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Medical Fact

 "I didn't know that!"


Babies are always born with blue eyes. The color of your eyes depends on the genes you get from your parents, but at birth most babies appear to have blue eyes. The reason behind this is the pigment melanin. The melanin in a newborn's eyes often needs time after birth to be fully deposited or to be darkened by exposure to ultraviolet light, later revealing the baby's true eye color.


The holiday season us upon us. We would like to wish all of our patients a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. We are thankful for you trusting us for your health care needs and look forward to your next visit.
In this month's newsletter, we are happy to announce Dr. Rubino has been recognized as "Top Doc" for the 6th consecutive year - a tribute to the amazing staff and doctors at the practice. Summit Speech School provides information on pediatric hearing loss and solutions.  In our Healthy Living section, we discuss the exciting health revolution with the influence of apps and devices. In our Meet the Staff section, we introduce a new medical technician, Haley, to the group. And, you'll find a new interesting "Medical Fact". 
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As always, we will continue to provide topics that are current, informative and important to your good health.  

The Rubino OB/GYN Group

Babies With Hearing Loss Can Learn To Talkspeech

By Summit Speech

Hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects in America, affecting three out of every 1,000 babies. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, more than 12,000 babies are born each year with a significant hearing loss. Hearing loss can be unilateral or bilateral (one or both ears), conductive (involving the outer or middle ear) or sensorineural (involving the inner ear or auditory nerves). It can range from mild to moderate, severe, or profound,


New Jersey requires all newborn infants to be screened for hearing loss. It's a quick, painless procedure, and most babies pass. But when a child fails the screening - and subsequent retesting confirms there is a hearing loss - what then?


Parents who are told that their baby has a hearing loss can experience feelings of shock, disbelief, confusion, guilt, anxiety, and hopelessness. They may wonder if their child will ever learn to talk, be able to communicate, succeed in school, get a job, form relationships, and lead a full and fulfilling life.


These parents need to know that there is hope! Modern technology - in the form of hearing aids and cochlear implants - can often give children access to sound that wasn't possible just a few years ago. But those tools are far from perfect, and the ability to hear sounds does not automatically ensure the development of good spoken language - children's brains must be trained to process and understand speech. So early identification, early amplification (yes, hearing aids on an infant), and early intervention - the earlier, the better - are absolutely critical in helping infants and toddlers with a hearing loss.


Since parents are a child's primary teachers and advocates during the early years of life, Summit Speech School's Parent/Infant Program teaches parents to "pour in" language to the child during all activities of daily life. Parents learn how to use every moment - feeding, bathing, bedtime, and playtime - to develop their child's speech, language, and listening.


Children with a hearing loss face a very significant life challenge, but the vast majority can learn to listen and speak, and go on to achieve educational, professional, and personal success.


For more information on children with hearing loss, visit

Dr. Rubino - "Top Doc" for 6th Consecutive Yeartopdoc

Dr. Rubino has been recognized as "Top  Doc"  for the sixth consecutive year by NJ Monthly Magazine.


New Jersey Monthly provides the only statewide list of top doctors based entirely on an independent survey of New Jersey's licensed doctors. The recognition is a tribute to the elite staff of doctors at The Rubino OB/GYN Group who continuously strive to make patients their top priority. 


Dr. Rubino shares, "It's rewarding to positively affect the standard of women's healthcare and improve the lifestyle of my patients. We want to bring relief and comfort to our patients so they leave our office knowing their problems will be solved."

To read the full profile, click here.

Healthy Living: Your Health Tracked by an AppRun4Rob

There has been an exciting movement lately on the role of apps as the up and coming "health revolution." The large influence of technology in our daily lives will continue to progress, with a key component involving woman-jogging.jpg health and fitness, allowing consumers to take control of their own health.
We are evolving from a "sickcare" nation to a "preventative care" nation with big potential savings. The foreseeable future of health insurers cutting premiums for consumers who exercise and live a healthy diet is becoming a reality.
This movement has the potential to reverse the overwhelming data on how unhealthy Americans have become. More than two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese and it is forecasted, by 2020, more than half of Americans will be pre-diabetic or diabetic, creating a $500 billion cost on the economy.
According to a recent article in Forbes, the following data shows the activity of the coming health movement:
  • By 2017, according to Research and Markets, half of the 3.4 billion smartphone or tablet users worldwide will use mobile health apps.
  • By 2017, at least 30% of American consumers will regularly wear a device to track sleep, food, exercise, heart rate, blood pressure and even glucose passively and non-invasively.
  • By 2017, according to ABI, the global market for wearables in health and fitness alone could reach 170 million devices.

The intention is that before long, these devices will be able to send real-time data to doctors, nutritionists and trainers and backed by real statistics on a person's health.


It may even lead to more doctor visits via phone, text or digital check-ins. There are several devices that are already paving this path including NikeFuel, FitBit, Misfit and Jawbone. And several apps that are putting health care into an individual's hand including Welldoc, MyFitnessPal and Glow which helps women track their cycle and tell the exact best time and how to get pregnant.


These apps and devices can also help build a social community by connecting to others using the same programs, creating a sense of competition, goal setting and accountability.


These apps and devices will continue to evolve dramatically to offer more accuracy, analysis, insights and advice to consumers on a global scale. Incorporating these valuable tools into everyday life has the potential to offer instant gratification from a healthy lifestyle and instant medical care. It will also have a huge impact globally on getting people healthier and reducing healthcare costs significantly.


Meet the Staffmeetthestaff

Haley recently joined The Rubino OB/GYN Group as a Medical      Technician.
Haley's desire to work in the medical field and help others started many years ago when she resided in Greensboro, NC and attended ECPI University Medical Careers Institute where she pursued her passion. Graduating with honors, sheo pursued and attained many certifications throughout her journey. She also became an EMT-B and volunteered at Guilford Emergency Medical Services.
Throughout her educational endeavors,  she was fortunate enough to complete her externship at Health Serve. This clinic provided healthcare to the less fortunate who were uninsured. After graduation, she continued to volunteer her services and give back to the community.
Relocating to Florida, Haley worked as a CMA for Florida Women Care for 2 years. She then moved to NJ this past August where she came on board with The Rubino OB/GYN Group.
Haley is family oriented and loves spending time with her husband, 3 sons and their dog. She also enjoys cooking, entertaining and water sports. The beach is her "happy place." She is enthusiastic and joyful and says she is "truly excited to be part of this top-notch medical practice and looking forward to many years of service with the group."
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