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Thursday; December  11,  2014
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PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel Set
Flower Coloring Kit


A pastel that is fully erasable and liftable, creates very little dust when applied, and can be double loaded. Colors are genuine artist quality pastels, uniquely packed in a pan format. Lift apply and control pastel color just like true painting. Fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks and loaded with high quality pigments. Can even be applied with a knife.


Professional artists quality soft pastels in a pan.  Ultra soft, highly pigmented, low dust, lightfast.  Paint straight from the pan.

Colors include:  Violet; Magenta; Black; Orange; Permanent Red; Permanent Red Tint; Titanium White; Diarylide Yellow; Bright Yellow Green; Red Iron Oxide.


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30% discount:  $20.70


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