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FEB.  10    
The Double Honor   

FEB.  13   
Snow Day
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FEB.  13   
Sweet Potato Festival   
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FEB.  19    
GospelFest 2016 
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FEB.  21    
Black History Musical
FAIRFIELD | 707.427.1415
FEB.  27    
Celebrating the Negro Spiritual  
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MAR.  1    
Wade in the Water (Mar.1 deadline, Sail in June)     
SAN FRANCISCO Visit our blog 
MAR.  11   
Black Physicians Forum    
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MAR.  18-19    
LA Fashion District Shopping Trip  
VALLEJO | 707.980.7281
MAR.  24    
Sac Girls Rock  
SACRAMENTO | 916.208.7638
FEB.  12    
Seeking Perfect Love   

FEB.  13    
Reid's Records 5th Annual Gospel Festival   
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FEB.  16    
Praise in the Place  

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FEB.  20    
The Beyond Me Tour
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FEB.  26-28    
A Raisin in the Sun  

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FEB.  27    
The BL & EH Lecture Series
OAKLAND |510.434.3988
MAR.  4-6    
Women of Wisdom   
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MAR.  12    
Family History Seminar - Genealogy Workshop   
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MAR.  19-20    
El Shaddai  

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___ THE WORD ______________________________________________

Question: "How can I not go to hell?""

Answer: Not going to hell is easier than you think. Some people believe they have to obey the Ten Commandments for their entire lives to not go to hell. Some people believe they must observe certain rites and rituals in order to not go to hell. Some people believe there is no way we can know for sure whether or not we will go to hell. None of these views are correct. The Bible is very clear on how a person can avoid going to hell after death.

The Bible describes hell as a terrifying and horrible place. Hell is described as "eternal fire" (Matthew 25:41), "unquenchable fire" (Matthew 3:12), "shame and everlasting contempt" (Daniel 12:2), a place where "the fire is not quenched" (Mark 9:44-49), and "everlasting destruction" (2 Thessalonians 1:9). Revelation 20:10 describes hell as a "lake of burning sulfur" where the wicked are "tormented day and night forever and ever." Obviously, hell is a place we should avoid.
Courtesy of gotquestions.org 

______________________________________________ GOSPEL NEWS ___

Meagan Good Says Why She Chose Celibacy Before Marriage... (+ )
Deitrick Haddon New Video For Hit Single "Be Like Jesus"...(+)
President Obama Set Visits U.S. Mosque - The First Since Taking Office... (+)
Can God call gays to preach the gospel?... (+)
Single Mom Prays For Car, Anonymous Man of God Buys It For Her... (+)
Survey Concluded About Mobile Phones, Social Media, and Church... (+)
___ STAY HEALTHY _______________________________________________

Chicago Woman Is First Adult Cured Of Sickle Cell Disease With Chemo-Free Technique
by Gwendolyn Harris 
Iesha Thomas has been in and out of hospitals battling sickle cell disease since she was only 8 months old. This summer, 33-year-old Thomas became the first adult to be cured of sickle cell disease with a chemotherapy-free procedure at University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health), the University reported. Thomas is one of 12 adult patients cured of sickle cell disease as part of a clinical trial at UI Health that used a unique procedure for stem cell transplantation from healthy... (+)

Courtesy of: blackdoctor.org 
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INTERVIEW of the Week: KIM BURRELL - Giving You The Gospel - READ
COMEDY of the Week with MICHAEL JR. - A Dude With a Limp That Wasn't a Pimp - WATCH
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