July 2015
Coming out of General Convention -
What does all this mean for us?

There were 41 resolutions passed that gave direction to individuals and congregations. There were also 49 resolutions giving direction to dioceses and 65 resolutions directing the Episcopal Church. In addition, there were 25 relating to Title IV, 15 about liturgy and 14 social justice resolutions that don't ask anyone to do anything.


There is a post on the blog "Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones" from July 10, 2015 that lists the 41 individual and congregation resolutions. This is a valuable resource as we ask ourselves in the days to come "What does that mean for us?"

On July 14 in that same blog is a post about the diocesan resolutions.

Our Presiding Bishop Elect, Micheal Curry

By now many people have seen the videos posted of the  preaching and interviews with Curry. The report by ENS of the election provided background information.


The open question for many now is when and how does the presiding bishop elect become the presiding bishop. A liturgy marking the beginning of Curry's ministry as presiding bishop and primate will be celebrated Nov. 1, All Saints Day, at Washington National Cathedral.


To clarify the technical language of what will happen, here is a list:

  • A rector is instituted and inducted as the incumbent priest of a parish (two steps: institution in the bishop grants license to serve, and induction in which the priest steps into that new role in this parish).
  • A dean, canon, or bishop may be installed at a cathedral -- literally placed in their appointed stall in choir.
  • The Presiding Bishop is invested with the rights, responsibilities, and dignities of his new office. But this is technically a "lateral shift", and not an elevation above his or her former status as a bishop.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury is enthroned because he actually has a throne.

Many thanks to the Rev. Chris Arnold, St. Andrew's Emporia KS for this information. 

Coming Soon

APLM Regional Conference - North American Anglican/Episcopal congregations
Wednesday & Thursday, September 9-10 2015 at Church of the Holy Spirit, Lebanon, New Jersey

Vital Practices
Episcopal Foundation Webinars July - September
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Friday, Oct. 9 - Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015
Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York
Canon Charles Perfater,
The Right Reverend Lawrence Provenzano,
Rosalie S. Ballentine, Esq., Vice President
Canon Paul M. Ambos, Esq., Secretary
Jan Paxton,
Canon Richard J. "Jerry" Carroll, Treasurer
The Right Reverend R. William Franklin,
Canon Noreen Duncan,
The Rev. Dahn Gandell,