May 2015

Veteran invests in girls' education on Memorial Day 
saw school

Rocket attacks were relentless. Most exploded harmlessly into fields or against the nearby mountainside.  Some wounded or killed Afghan civilians. On occasion, the 107mm rockets would strike the outpost. A few of my paratroopers had suffered light wounds. If the rocket attacks continued more casualties were inevitable.


Overcoming the obstacles

boys carrying bricks

In spite of the challenges, parents in some of the most isolated and impoverished villages are determined to give their children a good education. 


Communities contribute land, building materials, and manual labor to construct schools; families sacrifice what little money they have to pay school fees; and some children walk hours to and from school. 


On the "roof of the world" getting a good education is no easy feat. Without an involved community, it would be impossible.   


Our campaign to raise funds for 31 schools is coming to a close. Time is running out. Get involved today. A small gesture can go a long way toward building a more peaceful, sustainable, and enlightened future. 


Read more about our projects in Footsteps, CAI's campaign newsletter. 

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Teacher Appreciation Day 
teacher with student

They guide us, they inspire us, they teach us, and on National Teacher Appreciation Day, we get to tell them how much they mean to us. Although, in our opinion, every day should be Teacher Appreciation Day, Central Asia Institute and Pennies for Peace took a moment on May 5 to thank hardworking teachers, near and far. 



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Central Asia Institute (CAI) works with communities in remote areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, to promote education, especially for girls. At home and abroad, CAI is committed to sharing its expert knowledge with the public. Together we can cultivate peace, nurture hope, and change the world, one child at a time.