The 12 Days of Holiday Sales!
Tuesday, December  9,  2014
A new deal will be released each day (Monday-Friday; Monday-Friday; Monday-Tuesday) at 8:00am EST.  
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(the best on the market!)

Roller Adhesive
E-Z DOTS Permanent Dispenser w/6 refills
This is the adhesive we used at conventions all year.  If you made a make and take in our booth, you know how wonderful this adhesive is, and how good it is.

We use "dots" because if you get some extra anywhere, you can wipe it off with by rubbing your finger over it.



1 roll of each of the following sizes:

1/8"; 1/4"; 3/8" 1/2" and 5/8"

Scor-Tape is an amazing product. It is a premium double sided adhesive, best on the market, acid free, heat resistant and incredibly sticky tape.  It is the perfect permanent adhesive for card making, boxes, books and Iris Folding.

Much easier to use than liquid glue, it can be used with embossing powders, foils, beads, glitter, ribbon, etc. Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed which means you can tear it with your thumb and finger. No need for scissors or a blade.



Every day price:  $64.50

30% discount:  $19.35


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