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  Making The Most Of Your Doctor Visit


Breast Exams During Pregnancy


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December is upon us, which means the holidays have officially started. We are very grateful for you entrusting us with your health care. We value the relationship we have with our patients and wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes for the new year! 
In this issue of our newsletter, we dicuss ways to make the most of your health care visit. We have a guest article from breast surgeon, Dr. Marc Mandel, on breast exams during pregnancy. In our Healthy Living section, we share a great service offered by the Summit Fire Department that may help save a life of someone you love.  We also include some valuable events happening this week, including a free pregnancy class held at our West Orange office on December 4th.  And, you'll find a new interesting "Medical Fact". Please note under "Office Announcements" upcoming December office schedule changes and important changes to our PatientPay service.
If there is topic you would like covered in our newsletter, please e-mail us at
As always, we will continue to provide topics that are current, informative and important to your good health.  

The Rubino OB/GYN Group
Making The Most Of Your Visit With Your Doctorvisit

Do you ever come for a scheduled appointment and leave realizing you forgot to ask the questions you planned to ask?


To help ensure you make the most of your health care visit, following are a couple of suggestions:


When Making An Appointment

  • Be clear about why you need an appointment.
  • Is your visit routine or about a new problem? If your problem is urgent, be sure to let scheduling know.
  • Do you need a referral? If so, ensure you have it with you for your appointment date.
  • If you are a new patient, confirm the practice takes your insurance plan and what your co-pays might be.
  • Bring your insurance card with you to your appointment.

Before Your Visit

  • Prepare yourself by making a list of questions or concerns. Identify your main problem and bring it up first during your visit.
  • Write down your signs and symptoms - what do they feel like, when did they start and what makes them better?
  • List your medications - prescribed and over-the-counter such as pain  and herbal medicines and vitamins. Note why, how much and how often you take them.
  • Have your complete health history readily available. It is helpful to keep a written health history so you are never guessing on dates, doctors or resolutions. Your history should include injuries, hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, prescriptions, exercise and stress factors, immunizations and family history. Bring these medical records with you to your appointment.
  • Consider bringing someone to your appointment. It always helps to have a second person hear feedback from the doctor and can help you remember things during a visit.

During Your Visit

  • If something concerns you or if you have fears or have modesty issues, inform your doctor prior to an exam.
  • If you would like a chaperone during your appointment, request one.
  • Your time with your doctor is valuable - go right into specifics for your concerns - too much unrelated information may distract the doctor from the main problem. 
  • If you have questions or concerns, ask them during your appointment.
  • If you do not understand something the doctor tells you, ask for clarification.
  • Ask specific questions about your diagnosis or treatment plan including causes, benefits, risks and timeframes.
  • Build a rapport with your doctor - bring an open perspective to your appointment.
  • Try to remain within your allotted appointment time - both your time and your doctor's is important. 

After Your Visit

  • Do some research on the diagnosis you received and learn as much as you can. Ensure if you are doing research online, you only use reputable sites including ones that end in ".org" or ".gov".
  • Contact your doctor if you are confused about something, have additional concerns or start to feel worse.

The doctor-patient relationship is very important. The more information you provide, and the more prepared you are for an appointment, will help in the accuracy and diagnosis of your health concerns. 


Portions of this article were excerpted from - The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Breast Exams During Pregnancybreastexam
By Marc Mandel

What should I do if I feel a breast mass and I am pregnant?

The vast majority of breast masses in pregnant women are benign; nonetheless they should be brought to the attention of your ObGyn right away. The same diagnostic possibilities exist as those which do in a non-pregnant woman. Benign breast masses such as a fibroadenoma or a lactating adenomas are often present and additionally, a simple cyst or multiple cysts may also occur. It is also possible for an infection of the breast to develop (mastitis). This may progress to an abscess and either of these requires urgent attention. Finally, although it is rare, a mass may represent a breast cancer.


How will my Doctor know the differences?

Many times your physician can tell the difference simply on physical exam. The Doctor may numb the area and aspirate the mass and see if fluid is present and the fluid's appearance may make the diagnosis immediately obvious. He/she will also send the specimen to the lab for analysis. The Doctor may also send you for imaging studies and a guided biopsy under local anesthesia which are safe for you growing baby.


What types of imaging studies may I get while I am pregnant?

The three most common imaging studies are Mammogram, Ultrasound and MRI. During pregnancy, it is more difficult to obtain accurate mammograms and MRI's. This is because the breasts become engorged with fluid and blood flow as they prepare for breast feeding. Ultrasound is still possible however and can be used to help guide a biopsy as well. It is usually recommended that a woman wait until she is at least 4 months post partum and has also stopped breast feeding for 4 months prior to getting a mammogram or MRI.


What if the mass is a cancer?

Most breast cancers are curable and this remains the case during pregnancy. The pregnancy may continue while the mother undergoes surgery and even chemotherapy if it is necessary. It is important to make the diagnosis as soon as possible and thus if you feel a mass, let your Doctor know right away.


Marc Mandel, MD, FACS, Cancer Physician Liaison

Breast Program Leadership Committee - Overlook Medical Center

Healthy Living: Fire Safety In Your Homefiresafety

Did you know, the Summit Fire Department provides a free fire prevention inspection of your home to ensure fire safety?


They will execute a comprehensive safety inspection of your home including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, general fire safety concerns, recommendations and tips. If you have children, they will include a kids safety discussion. You can even invite several children to your home to teach a group of kids real life-saving tips. The fire truck comes right to your house!

Simply call the Summit Fire Department at 908-277-1033 and ask for the Fire Prevention Bureau. They will set up an appointment to come to your home for a full inspection.


They will also leave literature behind including a safety home check-list.

The entire inspection will last from 1/2 hour to an hour.

Take advantage of this free service today to ensure a safe home!

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