assistance.


Click here to read the entire article.  




Let's Talk! Fall Discussion Series
Continues October 19th at 10:45 am

In our increasingly polarized culture,
is it possible to dive into charged topics and emerge friends?  Can we learn from people who don't see eye to eye with us on key issues? We're going to show the world it can be done!  So far we are doing great!

Oct. 19:  Grab your coffee and let's leave SHPC by 11 a.m. for a field trip across town to First Presbyterian to hear from Rev. Kate Tabor, PCUSA Missionary to Israel/Palestine 


Rev. Kate Tabor will talk  about her mission work at the Sunday seminar. Kate facilitates relationships between the Presbyterian Church and partners in Israel/Palestine. She says, "When we open ourselves to other cultures, languages and worship traditions, we see aspects of God that we would never have known otherwise. We are invited into God's work, to partner with and be in communion with children of God everywhere." 


Coming up:
- Oct. 26: Let's Talk more about God with Cathy Sarkisian

- November 16: Caring for Elderly Parents and End of Life Issues with Rev. Laurie Garrett-Cobbina, SFTS Faculty and expert on Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

- December: Religion and Science - can they talk?

Watch the calendar for more dates and topics.

Richard Peltzman
Matt Ehlen
Cathy Sarkisian
Fred Morfit

October is National Bullying Prevention Month


Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying.


The time you spend will help boost your children's confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying-whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying.


Take a few minutes and "check in," by asking about school, their friends, and any challenges they face. KnowBullying has simple conversation starters to begin a discussion with your child.

App Features:
  • Conversation Starters: Start easy, meaningful conversations with your children.
  • Tips: Learn strategies to prevent bullying for ages 3-6, 7-13, and teens.
  • Warning Signs: Recognize if your child is engaging in bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying.
  • Reminders: Talk with your child when the time feels right: a quiet moment on the way to school or a game, during dinner, or relaxing outside.
  • Social Media: Share successful strategies and useful advice via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messages.
  • Section for Educators: Prevent bullying in the classroom and support children who are being bullied.

Join over 4,500 people who have already downloaded the free KnowBullying mobile app and help support bullying prevention this October. Put the power to prevent bullying in your hand.


The Marin Showcase Theater
Sunday, November 2nd


Our very own Scott Hamilton and Cathy Sarkisian will both be performing in the same show on November 2nd! Scott will be performing in the Golden Gate Barbershop Chorus and Cathy will be performing in the Mayflower Chorus. These two choruses have never performed at the same event, so this is a rare opportunity! The internationally acclaimed quartet, Artistic License, will also be performing. 


Anyone who would like to purchase tickets can do so through Scott Hamilton. 



Now's your chance to share your cooking and your love! Thank you and bless you for taking a hot meal and your love to Wil and Betty on Wednesday nights.

Greeters Needed for Sunday Mornings: October 19, 26 and November 9, 16, 23, 30

Help with our ministry of hospitality by signing up to be a greeter!  All you have to do is get to church by 9:15, light the candles, and hand out bulletins with a smile. Thank you to all who have signed up so far!

Jody Brockett Schmetz, 
Worship Elder
Action Alert:
Take the Pledge to Vote in the November 4, 2014 Elections!

The 2014 Midterm elections on November 4 are just one month away! Are you registered to vote? You can still register to vote in 25 states. What is your plan-- are you voting early or voting on election day? Are you encouraging your friends, neighbors, and members of your church to vote? If you are outside of the state in which you are registered to vote, make sure to request an absentee ballot in time (this is different for every state). For those who aren't eligible to vote, use your voice to encourage other people to vote! Voting is both one of our fundamental rights as citizens and is a vital way we speak to the values of the kingdom of God in the political realm.


Click  here to take a pledge to vote today.



As a member of a congregation, how is your congregation getting out the vote? You might assume churches can't be involved in elections because of their non-partisan 501(c)(3) status, but there are many ways that you can. Here are some do's and don'ts of congregation and clergy involvement in  political action.



  • Educate community and congregation members about issues important to you and your community.
  • Support church and community members on Election Day by providing rides, preparing to-go dinners for voters, or offering childcare for parents.
  • Incorporate voting into your Sunday worship service or host a voter informational session after your worship service.
  • Protect the right to vote at polling places. Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report any violations you observe or hear about on Election Day.
  • Host a Bible Study on living into the roles of both Christian and Citizen.



  • Churches may not endorse specific candidates for office.
  • Churches may not contribute to political campaigns.

Why should Christians vote?


Presbyterians have long expressed the importance of Christian participation in public life, and by extension the democratic process. The Confession of 1967 laid out the reasons the body of Christ should be involved in the reconciliation of society, saying, "In each time and place there are particular problems and crises through which God calls the church to act." By voting, we choose the leaders who then act for the reconciliation of society to which we are called.


The 200th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) adopted a policy statement called "God Alone is Lord of the Conscience" that affirms the importance of religious community participation in public life. "According to the Reformed demands engagement in the secular order and involvement in the political realm."


Midterm elections are an especially crucial time to get out the vote. Americans with the most extreme political views on both sides tend to vote in midterm elections. We must exercise our rights and speak with our voices of faith to who we want to be as a nation.


Other Resources


Check out The United Church of Christ's "Our Faith, Our Vote" resource.


Visit the Interfaith Alliance's Election year Resource Center.


Don't forget to pledge to vote today


May we leverage our collective voices of faith to promote the common good in our nation and around the world. We'll see you at the polls!





Marin Interfaith Council
Human Trafficking - On Our Doorstep


Religious Leaders Gathering

Human Trafficking - On Our Doorstep
Tuesday, October 21st

12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael 


Sex and labor trafficking exists right here in Marin. Based on their research, the Marin Organizing Committee will inform us about this issue and how our community is responding. Together we will discuss steps that our faith community can take to raise awareness, identify children at risk and help victims. 


Speakers include: 

  • Emily Sims, Executive Director of West Marin Advocacy and key member of the Marin County Task Force on Human Trafficking
  • Chuck Cacciatore, Deputy District Attorney who heads the Task Force in developing a protocol for Marin Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Rev. Alison Hendley, pastor at First United Methodist Church in San Rafael
  • Diane Doubleday, Attorney
  • Lynn Bauer, BOAC Board Chair
  • along with other Marin Organizing Committee (MOC) leaders.

Please bring your lunch.


$10-$20 donation requested at the door.


Click here for more information about Interfaith Council and Community Events.


Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church, 
100 Tarry Road, San Anselmo, CA  94960
Allie Duro, Editor/Office Administrator
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